A Mate For The Lycan Twins

A Mate For The Lycan Twins

By:  Authoress Ti Fe  Completed
Language: English
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Cassandra Jones was without a mate for a very long time until she attended a moonlit party and fell in love with a Lycan, Lucian. The feeling was mutual and without hesitation, they got married. However, their wedding night took an unexpected turn when Cassandra woke up the next morning, realizing she had not been intimate with her husband, but with a complete stranger. Who is this stranger? What factors contributed to her inability to recognize that it wasn't her husband? What happens when she gets pregnant and isn’t sure of who owns this baby?

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Is this a standalone book or part of a series? If a series, what are the other books and the reading order, please?
2023-11-07 17:02:35
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Andrew Oluwo
This story is so amazing! The chemistry between this characters are so good and hot! Best story ever! ......️...️🥹🥹
2023-06-29 19:12:03
97 Chapters
Moonlit party
~Cassandra~ "Cassandra! Cassandra! Are you alive?" Zoe's urgent voice pierced through the glass of my window, abruptly interrupting the peaceful slumber I was enjoying, instantly awakening me."Ugh... Go away," I groaned, burying my head beneath the pillow in an attempt to drown out her voice, hoping for a moment of respite."Cassandra, come on! I have great news!" Zoe persisted, now resorting to tapping on the window, causing me to mutter curses under my breath."You wake me up like this every single day! What did I do to deserve this?" I grumbled, my frustration palpable. In response, I heard her playful giggle."I'll be waiting at the door, alright? Don't take too long, or I'll be back, knocking on your window," she teased, her footsteps gradually fading away from the window."Ugh," I sighed deeply, tossing the pillow aside and staring at the ceiling for a few moments before finally getting out of bed to open the door for Zoe.I am Cassandra Jones, a twenty-two-year-old lone wolf
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My mate
~Cassandra~ Feeling a mix of apprehension and uncertainty, I found myself walking five paces behind Zoe and Frank wherever they went. They seemed to effortlessly navigate the party, engaging in conversations and greeting numerous guests with ease. Meanwhile, I struggled to find my place among the crowd, unsure of how to mingle and interact with others.Despite knowing that I should give Zoe and her mate the chance to enjoy some alone time, I couldn't bring myself to venture off on my own. I felt a sense of dependency, not knowing what to do without their guidance and company. So, I continued trailing behind them, putting on a smile as they greeted people, attempting to blend in with their social circle.As we walked, Zoe suddenly turned to me, her eyes filled with excitement. She spoke with enthusiasm, "It's your time, Cassie. It is time to mingle with people and find your mate. I'll be over there with my friends." She pointed towards a gathering of people ahead of us, signaling t
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King Lucian
~Cassandra~ The Next Morning I awoke with an exuberant smile spreading across my face. Throughout the night, my dreams were filled with visions of Lucian, my soulmate. The memory of our initial meeting replayed in my mind, each detail etched vividly.He embodied everything I had ever longed for. Bursting with elation, I clutched my bedspread, pulling it over my head while kicking the air in excitement.As the night unfolded, we engaged in endless conversation, cherishing each other's presence. When Zoe and Frank mysteriously vanished, he gallantly offered to escort me home. The connection we shared was unmistakable, and I believed that he reciprocated the same intense emotions I held for him.‘I wish I had kissed him.’ I thought, running my fingers through my lips and giving my lower lips a slight bit. I rose from my bed and made my way to the window, pulling up the curtain to signal that I was already awake in case Zoe arrived and tried to wake me from outside.Upon reaching the k
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Marriage proposal
~Cassandra~ Still in shock, I turned to look at Lucian. His expression momentarily shifted, registering surprise at Zoe's reaction. His eyes widened, and a faint smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He nodded graciously in acknowledgement of Zoe's greeting."Please, there's no need for formalities," Lucian replied, his voice carrying a warm and gentle tone. "You may simply call me Lucian."He turned to look at me and when he saw the shock on my face, he approached me. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this last night. I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable.” He apologized. As Lucian approached me, I could hardly find the words to respond. The realization that the person I had spent the previous evening with was actually a king left me in a state of bewilderment. However, his kind and apologetic demeanor began to ease the tension that had built within me.Taking a deep breath, I managed to gather my thoughts. "Lucian, I... I didn't expect this," I stammered, still trying to process
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Wedding night
