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Dave was going to find his brothers and free his kingdom. Taking back that was stolen from them by their uncle over 100years ago. Dave was counting on the witch to help him, but he was expecting her in a bodily form. Not in deeds. He met his mate Marina who at first did not know she was a werewolf. At first, he did not want anything to do with her until he had found his brother and released his kingdom, but with the everything that had changed in the world he needed her help. Only after bonding did he realize that the witch had planned everything so he could find his brothers, even if she wasn’t able to be there. Together his mate and him set out to find his brothers and free his kingdom. 7 Book series

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Grant Sandow
exciting and thrilling
2020-11-29 13:55:31
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Can't wait to see what happens
2020-11-29 13:48:45
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Can't wait to read the rest
2020-11-29 13:48:12
12 Chapters
Dave’s father had been sick for weeks now and not getting any better. The doctors say it is from a broken heart, but Dave and his brothers knew better. After their mother died his father refused to come out of their room. He said that he could not live without her, which was understandable. They have been together for centuries and she was his whole life. Not even his kingdom which he fought so hard for matter anymore. The King's brother, his uncle was elected to make sure that everything in the kingdom ran smoothly until Dave could take over the throne. But his was not a broken heart. His skin was turning yellow and he was getting very thin. Before they could even think of investigating, he died, and all thoughts of investigating were forgotten. It was a Tuesday morning and he and his brothers were sitting in the hallway that leads to their fathers’ room. Even though there were chairs no
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Marina woke up with a start. Feeling for her bed lamp switch she bumps over her water bottle and lets out a scream. Switching on her light she looks around and finds no one around her. Her breathing still fast and uneven. Moving off the bed she cringes when pain shoots through her bones. “What the hell?” trying to get up again the pain subsides, and after a couple of seconds, she moved around like there was no pain at all. Frowning she looks at the clock and sees it is nearly time for her to get up anyway. Before running a bath, she decides to make a cup of coffee. Staring at it for a minute she thinks about the week that has passed. This has been the strangest week ever. First the dreams, then the craving for coffee but the constant quarreling with her inner voice has been non-stop. It is like she has changed into a whole new person, well voice. 
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The meeting
Dave crashed to the ground, at it felt like every bone in his body was broken. It almost felt like the first time he shifted and that was bad. He just laid there for a few minutes not caring where it was until he heard something. He tried to move, but he could feel that he wasn’t even close to being able to move. He was determined to find his brothers and being killed now wasn’t ideal. When he heard the sound again tears started to roll down his cheek. In the last 100 years, he could not feel or sense his wolf, not one bit and he was afraid that he was gone, completely. Thinking back to the day that he was kidnapped by the witches’ minions he remembered how they tried to get his wolf from surfacing. He nearly died or it felt that way. They tried everything but the worst was when they cut him from his chin to his belly button. Stupid things had no brain. Thinking that they could find
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Mike decided to flank the man who was now rushing towards Marina. He heard him say ‘mine’ and that made him angry. He knew exactly what that meant. This man was a werewolf and wanted to lay claim to what was supposed to be Mike’s. What made his blood boil was when he heard those words came out of Marina’s mouth. He never knew that she was a werewolf, but when he heard the second wolf-like voice saying mine at the same time as Marina, he knew immediately she was. He wasn’t sure she knew. How could she? He met her on her 14th birthday. She had just been adopted by the Donaldson family who taught at his high school. Their eldest son, Casper was celebrating his 18th birthday. Marina and Casper shared the same birthday and Casper decided to celebrate their birthday together. It was weird seeing a bunch of young girls at Casper’s party, but Mike kne
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Darius has been watching Tyros for weeks now. He knew it was almost time, but the waiting was killing him. He has been away from his wife too long. She was due any day and she was going to kill him if he missed the birth of their first child.The witch said that the rise of the true King will come with the birth of his firstborn. At first, he thought that she was talking nonsense and he felt like a complete idiot for believing her, but he had this gut feeling that she was indeed telling the truth. A few decades ago, he was woken up by a bad dream where his Alpha and future King was being murdered and there was no one to help him. When he sat up, he saw a hooded figure in the corner of his chambers. The glowing green eye sending shivers down his spine. As he reached for his sword, he heard a commotion outside his chambers and looked at the door but when he looked back to th
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The Pack
Darius was pacing up and down in one of the rooms where they put Dave to recover. It was a private room with a bathroom equipped with a shower and everything he would need when he wakes up. The female they found was in the room next door. Both of them were still out and they were all getting very worried. They could guess why Dave was in this condition, but the female was still a mystery. She had protected Dave and they owed her for that. Pulling on his hair he groaned and went to sit in the chair that was in the corner of the room. That didn’t help much, and he was back to pacing up and down. He heard a soft knock and quietly opened the door. The nurse that was watching the female was standing in front of the door. “The female is starting to wake up, but it could still be a while. She is muttering a lot of things that don’t make much sense but we will need to give her something to calm her down. They have sent a scout to see what he can find i
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Dave knew he had seen those eyes before. He knew that they have met before but he could not remember when. He could see the panic in them and when it looked like she wanted to run he started to panic. “No, don’t go…” Dave watched as she was taking in his words but it still looked like she wanted to run. “Please stay” Dave was shocked by his own words. He has never begged before, but the feeling inside him was too strong for him to care. He wanted her to stay and he waited to see whether she was going to stay or not. The need for her to stay grew stronger and stronger the longer she just stood there. She stood there for another second until someone came rushing toward them. Marina quickly entered the room and closed the door softly so no one would hear it. She put her head against the door making sure that whoever it was didn’t see her come in. Sighing she le
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Marina stood there shocked at watched him walk away not looking at her. He sounded pissed and the words were like a knife stabbing her in her heart. Never before had she felt so hurt. She nearly ran to the room where all her things were but found nothing. She walked out of the room and when she passed someone with her things she grabbed them before running outside. She looked around not know where she was and headed in the direction she thought was the camp. She had a feeling that someone was watching her and when she looked up she saw him looking at her through a window with what seemed like hatred in his eyes. She took off running tears now freely running down her cheeks. Dave saw Marina walk out of the hospital, his heart broken into pieces. He had to let her go but it was the hardest thing he had ever done. He knew it would take time to forget her but he had more things to worry about now. He saw
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Marina was tired when she reached her flat. She dragged her feet while fiddling for her keys inside her bag. When she finally found them she opened her door and forgot to lock it. Throwing her stuff on the kitchen counter, not something she would ever do, she walked to the bathroom and ran herself a bath. All she wanted to do was soak all her problems away and forget the last couple of days ever happened. Walking to her wine rack she heard her phone ring again. It has been ringing a couple of times so it must be important. She had 27 miss calls most of which she didn’t know the number, her brothers and Mike, which was the last one. A cold shiver went down her spine and she quickly phoned her brother. After the second ring, Roule answered “Mina, where in God’s name have you been? We have been worried..” Marina cut him short in a panic. “Not now. Can you come over, it is really important and you need to do it fast” There was sil
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No-One looked at her surroundings and sighed. She swore she would never end up in this situation again and yet here she was. The cave was dark and musty with hardly any natural light. Oh, how she missed the sunlight. The warm sun shining on her skin and a breeze playing with her gold hair. Now she was stuck doing unthinkable things for her sister after being caught over 20 years ago. Well, she planned on being caught to cover up her plans. It took a lot of planning which she was hoping was working out as planned. After making sure that all 7 brothers were tucked away where no one would find them till the very last week, she had put in certain measures to make sure that there were people that would be able to help the brothers find each other.It took almost 50 years to find their mates and make sure their paths would cross at a certain time. She sighed thinking that she ha
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