“Oh, God.” Hayden muttered as she cried.

“Okay, okay, stop crying.” He said and she sniffed, she stopped crying and glared at him.

“What do you want?”

“The remote.” She whimpered and he sighed.

“You can't have the remote, it's late already Ashley.”

“Don't act like you care.”

“You are right, I don't but it is late already.”

“I don't feel like sleeping, you ruined my day and I might sleep and have a nightmare about it.”


“Yes, let go of the remote.”

“I promise to not ditch you again.” He said and she scoffed.

“You don't just make promises that way and end up not fulfilling them.”

“I will.”

“You won't, just give me the remote and let me be.” She yelled angrily and he rolled his eyes. She started to get frustrated and she would cry soon, she didn't want him to see it so she glared at him and walked upstairs.

“Ashley.” He called and she ignored him.

“Drama queen.” Hayden muttered and dropped the remote, he walked up the stairs and was about to enter her room when he realized it
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