My Ancient Mate
My Ancient Mate
Author: MEYAA

Chapter 1: Introduction


Primordial Werewolves: Are the most powerful werewolves in existence and no normal werewolf can match their power. They possess some abilities that a normal werewolf doesn't have. The primordial Alphas are stronger enough on their own even without a pack. They are dangerously savage beasts that can decapitate others with little effort. They are cruel and stronger than the original werewolves. Without their mates, they go on a rampage.

Primordial Vampires: Are the first vampire species. They are the vampire counterparts of the primordial werewolves and, as such, are the most powerful vampires in existence.


Primordial Werewolf: Ryker Starrk

Primordial Vampire: Derrick Marshall.

Red Moon: The time of the year that brings werewolves to their knees. Werewolves go into hiding on the night of the red moon. On this night, werewolves are at their weakest because of the brutal act done by Ryker Starrk three centuries ago. That night brought Nora and Leonard together.

Main Characters

Nora Blackwood - A previously known as a weakling in her pack but became the dominant Female Alpha of the Blackwood pack after going through years of verbal abuse. She is known all over America and Europe for being ruthless and cruel, but to her family, she is soft at heart.

At twenty-one years of age, she had not found her mate after searching for three long years. Ever since she shifted and turned eighteen, she has been having a strange dream about a mysterious handsome man.

She was betrothed to Mason Stanford when she was conceived.

Leonard Korun - He is an omega born to two betas of the crescent pack. He is a nineteen years old man who has been abused by his stepbrother and stepfather. He is known as the outcast of his pack and ran out of his home on the night of the red moon and crossed paths with Nora Blackwood.

Mason Stanford - The second son of the Alpha of Blue moon pack. He is arrogant and a power-hungry man who looks down on everyone around him. He is betrothed to the female Alpha, Nora Blackwood. And he is willing and ready to cross every length to be mated and married to her for the power that she possesses...

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