75 Days

75 Days

By:  Ms. Jean  Completed
Language: English
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Buckle your seatbelts. Grab your weapons. Equip yourself. Get ready to prepare for this writing extravaganza about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

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Kiki Kiki
really nice but extremely disappointing. its incomplete .i cant believe it i would have given 5 stars but since its the most incomplete book ive ever read sorry author.10 more chapters and i would give 5 but you never finished the story
2022-10-09 03:20:04
52 Chapters
Chapter 1
I lifted the metal baseball bat higher, feeling much better with a heavy weapon in my hands. They twisted nervously around the rubber grip, and I stepped silently from behind the building, careful to avoid stepping on anything that will make noise and give away my position.He's shuffling along a few yards ahead of me, right in front of the alley I needed to get to. His left arm is dislocated, and it's hanging at his side. His ankle is broken; the skin is tattered and bloody, and the bone is poking out. He's walking on it anyway, oblivious to any pain he might be in. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that three of the fingers on his right hand are missing, probably bitten off. His skin looks soft; the infection's been in his body for a while, and he's started to melt. At first, they look like deranged humans that can move fast and gracefully, until after a few weeks and they start to decompose.I moved forward another couple of steps, and stop when a can goes ski
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Chapter 2
The one closest to me took a step forward, and he waved his gun threateningly. It's long, sleek, black, and it looks deadly. I've never really been a gun person, and in fact I haven't fired one in years, but even I know that at this close it'll be impossible for him to miss what he's aiming at. And what he's aiming at is my heart. I looked up into his face, looking for any sign of compassion or restraint, and come up empty-handed. His eyes are blue-gray and hard as they stare at me. His jaw is covered in a thick, black beard that hides his mouth from view. I can't be sure, but it looks like he's smiling. Is he thinking of some disgusting, perverse, deranged thing to do to punish me?   "Well, well, well. Look at what we have here, boys. Is this a little fly I've caught in my web?" For a minute, I just stared at him, surprised by how completely moronic he sounds. However, his
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Chapter 3
Reese and I head back down to the apartment, and Ryder is still sitting on the couch with his feet up on my coffee table. I can't help but frown at his rudeness. He catches my mean look, rolls his eyes, and drops his feet from the table. Then he wipes his hand across the surface, smearing the dirt into the carpet. I clench my hands and roll my eyes back at him. He chuckles and crosses his arms over his chest, giving me a glimpse of his barbed wire tattoo in the process. I ignore him and start to dig through the cupboards. "Are you two hungry?" "Yeah, we are," Ryder says, hopping to his feet. "What do you have?" "Not much variety," I admit, reaching for the cans on the top shelf. I can feel my fingertips brush against the metal, but I can't get my hands around the cans to bring them down. I grit my teeth to keep from groaning in frustration. One of the boys starts to laugh, and Reese reaches up to gra
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Chapter 4
The boxer bares his sharp teeth in a loud snarl, and I instantly cringe. In the span of a few short seconds, a bunch of different emotions swirl through my mind: fear, anger, helplessness, sadness, and strangely enough, relief. Being eaten alive by a dog is not how I would choose to leave this life, but I can't help but think at least this way I won't become a zombie. However, I don't have to worry about harming anyone I love, because there's nobody left. I'm an only child, and my parents both died in the first wave of zombies. I've had a few months to mourn their loss. There's nobody to mourn me... There's a shot, and the boxer yelps and rolls off of me. There's a second shot, and no yelp. It's a mercy shot, to put the dog out of its misery. For a second, all I can do is lie there on the floor, staring up at the spot where just seconds ago, a dog was about to rip out my throat. I just focus on eveni
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Chapter 5
In the morning, Ryder, Reese, and I all head to a grocery store on the other side of town. Reese and I are both in the backseat keeping our eyes open for any signs of the Warriors, and Ryder is driving as carefully as possible. The last thing we need is a fight on the day we're planning to leave. The brakes slam, and the car jerks to a stop, sending Reese toppling over me in the backseat. "Get off!" I smack at his arm, trying to shove him off me. His elbow is digging into my ribcage, and I can't breathe. "Sorry," he grunts, trying to move. "Shush! Get down." We obey Ryder's command without further complaint, and he turns the car off. The three of us duck down as far as possible while still being able to see. About two-hundred yards ahead of us, three men dressed in camouflage and carrying assault rifles are dragging something behind them. At first, I think it's a zombie corpse. T
