Love & Lies

Love & Lies

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"Please don't do it!"She pleaded, seeing the gun in my hand which was ready to fire."I beg you!"She was crying, it was hurting me to see her sobbing so badly, but I had no choice...I have to do this."I thought, you love me!" She yelled at me with a hint of disgust in her voice and hate in her eyes.I let out a small chuckle at her innocence, "I do love you babe, but someone has to pay the price for betraying me. ""It is a huge misunderstanding...Please, listen to me. " I ignored her, I wish it has to be the same way as she said, but it wasn't. I never felt so betrayed before."Andrew...Think twice, " Sam spoke, entering the room, looking shocked yet worried."I've decided, it's already too late to stop me, Sam, before I change my gun's direction to your head, move back and handle her so I won't miss my aim, " I responded with a voice filled with venom.He didn't utter a word after that as She was screaming at me with all the energy she had. I didn't believe I was doing this, I wasn't only punishing someone but her and myself as well in the process.The sound of a gun fired echoed in the room, everyone remained stunned as the flood of blood made its way down the ground, it was sort of satisfying to me, I took my revenge.....------Read the book to know more...

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A Potvin
Terrible grammar. Riddled with spelling errors. Both combined made it impossible to want to continue reading.
2023-01-11 07:58:48
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Chhavi Sharma
👏 amazing 👏
2021-05-19 15:54:38
user avatar
Esha Khamitkar
Good story 😊
2021-01-25 11:04:51
default avatar
Everything in this book is terrible, the writing, the plot, the characters. Just horrible.
2024-04-04 23:26:08
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AndrewI wore my all-time favorite black jacket, white shirt, jeans, and my Christ Locket for extra details, I am going to celebrate my success with my fellow college friends.They must be waiting for me.I instantly stroll down towards my car, as I drove it to the dance club, I still couldn't believe that I won the title of 'Top ten businessmen of the year' despite the fact that I belong to the world's most dangerous Mafia family because of my Father.Even though I am so successful in my field, my father still expects me to take his place and become a gangster-like him.I admit that I love to torment and take the life out of people, it's in my blood but he has to understand that time has changed everything.Anyway, I don't wanna ruin my mood of celebrations, I tried my best to drove as fast as I can to reach there before my friends so I could taunt them about it.Out of suddenly, I saw a girl came middle of the road and singled me to stop the car, it was almost impossible for me to pu
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Chapter 1
Andrew"No it's not me and why would I kill him without any reason " I stated."I know, you always find a reason to kill someone and I have that reason. " "What is that reason can I know?" "You always jealous of him because he is ten times better than you and everyone knows that you never like his way of working". "What nonsense I can never do something like that you know, dad!! " I shouted. "Well, I think then you are lying," he said confidently. "and why would I lie to you dad?" I asked him not to know where this conversation is going to end. "because everyone knows that you hate him"."it's doesn't matter to me but still I can prove that it's was not me and I will find his killer too," I said in an irritating tone doesn't matter how many times I explain but he will still doubt me. 
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Chapter 2
Andrew"Okay good, get my car ready we are going there right now".Before stepping out of the house I make sure to check myself in the mirror. *Beep*My phone vibrated in my hand and I checked it was a message from dad ' sorry son I don't get time to inform you that I am leaving for a vacation and after coming from there I going to give you guys a big party and of course it's a surprise';-)Dad has a bad habit of giving surprises and throwing parties but it was a relief to hear that he will not disturb me for a while. "sorry mam we cannot let you go inside" "what do you mean by that!! your boss knows me very well! ""whatever but still we can't allow you..." What the hell? Who is shouting out there?? One after one people are coming to disturb me first my dad and second I don't know yet like I took their money
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Chapter 3
That's Elina, she was standing there with a bright smile, to be honest, I never saw such a beautiful smile ever, she slowly makes her way towards me. Her shiny long black hair, beautiful brown eyes, those kissable lips, clear pale skin, big breast small waist are like made for me only. She is looking too stunning today then we met last time. But I was shocked to see her here."Andrew?" she asked raising a brow. But now I have to focus on the work for what I am here for. "Hi, Elina it's fancy meeting you" She nodded with a chuckle. "But how do you get my house address?" She asked."Actually, Marcus-" she cuts me off."Where is he? did he send you here? " why she is so concerned about him in the first place? To be honest I could've to refuse her because I have nothing to do with her but I really want to hurt Marcus and th
