A Cruel Fate: Her Gamma's Regret

A Cruel Fate: Her Gamma's Regret

By:  Cara Anderson  Updated just now
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“Mine!” My wolf purred in my head, wanting to come out and meet her mate but I held her back. “Zoe!” Dillon growled my name, reaching for me. “Stop!” I screamed, pushing him away. “Get away from me! Don’t touch me! I don’t want a mate, Dillon. I’m in love with someone else.” “Say that again! I fuckin’ dare you!” He snarled, his hand wrapped possessively around my throat. When Zoe catches Dillon with another woman, she is devastated. But she makes herself a promise to never let him hurt her again. Unfortunately, that promise is harder to keep when Dillon turns out to be her fated mate. Being mated to Zoe is a dream come true for Dillon. He knows he’s made mistakes, He knows it will take more than a mate bond to earn her love and he’s willing to do anything for her. But when Zoe refuses to give him a second chance, will he continue to fight for her or will he walk away? In the midst of their battle to overcome broken hearts and broken trust, the final showdown between the wolves and the Dark Fae seems inevitable. When they face off for the final time, bonds will be broken and lives will be lost. Who will be left standing? This is Book 3 in the Celtic Wolf Series Book 1- An Unwanted Fate-Completed Book2- A Tangled Fate: Bound By Her Betas- Completed Book 3- A Cruel Fate: Her Gamma’s Regret- ongoing

