As if to confirm my thoughts, the judge in the middle slowly shook his head, staring at Caleb with condescension.

“You have made a grave mistake,” he said. “What you fail to see is that you are the one who began this war. Your departure is what has alerted them to our presence.

“Furthermore, she is not the one you think she is.”

Caleb looked confused.

He said, “Then how do you explain–”

Another council member spoke this time, “Many centuries ago there was a case like this. A vampire was immune to weaponry. People thought he was the Messiah then, too. He was not. He was merely a half-breed.”

“Half-breed?” Caleb asked.

He suddenly sounded unsure.

“The vampire by birth,” he continued, “one that was never turned. They are immune to some weaponry, but not to others. But that does not make them one of us. Nor does it make them immortal. I’ll show you,” he continued, and suddenly turned to me.

I felt nervous with his eyes staring through me. “Tell me young one, who turned you?”

I h
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