Chapter 23

Zenne Ye has been making trouble all night without taking back his study.

Even if my mother prefers that hillbilly, grandma doesn't help him!

He lay in bed,more and more angry, and felt that Mary Ye was right. Yuri came back to rob him of his family property!

Now she has taken her mother away!

And bewitched grandma!

No, he wants to show the Hick some punishment!

Zenne Ye was thinking of something. An evil smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He got out of bed and went out.

All is quiet at dead of night.

Yuri sat in front of his laptop, opened the mailbox, and there was a document lying inside.

Bruce , female, 18 years old, in school: Class 11, grade 2, Kaiwei International College

Yuri read the information at a glance.

Open wechat.

Crow: [thanks for the information.]

Crow: [in addition, help me pay attention to the dynamics of black pearl in the market.]

A pig: [black pearl?]

A pig: [that's a legendary medicinal material. Why do you suddenly want to find it?]

A pig: [is th
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