“What is your name?” A thick finger grazed my face as I sat up.

I shivered but my reaction stemmed more from the feeling of his voice caressing me than the weather. He spoke in a quiet resonant voice that wrapped around me like a warm and heavy blanket. If his presence felt like home, his low, distinct voice felt like a hug.

Still, I could not shake off the effect of his presence. He had a forbidden aura and sharp eyes that watched me like a hawk. I trembled inside me with fear yet he had done nothing to me. If I ever angered this man –

His steely gaze narrowed on me as I took my time supplying my name. It was not that I did not want to tell him – it was just – His presence unnerved me. I felt a suffocating urge to hide or cower out of sight but I forced my voice to come out.

“Sihana Asena.” My voice came out as a subdued whisper while I fought back a shiver.

“Sihana Asena,” he tested the name on his tongue and a shiver raced down my spine. His deep baritone warmed something deep insi
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