Palace Secrets

My knot is stuck deep in my mate's core when I hear an urgent knock at my front door.

I sigh deeply and wonder which fucker picked this very time to molest my entry. Ivor knows that I am unreachable for the time being and he must see to the urgent matters. Now that the pups are safely born, all the Royals are concentrated in the Palace with top security. Is his little mate so boring that he must adjourn to my door? I let out a spiteful growl and look at my exhausted mate lying quietly beneath me. It will be a while before my knot subdue.

For two days, we locked ourselves in my apartment.

It was sex, sleeping and eating. The kitchen delivered our meals, which we used in my kitchen. After a refreshing bath, we were back in bed for yet another round of hours of sex, as only werewolves can. We took turns mating in human and wolf form, and I must say these were the most wonderful days of my life. Already on our first adventure, we marked each other. Rachel is now overjoyed t
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