Ronald was not aware of how keenly he was when watching Anita climb up the wall. But there were four people who could not believe what they were seeing. Anita on the other hand, was so surprised and she offered her thanks when she reached the top.

“Thank you!” She said,

“I didn’t do it for you!” Ronald was quick to refute back.

“And I said it because I realized in that cold cage there is a heart. If you ain’t cold blooded then you are an amphibian!” Anita spoke.

Ronald only looked at the girl in front of him and started down the slope. He has lived for six hundred years. Visited the planets, fought wars and lost a mother and an elder brother in the last war.

But, since he lost his mother, he was only left with his little brother to take care of. Wu Long. And that was the only person he could at least express a certain feeling for, and that would be the person who can surely tell someone that he has a heart.

To many creatures of Alien Lands and to the people o
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