Chapter 27 - The Box

KNOX (cont...)

“What the fuck is that!?” I back away from the bloody box sitting on the front reception desk. All I saw was something round, hairy, and bloody before jumping back.

“Umm, it seems to be David’s head, Sir.” Damon’s complexion is looking a little pasty as he refuses to look towards the box.

“You mean David that just worked the mayor’s case that ended in bloodshed?” Both my hands are on my hips as I wait for his answer. “Why the fuck would the Moretti’s do this?”

“Apparently, some of the men that David killed while protecting the mayor were two of the younger Moretti brothers.” Damon informs me.

Well shit, this isn’t good! How many more of my men will be showing up here in just body parts? That case was bullshit from the start. You would think that being security for the mayor wouldn’t be too bad, but how are you supposed to know that said Mayor owed the mafia a lot of money and there was a price on his head? The mayor conveniently left that p
Stacy Rush

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