Alpha Isaiah

Alpha Isaiah

By:  Midika   Ongoing
Language: English
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"Isaiah..." I breathe. He's so close, I can feel his hot breath mingling with mine. "What do you want, Kenna?" he murmurs, dark eyes flickering, his hands clenching tightly on the bench behind me. "For me to bend you over this counter and wake all my poor staff up?" *** Avia has one job. To seduce the Alpha. Part of a rebellious group, Avia has been given a job to gain the Alpha's trust, so they can take him down. Feigning being another girl of Noble birth, Avia finds herself in the Alpha's estate, but what happens, it hardly what she could have expected. The Alpha is devastatingly attractive, intense and passionate. And when the roles change, and he's seducing her, her jobs becomes a lot harder to do. But falling for such a dangerous Alpha doesn't come without a price.

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user avatar
Great read... patiently waiting for next book
2022-04-12 12:10:26
user avatar
please update more often. the story is getting good
2022-03-16 23:12:55
user avatar
Helena Gonzo
Love it! Hoping for more updates~
2022-02-12 01:10:38
user avatar
Great content. Not just your typical werewolf story. Keep up the good work author!
2021-08-05 19:39:45
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Bella Gandy
I like the flow of the story. It's not rushed. Clever FL too, but I find her cute whenever she's with Isaiah😉 Pls update soon..
2021-07-15 21:01:51
user avatar
Will Herrera
i like the story so far ☺️
2021-07-02 16:36:56
default avatar
Don’t waste your money this book isn’t being updated
2022-04-25 11:50:23
46 Chapters
¬Isaiah I stare at the drink in my hand, swirling the red liquid around the glass. The room is silent, aside from the faint snap of burning wood from the fireplace, and the growl of thunder above me. It's late, nearing on midnight, yet I still sit in my office. There's no way I'm going to my bedroom, with everything that's going on. I will sit in this chair until exhaustion hits, and that will be my night. A knock on
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I stare at myself in the mirror, admiring my clothing. I'm in. I'm finally in. This moment has been meticulously planned out for over a year now. From the moment I conceptualised this, I would never have imagined I would actually be standing inside Alpha Isaiah's manor, the perfect place to slowly dismantle his reign without anyone determining it's me. Twisting my ankle around, I test my limp. Last night, it took a lot of gri
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~Avia It didn’t take me long to debrief everyone on what happened. They figured that if I was alive, everything had gone to plan, which it had. So much of this has been meticulous thought out, and yet so much of it working out is up to chance. We doubted many people in the Passion Pack know about Kenna, which is why we chose her...She also happens to look a lot like me, which is why I was picked to enter the estate in the first place. I’m also most willing to give myself up to prison. I’ve committed enough crimes against this Pack that I can’t go back into society with my real name anyway.
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¬Avia I walk down the hallway toward the dining room, still trying to gather my bearings in this place. Through research with the rebellion, we attempted to map out as much of this estate from some personal accounts from ex staff members, but it wasn’t enough for me to feel comfortable walking around by myself. I woke this morning to a note on my side table, summoning to the dining room for breakfast with the Alpha. How it got in my room without me waking isn’t something I want to linger on for too long. Rubbing my eyes, I try not to think about how late I stayed up last night, talking to Malin and Kadrick, reluctant to co
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¬Avia His arms wrap around my body, tugging me closer against him. The feeling of Kadrick’s lips against mine, his body pressed so close to me, scent evading my senses, is delightful, and yet I can’t keep my mind from wandering. It’s getting late, but I needed a moment with Kadrick, to make sure everything between us is still okay, that he still isn’t bothered by my mission. He isn’t, as far as I’m aware, but it doesn’t make me feel any less guilty. At the very least, I’m glad I’ve been able to sneak out most nights to come to the compound. It’s not realistic to do it every night, but seeing Kadrick and Malin makes me feel
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¬Avia I barely have a chance to grab my morning coffee before Isaiah approaches me.  "Kenna, good morning," he says, smiling tightly at me. He can be so effortlessly polite, conditioned his whole life to assume the role of someone whose best asset is to hide their true intentions. "I wanted to introduce you to some people." I’m already aware of exactly who I’m expected to convene with, but I appear none-the-wiser anyway. "Who?"
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 ¬Avia Tonight, I’m feeling brave. I’ve noticed since I’ve arrived that no one hangs around past midnight, so instead of going back to the compound to see Kadrick and Malin, I’m going to explore. If I get caught, I’ll just blame it on general curiosity, or perhaps I’ll blame it on home-sickness that is making me want to learn the layout of this enormous manor so I can feel more comfortable. Avoiding the Alpha’s quarters, I begin my exploration upstairs. Most unmarked doors I avoid, worried I may open one and it’s someone’s room. So I just
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~Avia I’ve decided not to stay long at the compound tonight, wanting to finally get a proper night's sleep instead of gallivanting all about the city the whole night long. My hands tightly grip the window sill to my room here in Isaiah’s estate, as I pull myself up. I’ve gotten quite good at coming in through this window, as leaving through my door has recently become too much of a risk. Mercifully, a trellis laced with climbing ivy aids me in my climb up to the second story, even if I can feel the soft bend in the thin wood as I make my way up. Wincing, I pull myself through the last part of the window, ducking my head be
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 ~Avia Voices and rushed footsteps outside my room forced me to rise early this morning. For a moment, I’m confused, as I dress quickly and stride downstairs, avoiding frantic staff who hardly have time to murmur vacant apologies at me as they pass. The main foyer downstairs is far more busy, many people separated into small groups as they talk fill the space, none bothering to look up as I join them, looking for anyone I know who can give me answers. Spotting Isaiah at the other end of the room, speaking to some unfamiliar face, I walk to meet
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~Avia I go where I know I can run into him naturally.I’m not sure how long I stand in the kitchen, sipping from a glass of water, waiting for Isaiah to emerge from his underground room. Malin is right, this mission needs to move forward, and quickly. The longer it takes for me to get information from Isaiah, the longer I have to be here, which means at any moment, someone could realise I’m not the real Kenna. Finally, I hear soft footsteps from the adjacent hallway, so I turn to the tap on and refill my glass. All my senses are alert as I anticipate Isaiah’s entry. Speaking to him like this, in the middle of the night where he
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