Alpha Alden

Alpha Alden

By:  midika36  Completed
Language: English
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"My Fate is a curse. I didn't ask to be a slave of an immortal. I didn't ask for his branding. And I didn't ask for my mate to hunt me down and try to remove it." They say time can be the biggest punishment. Especially when Time is a powerful immortal who granted me time travelling abilities in return for a permanent brand on my skin. A sigh of my commitment to him. However, my mate, an Alpha of a powerful Pack will do anything to exterminate all of Time's Travellers. Me included. And as much as I run, I can't escape that fate awaiting me. An underground ring where travellers are purchased and used in a sick game. A game of torture, where my only escape may be through the man who created it.

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This one was a great fill-in for questions that I had about the others in this series. Seriously great attention to elaborating on your world. Some editing is needed- just read over it again. Also, this is not very werewolf-ie. Only trace elements like mates, I love it, but…
2022-02-08 05:47:17
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ChristyWhitis CharlesNantz
Book is going good! Excited to see how it turns out!
2021-07-12 23:49:17
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Love it so far!
2021-06-01 11:00:05
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This has become one of my favorite books. I can't wait to see where you take it!
2021-04-06 19:32:30
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I would love to know the suggested reading order for your books.
2021-04-13 21:30:16
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Jeceita Staib
Not bad but very different
2021-11-22 04:02:47
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