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Zara Moonlight, a vulnerable Omega werewolf, endures a heart-wrenching rejection from her mate, Ryder Blackmane, who callously abandons her during pregnancy. Just as despair engulfs her, the Moon Goddess grants her a remarkable rebirth, thrusting her back into a crucial moment: the eve of Ryder's rejection. Swiftly, Zara turns the tables, rejecting Ryder herself and facing banishment from her pack. Amidst her solitary wanderings, Ryder discovers a surprising twist in her fate—the Moon Goddess has bestowed upon her a new mate, Logan Thunderfang , a formidable Alpha. Yet, consumed by a relentless anger and a thirst for payback against Ryder, Zara finds it challenging to embrace this unexpected second chance at love. As Zara and Logan's connection deepens, Ryder becomes obsessed with reclaiming his mate, vowing to eliminate any obstacle, even if it means resorting to violence against Logan. Caught in a tumultuous love triangle, Zara must confront her conflicting emotions—whether to nurture the budding affection with Logan, especially as she uncovers his own hidden truths, or succumb to the fiery desire for vengeance against Ryder. In this gripping tale of love, betrayal, and redemption, Ryder's choices will shape her destiny, and the cost of revenge may be higher than she ever imagined.

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ZARAThe echoes of taunts and boos followed me through the hall, each word cutting deeper than the last. The sting was ever-present, but it was only within the confines of my cabin that I allowed myself to shed tears."You are weak. You should not grace ceremonies like this with your presence. You desecrate the sanctity of our traditions!" One man's voice pierced through the air as I walked past him. Another voice, filled with spite, questioned my place in the Hedge pack.While my father held court with the Alpha, I found myself among other pack members on the eve of the moon goddess ceremony, subjected to their relentless mockery and disdain. A girl without a wolf, perceived as lacking the physical strength necessary for the challenges that awaited.Head bowed, I walked through the jeers, a constant companion that refused to fade. "Walk past now. You make me tremble with disgust. You should be cast away! You have no wolf, and you do not belong to the Hedge pack!" declared a woman, he
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ZARA POV Anticipation hung in the air as the mating ceremony approached—an annual ritual where mates embraced each other, marking the beginning of a lifelong bond. It was a joyous occasion where couples accepted, marked, and pledged to marry. However, I harbored a secret—a burden I carried alone. I was carrying Ryder Blackmane's child, a consequence of the night he had forcibly taken my virginity without consent. His actions were a painful memory etched into my soul, yet he refused to acknowledge the wrongs he had committed. After that fateful night, he callously instructed me to pick up my shawl and leave, leaving my body battered and my clothes in tatters. Tears streamed down my face as I collected the pieces of my dignity, wrapped them around me, and retreated to my cabin. In the following weeks, my mother, Lady Winter, sensed my inner turmoil. "My dear, you have been absent-minded lately. What is wrong?" she inquired, concern etched across her face. I sat by the fireplace, my
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ZARA POVI did not know how long I had been unconscious. I faintly remembered that I had laid in a pool of blood long after Ryder had left with Ravenna. I also remembered faintly what he had told Ravenna while I was writhing in pain."The medicine is potent. It will take away that thing she calls pregnancy."When I opened my eyes and scanned the room, it was my cabin!I quickly checked if I was still pregnant and fortunately for me, I was not!It occured to me then that I had been reborn. The moon goddess had given me another chance to live again..I had died in the cell and I was alive again. She answered my dying wish.'You are my home, and I will always be a part of you, from this day onward.' The voice came from within me and I realized that my wolf had been awakened. It spoke to me for the first time.It was the day of the mating ceremony and I had to be at the pack house.'You must go back and reject Ryder before he rejects you. The moon goddess has given you a second chance to m
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ZARA POV"I'll have you, dead or alive!"I heard him bark as he stormed away from the cabin. He had hit me with all the strength he could muster and I was still dazed when he left, his hand cupping the chin that had been bruised.I was once again summoned to the courts by the Alpha. As I walked in, I realized how tense the atmosphere was. I did a quick eye scan of the hall, Ryder was not in. I wondered if he was hiding away to keep everyone from seeing the scratches on his face."It has occurred to me that you could be an actual threat to a lot of harmless wolves in this pack, If you have the opportunity." The Alpha said at the same time I curtsied.My head snapped up to look at him. "My lord, I have no idea..""You little witch!" Ryder yelled from the door as he walked in, his left chin which I had left the scratches on, bandaged."You tried to kill me and now you go on to pretend that you are clueless about what the Alpha talks about!" He reached the Alpha and sat next to him.He wa
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ZARA POVI heard the guard clearly but I could not move my limbs off the spot I was lying. The stale bread was still where it had been kept the previous day and so was the pottage, no one had given me water and I could not speak because I had lost my voice to the immense taste.The guard walked to where I laid and lifted me roughly by the arm."You are to be executed today, lady." He said as he pulled me up. Another guard had appeared by the door as he pushed me on. I followed on shaky limbs. When we emerged from the dungeon, the Alpha gave another verdict."I have looked upon you with pity and I shall let you live, but you must never show your face in the Hedge wolves pack again." He looked around and continued. "Now leave and never look back."I bowed my head and then left as fast as my weak legs could carry me.When I came across a brook in the woods, I was grateful to the moon goddess and I made myself camp around the brook for a day, quenching my taste and eating the wild nuts I
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