A Happy Family

Riley was still kneeling over Lionel's unconscious body crying with her mother still tied in the chair when she heard footsteps and voices approaching. She jolted,

"Is anyone over there? Please help me..." 

Lian and the others were searching some few distances away from where Riley was when the voice hit him up. The whole environment sounded chaotic but Lian immediately recognized her voice, 

"That's Riley's voice..." He shouted and raced in the direction of the voice.

Like a strick of lighting, his eyes flew wide open with shock when he got to the entrance.

"Riley..," he rushed in, kneeling over Lionel as he lifted his head onto his lap."What happened to him?"

Riley tried to swallow down the tears to narrate what happened but she couldn't hold it back.

"Nichole shot him, Uncle..." 

Just then, the rest of the search party hustled in.

Two of the men rushed over to Rosita and untied her while the others searched the o
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