A Master Intern and her Submissive Boss

A Master Intern and her Submissive Boss

By:  MaterCatLady  Ongoing
Language: English
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In the heart of a bustling metropolis, two worlds collide. By day, she's Luna Cruz, an unassuming office worker. By night, she's Dew, a renowned practitioner of BDSM, celebrated for her ability to awaken hidden desires. When Alex Quinn, a CEO/Boss, crosses paths with Dew on a crowded subway, their lives take an unexpected turn. Drawn into Dew's enigmatic world of dominance and submission, Alex Quinn embarks on a journey of self-discovery, challenging societal norms and his own desires. As their connection deepens, Alex Quinn's younger brother, Danny, and his close friend, Mike, also become entangled in Dew's world, exploring their own forbidden fantasies. Together, they navigate the intricate dance of pleasure and restraint, pushing the boundaries of their desires. But Dew harbors a mysterious past, and when it resurfaces, the delicate balance they've found is threatened. The characters must confront their inner demons, unravel secrets, and make choices that will change their lives forever. "A Master Intern and her Submissive Boss" is a captivating exploration of human desire, the complexities of relationships, and the power of embracing one's true self. In a world where hidden desires are revealed, will they succumb to temptation or find the strength to forge their own paths? Prepare to be enthralled by a story that challenges conventions and delves deep into the realms of passion, love, and self-acceptance. "A Master Intern and her Submissive Boss" is a tale that will leave you questioning the boundaries of your own desires and the captivating power of connection.

