Las Vegas was quite different from Seattle.

‘This is the understatement of the century,’ Navy thought as she stepped out of her apartment and into the blazing heat.

She’d found it hard to adjust to all of the changes at first. She missed Paige. Her best friend still called and they chatted online whenever they could, but it wasn’t the same.

The pace of Las Vegas was also different from that of Seattle. Sure, Seattle was a big, important city but Las Vegas had far more hustle and bustle. There were always people everywhere, at all hours, coming and going.

Tourists stopping for pictures.

People drinking and acting out. Navy was more of a quiet person and she didn’t care for the rowdiness that came with working on the Strip. But the first adjustment Navy had to make was the heat.

‘Sweet Mother of God, the heat was… unbelievable!’

She’d always liked warm weather, but when the hot desert sun blazed on her dail
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