A moment in time

A moment in time

By:  Mahreeyam  Completed
Language: English
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Grace is a beautiful girl that loves partying and drinking. She has a gang of friends that she goes clubbing with. She got sacked from her previous work because she fought at work.. Her friends supported her idea of beating up the girl that crossed her part. Still wallowing in sadness and anger for losing her job, her friends decide to take her clubbing to cheer her up but she ends up drinking more than she can handle and she ends up going home with a stranger. What will she do when finds out that her new boss was her one night stand.

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34 Chapters
Chapter one
  Under the dim  light of the  warm room, the two naked bodies move together in sync. Like jigsaw puzzles they fit each other perfectly well. 
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Chapter two
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Chapter three
           Grace's POV    I woke up with a bad headache,  I sat up and look around the strange room. 
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Chapter four
                                    Grace's POV 
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Chapter five
                               Grace's POV    "What is written in there?" Lisa asked as she stretched out hand for the card but I was faster.  I shred the little paper in multiple pieces before she was able to snatch it f
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Chapter six
        Grace's POV I released a sigh of relief. I didn't notice I was holding as someone called Mr Hyde's name from behind us causing him to remove his hand from my thigh, a part of me doesn't want him to stop the gentle magic he was doing to me. 
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Chapter seven
The silence stretched for a while before she decided to break it.  "Good morning Mr Hyde" she replied shyly.  "I... ummm..need your help with my.. dress" Grace
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Chapter eight
After waiting for about half an hour with no message or call about who I was meeting or where I decided to send him a message.I really wish I don't have to talk to him because I don't want to disrupt anything. 
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Chapter nine
Grace's POV  The day breaks slowly as I turn off my alarm clock before it has a chance to let's out it morning call. 
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Chapter ten
Grace's POV  Our lips danced together, I let out a soft moan as he dominated the kiss. He brok
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