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Chapter 6
The car jerks to a stop, and my entire body flies forward, stopped only by the seatbelt strapped across my chest. It yanks me painfully back, and I slam back into the seat behind me. The car is full of moans and coughing, and I'm confused about what happened. When I open my eyes, I see blood splattered across the windshield. It's not the thick, coagulated blood from a zombie. It's fresh, runny, and bright, meaning we just hit something living. For a second, I start to panic. Have we just run over another survivor like us? Just trying to find someplace safe to stay for the night? "What happened?" I ask, rubbing my sore chest. Ryder groans. "Damn deer jumped in front of me. I didn't even see it until it was too late." He unbuckles, and opens the door. My chest hurts too much to move, and I just lie back while Ryder does whatever it is he's doing. "Holy shit," Reese says. "The front
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Chapter 7
In the morning, the four of us pack up our gear and get ready to start walking. Ryder and Reese both look tired, and I wish I'd forced them to let me take a turn at watching. They're the only things standing between death and me, and if they're working at half-full, mistakes might happen.Reese stops me before we leave, and buckles something through the loops of my jeans. It's black and looks like a belt, but it has a leather holster right over the hip. He tucks one of the Glock 17's away, and smiles. "You remember how to shoot, right?""Um, yeah," I say, not nearly as confident as I sound. And I don't sound all that confident. "I think I'll stick close to you just to be on the safe side." I give him a nervous chuckle, and he smiles."Don't worry, I'll protect you."Ryder makes a rude gagging noise, and I glare at him. He just shakes his head, ignoring my stony glare, and grabs some extra ammunition, tucking it into a bag that he hangs ove
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Chapter 8
Tobe screams and Ryder brings his rifle up. He pulls the trigger, and a zombie drops, but another quickly takes his place. There are dozens of them, and the four of us are no match, especially since I barely know how to shoot, and Tobe still doesn't have a weapon. She bends down and grabs a rusted piece of metal to defend herself with, and moves closer to Ryder. I bring my gun up and aim directly for the head of the nearest zombie. I pull the trigger, and the shot goes wide, lodging in the shoulder of the zombie next to him. "Shit!" I aim again and squeeze the trigger. This time the bullet lodges in the zombie's throat, but he doesn't stop coming. The third shot buries itself in the zombie's eye socket, and he crumples to the ground, tripping up two of the monsters behind him. I turn, looking for my next target. A woman comes at me, drooling thick, yellowish slime down her front, and I shoot. My heart is beating wildly,
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Chapter 9
Ryder reacts fast, and jumps away from the knife. It slashes through the air, missing his neck by a couple of inches. Ryder grabs the leader's wrist, and twists it sharply. The leader curses and the knife falls from his hands and into the dirt. Ryder twists the wrist harder, and it snaps. He draws the leader closer, and brings his knee up directly into his stomach. The leader wheezes harshly and doubles over, trying to catch his breath. Ryder doesn't give him the chance though. He brings his arm up, and slams his elbow down directly onto the leader's spine. He falls to the ground and doesn't move again. His two companions just stare at him, unsure of what to do next. They're still holding their weapons, but Reese has them at gunpoint. I can't see what he says to them, but they drop their shotguns to the ground and start to back away, hands raised. They don't want to mess with Ryder or Reese now that their leader is laying face-down on the gr
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Chapter 10
It took Reese and Tobe about fifteen minutes to find a working boat and the keys that went with it. They spent the rest of their time gathering new supplies that our store didn't have. Tobe had two bags full of new clothes, and she couldn't wait to show them to me. I go through the bags, surprised to find that I don't hate the stuff she picked for me. Her clothes aren't entirely practical. She's got a skirt and some nice boots, but as long as she can run safely in them, I don't think it'll be a problem. My new clothes are similar to what I'm wearing now: jeans, a pair of black boots, a new belt, a couple of white camisoles, and a new black sweater for when it gets colder. Which should be anytime, I think to myself. It's getting cooler at night, and the days are getting shorter. It should only be a few weeks before the first snows get here. I hope we're someplace safe before then.  "Alright," Reese says, brin
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