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16 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Absolute Submission
"Master, what are you doing?"Completely exposed, with pink silk ribbons strategically adorning every sensitive part of the young man's bare body, he looked like a carefully wrapped gift. His legs were spread, revealing a pert bottom, and with a slightly flushed face. He knelt before Luna Cruz.It was the position of absolute submission.Luna Cruz chuckled lightly. She crouched down and secured a metal nipple clamp onto him."Mmm…"Daniel Quinn let out a muffled moan, his hips unconsciously swaying. Whenever he got passionate, his reactions were just like this. His large, round eyes sparkled, and his gaze involuntarily followed every small movement of Luna Cruz."Does it hurt?"Luna adjusted the angle of the clamp with an almost overly serious expression as if she were doing something extremely important. Danny, however, found himself gazing at her long, curled eyelashes and suddenly wanting to kiss her.But when she glanced in his direction, Danny awkwardly turned his head away and s
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Chapter 2 Not impossible
Luna Cruz poked at the sesame leaves on her plate with a dejected look, causing the delicate greenery to become a disheveled mess. Even the walnut kernels and ham slices were not spared as she jabbed them into a sorry state. "Luna, are you feeling down? Do you not like this restaurant?" Danny asked tentatively. They had been maintaining this kind of relationship for about half a year, and Luna Cruz had uncovered his preferences both in and out of bed. However, he still didn't know much about her. Any questions he asked her would only result in replies like "it's alright," "it's fine," or "I don't mind." Luna Cruz waved her hand dismissively and replied, "Why would I? The food here is quite good. I'm just worried about today's interview." After finishing the bread and appetizers, the waiter cleared the empty plates and brought two perfectly seared steaks to the table. Daniel Quinn effortlessly cut his steak into bite-sized pieces and swapped them with Luna Cruz's portion. It was
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Chapter 3 Soaking Wet
After dinner, they made love. It was almost a routine for the two of them. Daniel Quinn had a low tolerance for alcohol. Just one glass of wine before the meal would make him feel weak, despite being slightly taller than Luna Cruz. He would rest his furry head on her shoulder, and almost half his body weight would press down on her, like a large dog that couldn't stand to be separated from its owner. The hotel's receptionist didn't seem surprised at all. After scanning the booking bar code, the receptionist handed Luna their phones back with room keys. Luna Cruz smiled and tossed Daniel Quinn's phone back into his pocket. She couldn't help but think that he had some ulterior motive in mind. Despite his hard-hearted demeanor in the restaurant, he had already booked a hotel. "Luna, I want a hug!" The hotel wasn't very crowded at this time. Daniel Quinn was acting drunk, pestering Luna Cruz for a hug. She found it amusing and endearing but reluctantly pulled the large puppy, Danny,
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Chapter 4 - Sitting on His Face
Luna Cruz had always been composed and restrained and rarely revealed her passionate side in front of Daniel Quinn. However, on this particular night, she openly expressed her desires. This vulnerability in her captivated You Danny even more. This was a night without control. Many intimate moments were happening, but the two people involved remained oblivious to it. Luna Cruz teasingly asked, "Haven't you had enough?" as she playfully rested her upper body on Danny, almost in an embrace. It seemed like they were deeply in love. She said it like that, but she didn't push his fingers away. It was flirting, and also an implicit agreement. Danny's voice was somewhat husky as if it had been simmered by boiling desire, making it alluring. "You haven't come yet, how can I ..." Luna smirked, leaning on his young, firm chest, teasing his gradually stiffening and engorged nipple, leaving plum-shaped dark hickies on his tanned skin with each gentle suck. “Continue.” She ordered incoh
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Chapter 5 - I'm Available for You Anytime
The next morning, Danny woke up to find that Luna Cruz had already left. She had thoughtfully unbound the belt from his wrists and left croissants and lattes on the coffee table for his breakfast. Despite being a highly-priced trainer, her service felt like a real lover. Danny smiled wryly as he took a bite of the golden, crispy croissant. Even though his mouth was filled with the aroma of butter and wheat, he suddenly found himself reminiscing about the moist and suffocating sensations from the previous night. Gulp. He felt a bit parched. Danny was about to sip some coffee when his phone rang. He thought it was Luna Cruz calling him. When a male voice answered, his excitement turned down. It was his brother. "Bro, why are you calling so early in the morning? What's up?" The man on the other end of the phone sounded noticeably displeased. "Danny, why didn't you answer my calls yesterday?" "Just celebrating someone's birthday, bro. Are you calling me to give me a lecture?" T
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Chapter 6 - The Secret Night with the Boss
Alex Quinn had a peculiar dream. One that represented a paradoxical mixture of extreme fear and longing in reality. In the dream, he saw Luna Cruz, the day she came in for her interview. Through frosted glass walls, people were moving about as if they had no idea of what was transpiring inside the conference room. "Luna Cruz, what are you doing?!" Alex Quinn exclaimed. He was shocked and furious when he saw Luna Cruz holding a tassel whip, and he noticed himself tied to a chair, unable to move. Luna Cruz stepped closer, displaying a relaxed yet casual demeanor. Nonetheless, Alex Quinn's heart raced as if every step she took was treading on his heart. "Boss, didn't you invite me here?" Alex Quinn was bewildered. He couldn't remember doing such a thing. He had only been staring at her business card, imagining what Luna Cruz might look like while dominating other men. He never dared to proceed any further. He stuttered, attempting to refute, but his voice was stuck. He couldn't
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Chapter 7: Hello, Mister, You Seem a Bit Naughty
She's just a sweet-talking little lair. Saying that if it were him, she'd make time for him. But now, she's responding so warmly to an unidentified stranger on social media. Alex Quinn felt a tinge of disgust. He thought he should immediately close the chat window, pretend that nothing happened, and go to work as usual the next day. However, he stared at the conversation on the screen for a while. Although Luna Cruz had only said a couple of sentences, he could imagine her playful tone and cunning expression, much like a sly little fox. He was curious about what Luna Cruz would say next, and he wanted to know the side of her that Danny had seen but he hadn't. "Are you single?" His fingers involuntarily typed these words. During every second Luna Cruz didn't reply, Alex Quinn regretted asking such a silly question. Really, what a greenhorn! Just when he thought that Luna Cruz had probably blocked him, the screen blinked once again. "Of course, I am." She replied. How could sh
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Chapter 8: Sexy Lingerie and Public Exposure
Today marked Alex Quinn's first time embarking on a task. May had arrived, and the weather was getting warm. Yet he adhered to his usual shirt and suit, nervously fiddling with the buttons on his chest. Whenever a colleague happened to encounter him and offered a greeting, he couldn't help but become suspicious. Under the shirt and suit he was wearing Dew's personally selected two-piece set of sexy lingerie designed for men. "Why do you want me to wear this to work?!" Alex Quinn stared at the image sent by Luna Cruz through the app. It was a male servant-style outfit with classic black and white colors, adorned with elegant ribbons and cute bows. The top was a style that clung to the chest, and the lower part featured a hole for easy access. What could that hole be for? It couldn't be more obvious. He just couldn't imagine what he looked like wearing this beneath his suit. He covered his face in agony, suspecting that Luna Cruz might have figured out who he was. "Don't you like
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Chapter 9 Her Jacket
After Luna Cruz's remark, Alex Quinn began to drift into his fantasies. He fantasized about Luna Cruz tearing his shirt open, revealing the exposed male maid outfit underneath, with his nipples perking up involuntarily. He imagined her forcing him to admit his secret kink, taunting him for acting so prim and proper all day, and perhaps even calling other employees to witness his embarrassment. And then what? And then, everyone would know that he was a submissive. Someone who craved being insulted, whipped, and trampled underfoot by women. What should he do then? He, a man of his height, towering over everyone like a large dog, huddled in a corner of the tea room. His expression was full of anxiety as he watched Luna Cruz as if his life and reputation depended on her judgment. Surprisingly, Luna Cruz didn't play along with his fantasies. "Put this on," she said. Luna Cruz simply took off her light pink jacket and handed it to him. "What are you waiting for? Isn't my clothing t
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Chapter 10: His Nude Photos
"Luna, are you angry with me?"The two of them went to a Cantonese restaurant. The place was bustling with people.Luna Cruz rested her chin on her hand while waiting for their food, and she asked him,"Why would I be angry?""I didn't tell you that my brother is your boss. I was worried that if you found out, you might suspect that I said something to help you. So..."Luna Cruz chuckled and shook her head, saying, "I have confidence in myself."She was concerned about her job interview due to a minor incident on the subway, not because she doubted her abilities.Daniel sighed with relief, but he couldn't shake off the strange feeling he got when his brother looked at Luna Cruz earlier.He had probably warned him to keep a distance from her because she felt uneasy around him.Daniel decided to keep this information to himself and not bring it up with Luna Cruz, as Luna and his brother‘s paths would diverge after her internship at Genesis Players."Luna, eat more. Have you lost weight
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