Emotions and sensations ripped through him, like a tornado. Navy abandoned his neck, her mouth going to his chest. Her lips felt like fire on his skin, teasing over his flesh, her tongue circling his nipples, coming perilously close with each swirl.

Victor ran his hands through her hair, holding Navy to him, but they fell to his sides when she broke free and stepped back. Her gaze never left his as she shed her jeans and her panties, moving with a sensuality that damn near killed him.

Deep desire slammed into him as Navy tossed the rest of her clothes away and stood before him fully naked, his for the taking. He stared at her, finding it most difficult to take his gaze off her beautiful body and how she offered it up to him.

“Baby,” Victor whispered, the love he felt for her coming over him, blindsiding him and leaving him feeling like he’d been sucker punched.

His heart squeezed as he watched her, not daring to move… to speak… to breathe… He st
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