Seeing Sarah like this is a little terrifying. I never thought my mate could look so bent on destruction. Anger has completely taken over everything else.

And I understand it. Because I feel that same drive. Fergus needs to come back to us, no matter what that takes.

She looks at me with a silent question. Just how savage will we become to get our son back? At one point is it too much?

“We have to do whatever it takes,” I tell her.

I’m a little disturbed by the way her humanity leaves her eyes. But I know it’s the way things must be. I can’t even imagine finding Fergus in the same state that Abigail and Levi were in.

Sarah turns back to Adriana with vengeance in her eyes, then howls out in anguish. In that moment of her glancing away to look at me, Adriana has slipped out of her grasp and has started running across the field.

Foolish girl. I don’t where she thinks she’s escaping to, but she’s trapped here. There’s no way we’re letting her get away. She’s only going to ma
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