A Mother's Joy

A Mother's Joy

By:  Henrietta Otu  Completed
Language: English
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Rosita and Clifford have been married for 3years now without kids. Rosita faced a lot of pressure and mockery from Clifford's mother. Just when all hope is lost, luck smiled on them. Rosita got pregnant and gave birth to a bouncing baby girl and named her Riley. They lived happily and were satisfied with their lives but just when they thought their happiness have been fulfilled, the unexpected happened. Their young girl was kidnapped. How will Rosita take this news? Will they be able to find their baby? Will Rosita's joy be complete? Read more to find out what happened in the novel.Stay tuned for the trills and turns.

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It's a good book to dive into ..besides it's complete!
2022-07-16 14:51:53
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lovely story, really enjoying this 😍🥰🤧❤
2021-06-14 21:46:45
66 Chapters
The Hollands' Family
Mr Clifford and Mrs Rosita Hollands have been married for 3years now without kids. Rosita sits in the living room sad and thinking about her childlessness and the pressure from her husband's family. She was zooming out of space and didn't hear her husband calling."Rosita , Rosita" Clifford called.Seeing how destructed and depressed Rosita was, he moved closer to her and placed his hand on her shoulder."Clifford, you startled me". said Rosita." I have been calling you for a while now but you were spacing out. You look depressed, what's going on in your mind? Tell me." Clifford asked."Sweetheart, we have been married for 3years now without kids and the worst  part is the pressure  from your family. It's so unbearable and I also don't want to lose you." Rosita replied worriedly.Clifford loves his wife so much and hates to see her sad. They met in their first year in college and have since been together. They lo
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The Family Gathering
Clifford's family have a ritual of getting together every 5th month of the year.  All the members in Clifford's family along with their families comes together to play games and also have dinner. They put themselves in a team of two and compete each other and the winners are awarded.  It's one of those times and Rosita and Clifford are preparing to leave.IN THE KITCHEN Rosita is busily in the kitchen making snacks and preparing some dishes for the family picnic. She packed some cookies, smoothies, fruits and other main dishes.Rosita :  Honey..! honey..! have you heard from Kathie and Lian? It's been awhile since I heard from them. Hope they are coming for the picnic?Clifford : Yes sweetheart, Lian just called me to ask if we will be coming. He was worried we won't join the family due to last year's incident.Rosita and Clifford had joined the family for one of their gatherings. Madame Flora, Clifford
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A Light At The End Of The Tunnel
Clifford called Rosita severally but there was no answer. He ran out of the house to find his wife. He was worried sick and didn't know where to find his wife.Clifford : Where are you Rosie? ( worriedly)He keeps trying his wife's number but still couldn't get through.  He was distracted by wild screams.  He turned to the direction where the screams was coming from and saw his wife in the middle of the road with a car approaching her.Clifford (terrified ): Rosita..! He ran to his wife and pulled her from the road. He hugged her tightly with tears in his eyes. He thought he had lost her forever.Clifford : Sweetheart, are you okay?Rosita stirred blankly at Clifford without saying a word.   Shaken to the very core and terrified, she collapsed.   Clifford held her tightly in his arms, Clifford : Rosie.. Rosie..., please open your eyes.He shook her to wake her up but to no avail.  He screa
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An Enemy Within
Clifford was on his way to visit his mum. He tried to reach his mum on the phone but couldn't get through. He called the main house line and one of the workers picked."hello...? Sir Clifford ". The voice answered.Clifford : Is mum at home?" Yes sir". The voice replied.Clifford : I'm trying to get through to her line but am not reaching her. Is she okay?"Yes she is, sir. I think it's because she is not in the mood to talk with you."Clifford : Okay, just inform her that I'm coming to meet her."Okay sir." The voice repliedAnd they hanged up.  It was an hour drive from the hospital to the Hollands' mansion.  Soon, Clifford got to the house.  He was welcomed with smiles from the workers.Clifford : Hello Aunt. Anastasia..He hugged and kissed the cheeks of his nanny.Aunt. Anastasia (worriedly) : Why are you here at this hour. You should be with Rosita.Clifford : Yes, aunt. I came to meet mum.
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The Mischief
Clifford helped his mum to bed and bid her farewell. He kissed her forehead and turned off the light. "See you tomorrow mum." "Okay, son." He closed the door gently and left.  As he got to the hall, he met Nicole. Nicole approached him in a seductive manner. Nicole : Hi, handsome.. Clifford : Nichole, what's the meaning of what you are doing? She advanced more strong towards Clifford, caressing his face and trying to kiss him. Clifford : Hey..., what are you doing? He held her hand and strongly pushed her away.&nbs
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A Wolf In Sheep's Skin
Rosita was in the kitchen having some water when Nichole stepped in with a pretentious smile. " Rosie.." she called Rosita turned and smiled, welcoming her warmly, not knowing her true intentions. Nichole : Mmm...Rosie,  She held her hands pretending to regret accepting Mad. Flora's proposal and coming over.  " I'm sorry for everything I have put you through.  I didn't know Clifford was married. It's never my intention to destroy such a beautiful and happy family." Rosita : It's not your fault Nichole, I understand mum and I also know it wasn't your intention. Ni
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The Plot
It's a beautiful Monday morning, Clifford still asleep unaware of the time.  He was startled by the ring of the alarm.  He checked the time and it was past 6:00am, he was getting late for work. He jumped out from bed calling his wife. "Rosie.., Rosie.." "Yes..., Sweetheart." she responded from the kitchen.   "Why didn't you wake me up dear? I'm almost late for work now." His voice faded into the washroom. "Sorry Sweetheart, I didn't want to be late for my appointment with Nichole so I woke up early. I thought it was too early to wake you then." she replied  She set the table for breakfast and Clifford came rushing down. 
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Clifford returned home to an unusual silence. He called out to his wife but there was no answer.   "why this awkward atmosphere?" he said to himself. He went up to the bedroom but she wasn't there.  He searched through the washroom and the entire house but couldn't find her. He tried contacting her but her phone was switched off.  "This is so unusual of her." He said to himself. He went out to their neighbours to enquire,  if they have noticed his wife going out or heard any strange noises from his house but none of them could help.He rushed back to the house confused and frustrated. He sat back on the Sofa, thinking what to do. He suddenly remembered that he hasn't contacted his family.
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A Fight For Love
Clifford returns downstairs worried and lost in thoughts.  He didn't believe Nichole's words. " She looks so suspicious. I remember Rosita telling me they will be going shopping today. If she didn't, then who did Rosita go with? " he thought to himself Mad.Flora was still at the hall waiting for his son. She saw him descending the stairs lost in his thoughts and called out to him. "Clifford, Is everything alright? why did you want to talk to Nichole? she asked " Nothing mum, am just confused and worried now." he replied "Don't worry son, I know she is fine wherever she is and we will find her soon." her mother assured He stood sil
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Nichole sat quietly in her room thinking about her encounter with Clifford.  "I know Clifford suspects me and I need to do something about this. And it's needs to be done fast to tame him." she said to herself  Weeks passed since Rosita disappeared and the search for her by the police seems to prove futile.   Clifford tailing Nichole has also not yielded any fruits.  He returned home exhausted, hurt and disappointed.  THE HOLLAND'S MANSION Mad.Flora and all the workers have left off to bed. Nichole tiptoed from her room to the hall  and when she was sure that nobody was around, she sneaked out to the car park.   She
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