The day had been so boring, but because I didn’t want to worry my dad, I had not left the house all day, and eventually, the evening came, and I went to sleep.

“Muffin, wake up.” I opened my eyes, startled, and  I saw my dad sitting on my bed, nudging me gently to wake up.

“Dad? What time is it.”

“2:40, we have to go, Muffin. The car is packed. Get clothes on and come downstairs.” He got up and left me to get dressed.

I was confused. Why were we getting up in the middle of the night just to leave now? But I got up and dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie. I wanted to feel comfortable while we traveled. I could feel how Skye was feeling anxious and nervous, and that made me nervous because I had never felt emotions like these from her.

Coming downstairs, it did slip my trained eyes that Matt packed some weapons in a bag. And as wolves, we never use actual weapons. We are a weapon ourselves. So it did not ease my frustration and nervousness to see him pack them.

“Weapons?” I ask, and he looks up, trying to smile but failing.

“To be on the safe side. Dad is in the car. Let’s go.” He tells me.

We walk outside and see dad in the car but with the lights off. We get in Matt in the passenger seat, and I sit in the back. Dad slowly drives away from the house, and I get the feeling that I will never see it again. When we reach the border of our territory, two patrols step forward, together with another tall figure we first can’t see who is. As we get closer, I see it is Carter, and dad rolls his window down a little.

“Mr. Moore. Good to see you got here undetected.” He greets dad, who nods at his words.

“Thank you, Alpha. For everything.” Dad says.

“I am not Alpha yet, so it’s just Carter. I wish you safe travels and a future.”

“Thank you, Carter. You’re a good man.” They shake hands, then dad starts driving again, and soon we are out of the territory, and dad turn on the lights on the car when we hit the main road.

Four hours after we left the territory, dad held into a gas station at tank gas. When he was done and had come back inside the car, he turned to look at me.

“Muffin, I am going to ask you to do something very difficult, and it will make you feel weak for a while until we get to the Blood Moon Pack,” Dad says and looks at me.

“Do what, dad?” I ask him.

“We have to denounce our place as a packmember of the Dark Forest Pack. But it will just be until we get to Blood Moon Pack, then their Alpha will invite us into his Pack.”

“But why? You don’t have to do that just to visit another Pack.” I say, I know something is up, and I want to know.

“We have to leave Dark Forest. Alpha is not in his right mind. And he is interested in you, Dad tells me, and I feel disgusting.

“But he is so old. How can he think I would want to do that.” I ask.

“He doesn’t care about that, Liv,” Matt says, using my nickname.

“Your mother’s parents talked to their Alpha, and he has offered us a place there. He is a young Alpha but very, very strong. We will be safe there, and you will be safe there.” Dad says.


“We will talk more when we are there, okay?” Dad asks, and I nod my head. And then we all denounce our place as a packmember of the Dark Forest. First dad did it, then Matt, and then it was my turn.

“I, Olivia Moore, daughter of Klaus and Nora Moore, denounce my place as a packmember of the Dark Forest Pack and choose to become a rouge.” It hurt so badly to feel the pack link break and the feeling of belonging somewhere disappeared. I gasped in pain for just a second.

“I know it hurts, muffin, but it’s for the best.” Dad soothes me, and I nod my head.

After it was over, Dad started driving again, and then the sounds of a phone rang. Matt looked at dad’s phone.

“It’s Alpha Colton.” He tells Dad. And he let it ring out, but then his own phone started ringing, and when it was left unanswered, mine announced an incoming call from a number I didn’t know.

“Don’t answer. Save your pictures and anything else important to the sky, then turn off your phone and throw it out the window so that they can’t trace us.” Dad says, and we do as he is told us.

“But doesn’t he know where we are going?” I ask as I throw my phone out the window.

“Not entirely. I told him we were visiting some of your mother's family. And he knows she has two sisters that both moved to other packs when they found their mates. So it could be anywhere that we go too.” Dad tells me. And I nod

I realized that there must have been so much planning put into this. And I knew it was not an overreaction, I mean, I had noticed how Alpha Colton always seemed to put his eyes on me, and it always made me feel so uncomfortable.

After another 3 hours of driving and one bathroom break, we left the main roads and came into an area with the most amazing forest I had ever seen. And on the horizon far back, I could see big mountains shoot up and a waterfall, I think. None of us said anything for a long time, and I just looked out of the window, rolling it down and taking in the fresh air. I gasped when I saw something huge move fast between the trees, and a scent of pinewood and caramel hit my nose, but before I could properly see it, it was gone.

After a bit of time, dad stopped the car in the middle of nowhere, and just as I was about to ask why we stopped, four big men stepped out onto the road. Two of them were clearly warriors, but the last two were even bigger, one being bigger than the other.

The two warriors stayed where they were, but the smallest one of the two others began walking towards our car. Dad looked at us, told us to stay in the car, and then got out. They shook hands when he met the man in front of our car. They talked a little, and dad walked with him to meet the other man. I tried to get a good look at him, but it was like he avoided looking our way. And soon, dad returned to the car and smiled as he got in.

“That was the Beta and the Alpha himself. We were out for a run when he sensed us. We will follow the Beta while the Alpha returns to the pack and waits for us.” He says.

“He is one big wolf, isn’t he?” Matt says.

“He is, and I have never felt a power like the one coming from him, so be respectful.” Dad answer and starts the car to follow the big gray wolf that the Beta shifted into.

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