Making Love Whit a Werewolf

Making Love Whit a Werewolf

By:  Tinta Hitam  Ongoing
Language: English
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A broken-up Alexa goes to the bar to have fun. It turns out that there she was drunk and met whit the mafia boss and werewolf owner off the bar. The drunken one teases, Michael and thinks he is a gigolo. The cold Michael also was interested whit women. For some reasn that night he really enjoyed Alexa’s touch. They had a one night stand and continued the relationship when they met. How will their relationship continue?

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WOW this is a nice story. I cant wait for the next chapter. Love author
2023-07-13 22:29:29
134 Chapters
Chapter 1 Great Moaning On the bed
The noise on the dance floor was deafening. Especially with the music blaring loudly. In the corner of the room a handsome bartender was mixing alcoholic drinks for some of the patrons who were already customers at the elite bar."Brother Michael, as always, one cocktail for me," someone who was a regular at the bar said."Here's a cocktail for you, have a good time," Michael replied with a sweet smile.While serving the bar patrons his eyes kept observing who came in and his ears listened carefully even though the room sounded noisy to normal people. But Michael was different as he was a pure-blooded werewolf."The black dragon representative boss wants to see you," Doni whispered."You'll just send me there on your behalf, tell me as usual, understand!" said Michael.Doni went up to the second floor of the building where there was a special room for vip visitors who had a lot of money. They could even spend the night there in the company of beautiful women to provide entertainment w
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Chapter 2 Breakfast in a bed
Doni gasped in surprise at the question from the servant who had eavesdropped on his boss's room earlier, Doni advised them to immediately rest not to disturb his employer."Don't ask too many questions, just mind your own business, you better get out of here before the boss gets angry!" Doni replied affirmatively."Yes sir," they replied simultaneously.In the room Alexa went limp as she finished her long scene with Michael. Her body seemed to float with the heavenly pleasure she was experiencing for the first time."Sleep well," Michael kissed Alexa on the forehead."Ha-zel, I love you," Alexa said before falling asleep.Again, Alexa remembered the man named Hazel. It made Michael so upset after enjoying a long, exciting scene together. Why did she have the nerve to mention another man's name in front of Michael who had taken away her purity. It made Michael want to kill that man.Kriet! Michael opened the door to his room and searched for Doni. He ordered him to provide information
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Chapter 3 Not as Expected
Alexa glanced at the luxury car that pulled up beside her. She still wondered why a gigolo like Michael wasn't afraid to hook up with another woman. Wasn't he afraid of his aunts finding out and getting angry? Although Alexa was afraid of this, she finally asked Michael to take her to the company where she worked."Mr. gigolo, although I'm afraid that someone who keeps you knows about this. But I have no other choice as there is no public transportation here. Can you drive me to work," Alexa said shyly."Why does this stupid girl still think of me as a gigolo kept by rich aunties. I'd better get to work on her, hehe," Michael muttered to himself."So what do I get in return for driving you to work?" Michael asked.Alexa said that she would be his servant if he would drive her to work. Michael refused to be a servant because there were already many servants in his house, so he did not accept any more servants. Alexa didn't know what to give Michael in return."If you have too many serv
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Chapter 4 Plan is Not Good
Doni said what he felt, lately his young master was often angry and vented his frustration to all the assistants at home. Not only that, all the employees at the bar have also always been affected by Alexa's departure. Doni only asked Alexa to meet and chat with her young master. Who knew the young master could calm down. "Young master Michael? Are you talking about the gigolo who got me fired from my company last time!" Alexa exclaimed, upset that Michael had gotten her fired from Sanjaya's big company. "Ehe. Miss Alexa, young master Michael is not a gigolo, he is the future successor to the famous Sanjaya company," Doni replied. Alexa initially did not agree to meet Michael, who had a strong desire for sex. But Doni continued to plead and put on a sad face. Alexa could meet Michael but only for a short time. Doni was very happy to hear this, hopefully Alexa could be the cure for his young master's anger. Elsewhere at the same time, Michael was sipping champagne while imagining Al
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Chpter 5 Showing Of Body
"Ah the young master's temper is not good, even earlier the young lady Lauren kicked him out, you brought the girl that the young master had brought and until now there is no news, I'm afraid something happened to her inside," said the butler. Doni told him not to be afraid because what can two people of different sexes do in the same room other than doing fun things. That's for sure because when they first met, the young master himself took Alexa home and didn't leave the room all day. The butler's worries were put to rest when the door to his young master's room opened and the owner came out freshly showered. "Prepare a nice, nutritious meal for Alexa, I'll be in the dining room in a moment," Michael pleaded. "Yes, young master," replied the butler who was pleased that his young master seemed to be in a good mood. Doni smiled with relief, he returned to his activities and the kitchen maids were busy preparing the food his master had requested. Alexa was in the room still coverin