~Cassandra ~ ~After Two Weeks~ As the full moon rose high in the night sky, casting an ethereal glow over the enchanting forest, the werewolf community gathered to celebrate our momentous occasion- the union of King Lucian and I in our wedding ceremony. The chosen clearing in the heart of the forest had been beautifully adorned with a canopy of intertwined branches and delicate moonflowers. Their fragrance hung in the air, mingling with the anticipation and excitement that permeated every corner. Softly lit lanterns dangled from the trees, casting gentle flickering light across the scene.The guests, a diverse array of werewolves from various packs, arrived, each one radiating an aura of grace and power. They wore their finest attire, a harmonious blend of traditional and modern fashion. The vibrant moonlit scene was filled with elegant werewolves in flowing gowns and dashing suits, their eyes shimmering with the essence of the moon.It was the happiest day of my life. I was gett
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Our Little Secret
~Cassandra~ As we made our way back to the palace, my mind was preoccupied with numerous thoughts. I continuously pondered where I had gone wrong.Upon reaching the house, Lucian accompanied me to the room and gently helped me lie down to rest. He dismissed all the maids, ensuring we had a moment of privacy together."How are you feeling now?" he inquired, his hands busy brushing my hair away from my face."I'm fine," I replied, hoping he wouldn't delve further into what had transpired the previous night. However, deep down, I knew it was unlikely."I'm relieved to have found you. What happened, Cassandra? I was so scared. I could barely breathe when I realized you were missing," he expressed, his face reflecting genuine concern."I'm sorry, Lucian. I was taken away from the party by Zoe," I fabricated, hoping he wouldn't uncover the truth and simply believe my words."She wanted us to spend one last night together before I fully embraced married life. I intended to inform you before
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In His Chambers
~Cassandra~ After our conversation, Zoe and I took a brief nap, and when we woke up, it was already evening. Zoe sat up, wearing a smile, and I followed suit.With a sigh, I expressed my fear to Zoe, saying, "Zoe, I'm scared. Starting my marriage with lies doesn't seem right, don't you think?" I wiped my face with my hand as I spoke."It's already done, Cassie. You've already lied to him. There's no turning back now. You have to act as if nothing happened and show him the wife he married," Zoe replied, reaching for my hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.I let out another sigh and nodded. "He wants us to recreate our wedding night...""Then let's recreate it. Make love to him, Cassie. Even more passionately than last night. Be in love and let him help you forget what happened between you and the person you slept with," Zoe retorted, and I slowly nodded in agreement."But shouldn't I know who it was and why he resembled Lucian so much? If it was a spirit or a doppelganger, shouldn't I
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Perfect Man
~Cassandra~ After blowing off all the candles, I untied my robe and let it slip off my body. Lucian climbed onto the bed, slowly approaching me.Even in the darkness, I could see his figure illuminated by the moonlight streaming through his window.His eyes held a mix of desire, love, and lust. His fingers traced a slow path up my legs as he crawled towards me, sending tingles through my body.I locked my gaze with his, watching him draw nearer, each breath intensifying the moment. He leaned in, planting a kiss on my neck, his grip on the side of my head tightening gradually.I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, feeling an overwhelming sensation coursing through me. His kiss on my neck grew deeper, as if he wanted to leave his mark."Hmm," I moaned, gripping his head and pulling him up by his hair, bringing our faces together.Without hesitation, I captured his lips with mine, kissing him deeply and taking in his presence. Each peck lasted a long time, and I breathed heavily.Br
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Twin brother
~Lucian~~The next day~ As the sun's rays pierced through the window of my chamber, I squinted and opened my eyes. The first thing that caught my blurry vision upon opening my eyes was Cassandra lying beside me. I blinked twice to bring clarity to the scene, and a smile instantly brightened my face.Even in her sleep, she exuded the same timeless beauty. Though I didn't want to disturb her peaceful slumber, I couldn't resist the temptation to touch her face. Gently running my fingers along the side of her face, she stirred slightly, tightening her eyes.A soft moan escaped her lips, accompanied by a gentle smile lighting up her face. "Good morning, sleeping beauty," I whispered, and she opened her eyes, still maintaining her smile. "Good morning, my handsome husband," she replied, causing a chuckle to escape me."If only you knew how incredible it feels to wake up with you by my side. It's the most wonderful sensation," I responded, and she reached out to touch my face, nodding i
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Our story
~Lucian ~ We settled in the throne room, where I took a seat on the throne while Damian occupied one of the chairs to my right."I'm all ears," I said, propping my chin on my hands and gazing at him intently."Thank you, Lucian. As I mentioned earlier, I am Damian, your twin brother who was separated from you since birth. It all began before we were even born. King and Queen Walker were unable to have a child for many years, and they eventually decided to seek alternative means to secure an heir," he explained, and his story made me scoff."Are you suggesting that King Walker isn't my father?" I asked, feeling a strange mix of emotions towards him."I never said that. Can you please let me finish?" he requested, and I swallowed, nodding in agreement."The only reason I'm here talking to you is because of our striking resemblance," I murmured, leaning back. He nodded and resumed speaking."During the reign of King and Queen Walker, there was a maid named Melissa. The queen confided in
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