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After loosing her mother to a traumatic incident, Alexa drifts from the regular high school perfectionist into a sassy extremist. Battling to keep her life on track while dealing with an ignorant father, working par-time shifts on multiple jobs and slowly finds herself falling for someone she should never fall for.

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    I'm sitting here imagining all the reasonable things i could be doing with my life right now. I'm questioning myself what possessed me to even agree to sit here and talk with him when i should be at work. Victor is going to lose it if he finds out I'm not there in ten minutes. I tap the heels of my leg continuously waiting for this agonizing torture to end. When is he going to shut up? It's funny how less than five months ago, i used to be this shy clumsy girl who couldn't stare at a person in the eye for more than five seconds, the girl who would never utter a single swear word not to mention plan someone's murder in my mind. Trust me i do that a lot now. I'm trying to distract myself, so i think about many things, different things, meaningless this, all to get my mind off listening to anything he's saying. Like how disresp
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     Sunday was boring for me. You may call me a pagan, but i really don't always go to church. What do i do? Work. I work is all i do. Very ironic because I'm supposed to be the girl that has it all. The girl with a multi billionaire as a father. The girl who lives in a subtle mansion. But here i am, working weekend morning shifts in a diner and by the fuel station at midday, and pretend to be over twenty by night where i work in a bar with the most dreadful boss ever. My life sucks is an understatement, but who can i blame, i chose it, i chose this. And anyone who knows the truth about me would think I'm stupid. But i have something called integrity, most people think that's just a word only people like Martin Luther King are supposed to use, but that is just a whole spring of bullshit they used to cover their lazy ass. 
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     ANDREW "So how is it going with Lexa? "Brittany asked as she sipped in her glass of wine that i just refilled for her. That's something that had been nagging me for quite a while now. Sitting here at the top of the roof with the sunset view in Chef Molly's, away from work and all the disturbing reports on my company from the media. I just wanted to let go for once and enjoy this moment with her without having to worry about the rest of the world. "Not good "i reply honestly. This is going to be really harder than i thought. "How are we going to do this then? "she twirls her glass and her fingers giving me that look that I'm all too fond of. "I don't know really "my voice sounds almost defeated. "I just don't think this is going to work out if you still keep waiting on her. You know she stil
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     LEXA. I've been sitting on the pavement of this fuel station waiting and waiting for a costumer to pop up because honestly, I'm stressed and is it weird that i like to relieve my stress with more stressful stuff? Okay, don't answer that. I always tell rob his business is slacking but the old dude as usual, turns a deaf ear on me. What's a girl got to do except pretend not to notice all the flaws in this job and just go along with it. I've only been here for a week and I'm already starting to regret coming here. It's not like the pay is all that anyway, this was the only job i could find available per time so i just had to cope with it. No complaints here. Just when i was about to take a leave considering there are no costumers, the sound of a screeching tyre brought back my attention to the
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     "Ice cream? " I asked stepping into the usually busy ice cream parlor here in Granville, which surprisingly isn't really busy today. Looking around i spot Michael behind the counter handing a vanilla cone to a little girl holding on thigh to her mummy's hand, shinning his perfect set of white pearls at her encouragingly. It's been long since I've seen him and been in here. "Just what you need "Kyle plays a soft smile while pulling my arm to the platform. Every step we took the overwhelming smell of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, banana and pineapple filled my nostrils and makes my stomach turn. I didn't even realize i was hungry until now. Hungry for sweets. "Lexi " Michael grinned upon seeing me. "Hey Mike " "You haven't been here in a while "if b
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      Stepping into this house was like an empty void filled with unwanted memories and hate. Every passing day that i had to sleep here and pretend like everything was alright was like a blow to my stomach. "Aren't you heading back? "i asked the half English brunette trailing behind me while dangling his car keys. "I know you won't survive another second without me love, you don't have to worry about it. Besides i don't want you blowing up my phone every five seconds and begging me to come keep you company " I just shake my head and roll my eyes. He does this sometimes. Saying stuff that a corny boyfriend would say to cheer his girl up, or pretend I'm a whinny girlfriend who can't go a second without him. I swear i have the weirdest bestie ever. And i still don't know how it happened. Oh.... My mom and
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   BRITTANY    "Miss Raies "   I walk into my office confidently in my strapless pencil dress, feather jacket and three inch heels, taking every step graciously with the young accountant trailing behind me.   Hmm, miss.    That would be over soon. I think twirling the massive gold and diamond on my ring finger.    Taking my seat at the back of the huge desk, i put my elbows down on the polished wood, intertwining my manicured fingers together under my chin.    "So tell me Mr Jerome, how is the mobile distribution going?"   It's been four months now since i started working in this company ,and in that s
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     LEXA.    "Posters are out already! "Alice exclaimed as she pulls out one of them from the notice board. "our final exams are just three months away !"she said flipping her platinum hair over her shoulder with a small pout on her red lips as we walked over to the cafeteria together.    "Already? "i ask.    I'm not prepared, after the hole slacking thing in my last chemistry test, i don't know if I'm ready to jump into finals now. I've been so busy with work and everything else that i barely have time to study now.    "Yeah it's all over the school walls, and I'm not even half way ready "she sighs and i throw her a glance "okay, I'm not ready at all " a defeated look passes her face. "maybe I'll just drop medici
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    "What did you do? " i whisper to Alice referring to the little stunt she pulled back in the cafeteria. After she left with Finn he hasn't showed up to me again... Yet. And I'm starting to wonder what the infamous Alice Neama did to get rid of the all so famous jerk of the century.    She simply shrugs and winked at me going back to pretend to listen to what Mr Louis whom i personally prefer to call humpty was saying.    You can't blame me for striking up a conversation during class. I mean it's history, even I can say that i never listen during this class, although that has something more to do with the old humpty we have as a teacher, because trust me I'm not the only one.    The guy just literally keeps talking to him self none stop, and that is all he does. Sit and talk b
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      Crap! I'm running late again for the what?... The Fifth time this week?.    I'm screwed, yeah. Definitely screwed .and my feet hurt, i can't tell how many times I've had to run on heals anymore and i don't think i can ever get used to it because these things hurt like hell.    Damn heals!    I should have just gone with the vans but i can't. Because victor is just a regular asshole.    Finally getting to the bar, i met it extremely crowded with an extra busy Jim.    This is the thing about down side, it has absolutely no age limit and doesn't give two fucks about illegal teenage drinking just as long as it's making good money. Which is why on Bu
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