Nichole furiously stormed into her study room and thumped her hand on her table.

"I should have killed this brat at the onset. He is becoming a thorn in my path."

She reached out for her phone, scanned through it, and dialed Zed's number. After a short ring, he answered.

"How the hell is Lionel back in this house?" she shouted, "I thought you assured me of handling him."

"Sorry ma'am..., I had it under control but...."

"But what Zed....? I'm going to kill you with my own hands if things get out of hand." she hanged up before Zed could even say a word.

She tossed the phone on the table and slammed herself on her chair. She sat thoughtfully for a while and smirked, "Let's see how this goes."

Lionel sat in the hall thinking of ways to take down Nichole when his Dad entered the door.



Dickson paced towards his son with tears in her eyes.

"I've missed you son...where have you been?" he hug
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