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Chapter 4
Andrew"why?" "because we are leaving tomorrow" "where?" "To My house" "for what?" "I can't leave you here alone because Marcus gave me the job to protect you". "Whatever but I am not leaving this house unless Marcus says, I want to talk to him." "Of course you can talk to him if he picks your phone" I was paused for few seconds to get her attention, "why don't you understand elina he cannot contact you because like I said earlier there are some people who want to kill him and for that, they can come after you too" She thought for a moment before speaking again "Fine I will come. " She is Marcus' sister I need to check everything about her and for that, she has to live with me even still she has no hand in her brother's business. 
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Chapter 5
Elina's povYesterday I met Andrew again he was claiming himself as my brother's friend who wants me to stay at his home for a few days just because he wants to protect me from the enemies of my brother I am not sure if I have to go with him or just stay here waiting for my brother to return home but Marcus is not picking my calls and I am worried for him. Andrew doesn't look bad at least not to me but he is stuck in my mind like someone draws a permanent tattoo of him in my brain. *knock*"Come in," I said and my maid came into the room carrying my clothes in her hands. "Are you thinking about him?" my maid said and I just nod taking my clothes from her hands and putting it in my bag."He is a very handsome man, no?" she asked while having a smirk. "He is, but I am scared is it really okay to go with A
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Chapter 6
She walked towards me having a smile on the face. There is no doubt that there is something about this girl that draws me closer to her."hey what you guys are doing here?" Elina asked quietly. "Nothing just came to check if you need anything" I replied before nick could say something weird but still he shakes his head in no making Elina more confuse. "Ohh okay thanks but I don't need anything" she replied weirdly while thinking something. "Say it what's running in your mind?" I asked and her eyes went wide. "Actually I was getting bored so I decided to go down for a walk but maids told me I am not allowed to go out," she said making me confuse. I looked over to nick and he quickly looked at the wall another side to avoid my gaze and I understand that who did this."I am so sorry but it's for the security purpose" of course I lie to cov
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Chapter 7
No!! I will not do anything like this to her, Never..." He snarls and closed his eyes for a few minutes to control his anger before opening them again. "Exactly You can't do this because feelings are started to grow inside of you for her and its growing every day don't let this become your obsession" he was looking at his shoes before spoke again. "Whatever it is, you should have to ask me before doing changes in the security system and do the things I told you," He said walking towards his room. "Are you not coming for dinner?" I asked him and he answered without looking back. "Nah I am feeling damn exhausted but make sure that elina eats something, good night..." This guy literally cares for her but when he will admit it? "Night" I replied back before going to the office of Andrew's dad for the files he asked for.Sam's
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Chapter 8
"I thought you are coming next week," Andrew said. "Ohh yeah I thought the same but I think you forgot to introduce me to this beautiful girl," I said kissing on the knuckles of Marcus' sister, she blushed. Andrew looked at me for few seconds "Sam this is elina Marcus sis and elina this is my brother sam" she handshake with me and I was about to kiss her again but Andrew pulled me back making a good space between elina and me. "You haven't replied to me, Sam?" Andrew spoke, looking a little piss. "We have the whole day to talk Andrew let me talk to this beauty, I have a gift for you elina" I opened a shopping bag and removed a small box from it handed over to elina. She slowly opened the box and she was shocked yet surprise when she removed the golden heart pendant from it. I walked toward her. "Do you like it?" I whisper in her ears that only
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Chapter 9
Elina's povI didn't want to accept the gift given by sam because I clearly saw Andrew was not happy with it. I Glance at Andrew who was walking quietly while taking my hand in his. He looks frustrated. I gasp loudly to draw his attention he looked at me and his grip on my wrist tighten. It hurts a little bit but it was giving me different kinds of pleasure like I also want to hold his cold hands. "Are you okay?" I asked quietly but he didn't reply. I quickly glance at his face now he was looking more worried than frustrated is it because of Sam? "If you want I can remove this pendent" He was shocked from what I just said but he shook his head "No, it looks beautiful on you" he replies while touching the pendant. "Where are we going?" As I asked his lips turn into a thin line. He let out a sigh. "I don't know Elina, I don't want to leav
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