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Chapter 6 Let's Date
Michael is annoyed that Alexa doesn't understand what he means. Of course what Michael meant was that no one should see Alexa's curves but himself. Michael pressed Alexa's body against the wall and stroked her hair. “Miss Alexa I hope you're not testing my patience. For asking about things you should already know,” Michael answered. “I do know that my body is valuable and should not be seen carelessly by people. But the master said that besides you, no one should see my body besides you. Hey, we're not a couple!" replied Alexa firmly. Michael's heart fell like an atomic bomb. He was so annoyed why Alexa could say that in front of him. Indeed they are not lovers but Michael really wants her always by his side. "Alexa then let's date!" demanded Michael firmly. "Sir what are you talking about. You haven't explained who you are. And what about the aunts who look after you?” Alexa asked scared. "This stupid girl still thinks I'm the mistress of my aunts. It's outrageous that I'm sure
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Chapter 7 GIve Me Time to Think
Lauren flashed a smile at Michael, only in this way could she meet the man she loves. She had long wanted Michael to be her lover but unfortunately the love in her heart was one-sided. "I won't cause trouble if you want to date me," Lauren replied. “I'm very busy and can't accompany you to have fun. Here's a cocktail for you," Michael said, he left after giving the cocktail to Lauran. Michael sat in the boss's office and lit a cigarette to distract himself from Alexa. Again Lauren bothered him. She hugged Michael from behind and tried to seduce him. “I came all the way here not for you to ignore. Why don't you accompany me for a drink?" she asked. "Go away, I'm not in the mood to receive any information," replied Michael, who didn't like seeing Lauren in his office. Michael removed Lauren's hand that was wrapped around his shoulder. He was uncomfortable when Lauren approached him. She really hates Lauren because she likes to bother her, she is a cunning woman and likes to complai
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Chapter 8 Give a Sign
Michael frowned then he pulled Alexa into his car and did what he did which made him happy. "Stop, what are you doing on the side of the road," said Alexa. “I want to give you a sign so everyone will know you are mine,” Michael replied. "What do you mean?" Alexa screamed in fear. Michael didn't answer, but continued to give possession marks on Alexa's body. He finished doing such a fun thing that a wolf tattooed mark was on Alexa's neck. “You bastard man,” Alexa complained through tears. “I do this all because I like you. From today you are mine until later," Michael said as he started his car and headed home to his villa. Alexa was taken to Michael's luxury villa, he is in his room now. He was still lazy to talk to Michael because he did things he hated. "Alexa are you still mad at me, let's eat," Michael asked. "I'm not hungry," he replied simply. Krucuk, Alexa couldn't lie to Michael, her stomach sounded like she was hungry. He was embarrassed by his condition like this, o
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Chapter 9 Now I'm Your Love
Michael's arousal peaked at this point, and he immediately turned her over and fondled Alexa. Doni and the waiters who saw the incident immediately left the dining room so as not to disturb the activities of the two. "I didn't see it," said one waiter. "Let's go so the young master won't be disturbed by our presence," Doni replied. Michael let go of Alexa's body after he was done with her. He only put a red mark on Alexa's neck and licked her lips lovingly. He laughed happily after doing that to Alexa. "You pervert, this is an open place and if other people are watching you're not ashamed," Alexa said irritably. "Just let them get lost in our intimacy," Michael replied with a laugh. He knew in his heart that if anyone dared to disturb him this morning, he would eat their flesh. Michael allowed Alexa to work this morning, and he drove her to her boss's flower shop. He still reminded her that she shouldn't get close to him because he would get jealous. "I know boundaries. Now that
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Chapter 10 Alexa I Miss You
It wasn't that Michael didn't like the flowers Lauren had brought him, it was that Alexa's safety was at risk when she met Lauren who was so obsessed with her. "These ugly flowers, how could I like them," Michael said and threw them in the trash. "I'm going to kill the designer for being incompetent," said Lauren. Michael squinted his eyes at Lauren, and it was clear that his face showed anger. He unleashed his werewolf powers, and a single hand motion from a distance sent Lauren flying. "It hurts," Lauren shouted as blood spewed from her mouth. "Young master what happened, don't act rashly because this will incur the wrath of the elders," said Doni. "I'm not afraid of them, only a Lauren born to a lowly noble dares to bother me," retorted Michael, whose anger could not be calmed by anyone. *** Michael returned to his parents' luxurious castle, where the elders of the warewolf holy blood clan were gathering. He blatantly threw the body of Lauren who was in pain. He dared to sho
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