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Christine Owings
26 chapters 8/7/23
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56 Chapters
Zoe’s POV 16 Years Old My brother was driving me crazy! As my guardian, I knew he just wanted to keep me safe. But I was sixteen years old! When was he going to realize I didn’t need a babysitter? This year’s masquerade ball was being held in our territory and I wanted so badly to watch everyone arriving, to see all the fancy costumes. I knew I couldn’t actually attend since I wasn’t eighteen yet. But what would it hurt to watch from a distance? My brother, Zayne, was acting as if we were expecting a pack of wild rogues to attack, not holding a party for our trusted allies with top-notch security in place. What did he think could possibly happen to me, observing from afar and scrutinizing the fashion choices? Eye strain? Besides, I may not have my wolf yet but I could take care of myself. My sixteenth birthday was last week and I still hadn’t shifted, which wasn’t unusual. But it could happen anytime so Zayne wouldn’t let me out of his sight. And when he had to, he refused t
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Ch. 1 Sassy Wolf
Zoe’s POV (Almost 18) “Zoe, let’s go!” Julia called, banging on my bedroom door. I groaned, heaving myself off my bed and padding over to the door to let my best friend in. I wasn’t excited at all to join the pack for dinner in the dining hall. It would mean sitting at the Alpha’s table with my least favorite person, something I avoided at all costs. But after Julia had wheedled me incessantly, I’d promised her I’d go with her. “What are you doing? You’re not even dressed!” She scolded, eyeing my sweatpants disdainfully.. “It’s just dinner, Julia. There’s no one I want to impress.” Not anymore anyway, I thought to myself. “Dillon told me the Alphas are bringing a girl to dinner tonight.” She informed me, piquing my interest.” They’ve never done that before. What if she is our new Luna? We should look our best just in case.” “Why didn’t you lead with that?” I chided, springing into action. “No wonder you’re so dressed up! Do you think she’s their mate?” “I’m not sure.
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Ch. 2 Sin
Dillon’s POV Fuck me! Every time I saw her that girl got under my skin and I had no idea why I let her. That was a lie. She was the brightest light in any room and I wanted her to notice me the way I noticed her, but she never did. Or if she did, it was only to make some snide comment or go out of her way to be rude to me. She drove me absolutely fuckin’ crazy! I wasn’t even sure what it was about Zoe Davies that made it nearly impossible to get her off my mind. Something about her called to me in a way no other woman ever had, or I feared ever would. She was snarky and short-tempered and argumentative. But she was also sweet and selfless and brave. Two sides of a coin and I never knew which side was going to be up. I kinda liked that about her. If all that weren’t enough, the girl was fuckin’ gorgeous! With her sleek blonde hair, icy blue eyes that seemed to see right through you and lean, long legs that went on for days. Fuck, those legs! And when she innocently called me daddy t
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Ch. 3 Beach Day
Zoe’s POV I was so excited! The Alphas wanted to take Kat to the beach and they’d invited everyone to join them. We hadn’t been to the beach in forever and I couldn’t wait to work on my tan. Landon would be there too. He may not be “the one” but he was fun to hang out with and I enjoyed the attention from him. Plus, he was nice to look at. Not that there wouldn’t be plenty of other eye candy as well. An image of Dillon with his shirt off on the training field, sweat rolling down his rippling muscles, flashed through my mind uninvited. I quickly pushed it away. Because for every mouthwatering picture of Dillon my mind conjured, it was always followed by the memory of his perfect ass as he thrust into one of his whores on that night almost two years ago. That sight was burned into my brain for all eternity and I hated that it was forever linked with what should have been the most special event in my life. The night Cinna came to me should have been a beautiful memory. But instea
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Ch. 4 A Chicken Fight
Dillon’s POV I was moments away from slaughtering every male wolf on this beach. As soon as she stepped off the trail into the open, every man here was leering at her. Then she peeled off her cover-up to reveal the skimpiest, sexiest little pink bikini I’d ever seen, way too much of her smooth, tan skin on full display. And when I saw them all eye-fucking the shit out of her, lusting over what my wolf and I considered ours, I couldn’t stop the angry rumble that erupted in my chest. With every passing day, my wolf grew more and more possessive of Zoe. He insisted on being close to her whenever possible and barely tolerated anyone touching her. Dorian was adamant that we try to pursue her, refusing to acknowledge her obvious disdain for me, insisting we could make her love us if I would just make the effort. It was Dorian’s influence that pushed me to go to her room this morning, intent on asking her to spend the day with me. But before I even had a chance to knock, I heard her gig
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Ch. 5 A Promise
Blair’s POV Something had shifted with Dillon and until now, I hadn’t been able to put my finger on it. After our night at the masquerade ball two years ago, I didn’t see him for a while. I hadn’t thought much of it. There were plenty of other men to occupy my time after all. But he was by far the best and I’d secretly hoped he would renew his interest in me. I’d watched as so many she-wolves came on too strong, sending him running the other direction with their clingy, needy behavior. So I took a different path, greeting him casually and remaining aloof wherever he was around. When we did talk, I treated him like nothing more than a friend, with no particular interest in pursuing a relationship with him. My tactics must have worked, because soon he was seeking me out to talk. It didn’t take long before talking turned into fucking like wild animals. And I lived for those times. Still, I wouldn’t push him for more. Not until he was ready. I could wait. I didn’t miss the fact tha
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Ch. 6 Wild Goose Chase
Zoe’s POV “Do you know where Landon is taking you?” Julia asked from her perch on my bed, keeping me company while I got ready for my date. “No Idea. He said it’s a surprise.” I told her, feeling a sense of trepidation shoot through me at the word “date.” Landon and I had flirted around the edges of a relationship for a while now. We’d hung out before and he’d definitely been affectionate, hugging me or putting his arm around me. But we’d always been with a group of friends, never alone. I’d never even kissed the guy. This would be our first official date and I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Landon seemed like a great guy, but I already knew he wasn’t my “forever” guy, so part of me wondered why even bother dating him. But the other part of me thought, why not? Didn’t I deserve to go out and have a good time? It was that thought that convinced me to give it a try. Besides, I planned to go away to college soon, not that I’d told anyone about that yet. But when I did, I want
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Ch. 7 Guilt
Dillon’s POV I’d been sitting in my office for the last hour, staring at the patrol schedule, intending to update it through the end of the month. But I hadn’t managed to make a single entry. The only thing my mind seemed capable of focusing on was Zoe. Not that my wolf was helping me with that at all. “Let’s go talk to her.” He urged on repeat. “Explain to her we don’t want that anymore. We only want her!” He was referencing the threesome Derek and I had with Blair once upon a time. It happened over a year ago and admittedly, I’d been stupid drunk at the time. I really didn’t even remember most of it and it definitely wouldn’t be happening again. It was a part of my past I wished Zoe had never learned about. “Sorry, buddy. That’s not gonna happen.” I told him, much to his dismay. “After the way she looked at me that night, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to revisit that topic.” Or any other topic that involves me, I thought to myself. “Then let me out!” I insisted. “Cinna li
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Ch. 8 Brothers
Dillon’s POV It was late evening when I left the office and I’d already missed dinner. But I wasn’t particularly hungry so I decided just to head home. When I walked into the suite at the packhouse, the sound of girls giggling was almost enough to make me turn around and leave again. I knew that laughter all too well. Zoe was here. Again, I found myself wishing I could understand why the girl was such a hellion when it came to me. A beautiful hellion, gorgeous really, but a hellion nonetheless. What had I done to earn her hatred? I watched her interact with other people. Let’s face it, watching Zoe was a bit of an obsession for me. But she was sweet as pie to everyone else. With me, she was sassy, argumentative, and just plain insulting most of the time. It hadn’t always been that way. I could still remember a time when she would be all smiles and adorable blushes around me. All of that changed like turning off a light switch. And I felt like if I could just understand why, I
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Ch. 9 A Good Day
Blair’s POV Something was going on with Dillon lately and I had a feeling I knew exactly what it was. He’d avoided me like the plague, going as far as turning and walking in the other direction whenever he saw me coming. But I wasn’t the only one he avoided. He wasn’t letting any she-wolf get close to him anymore. No more casually throwing an arm over a girl’s shoulder while they chatted. No more flirty banter. No more offering those dazzling smiles that made a woman feel like she was the only one in the world. Nothing. The one thing that hadn’t changed was the way he looked at that little Beta princess bitch, Zoe. Every time they were in the same room together his eyes sought her out like a homing beacon. And only an idiot would miss the look of heated desire he wore as his eyes roamed her body from head to toe. “Mine!” my wolf growled in my head, possessiveness overtaking her at the thought of our man wanting someone else. “Yes, he’s ours, Bella.” I reassured her. “I’ll make
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