Midnight Chase: Saved by the Alpha

Midnight Chase: Saved by the Alpha

By:  sleepingcat  Ongoing
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Claire was almost convinced that she couldn't find a mate because she failed to shift on her eighteenth birthday. The next year, without getting her hopes up, she sneaked out of her pack to attend another pack's mating ball out of curiosity. As a gatecrasher who has broken the rules, she was certain she wouldn't get caught because the event was a masquerade ball and none of the people would see her face. But guess what? She danced with the new alpha who was without a mask, and he immediately knew she was an outsider because she failed to recognize him! Running away, the clock tolled, signaling it was already midnight. She bolted into her wolf form for the first time and smelled a potent scent all over her, and realized that the man she danced with was her mate! However, upon returning home, Claire found out her father, the alpha of their pack, was killed by her uncle, and she was then exiled before meeting her mate again. But everything changed when a month later, a man barged into the barren place where she was imprisoned, and she met her savior's enigmatic blue eyes.

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4 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Mating Ball
Deep-set eyes, a clean-shaven face, an angular jawline that seemed chiseled from stone, an aristocratic nose that added an air of regal elegance, and lips pursed in a grim line. His brute features were what I noticed first when I laid my eyes on him, a striking blend of strength and refinement.He was the only man who went to the dancefloor without a mask, and for the first time in my nineteen years of existence, my heart leaped because of a male.Standing there amidst the swirling sea of dresses and suits, I couldn't help but feel a magnetic pull toward him. He was tall, towering above the crowd at perhaps around six feet, and his tie was loosely knotted as if he hadn't had the time to properly adjust it.As he stepped into the room, an almost palpable shift occurred. The atmosphere seemed to change, and most girls, even those who were already in the company of partners, couldn't help but turn their heads towards the newly arrived man. It was as though an undeniable aura surrounded h
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Chapter 2: Bloodshed
It felt surreal.How I shifted into my wolf form for the first time, and how I recognized my mate’s scent all over me, everything felt surreal I almost couldn’t believe it.It was just yesterday when I ranted to my best friend, Winona, about how pathetic I was because I didn’t shift on last year’s blood moon even when I was already eighteen. All of the other debutants had shifted and most of them knew their mates already, but there I was, the pathetic alpha’s daughter who was believed to be a late bloomer."Your time will come, my dear. Don’t be disheartened," was what Dad told me.I was thankful he was such a supportive dad despite the pack’s expectations of me being his only child, but I knew deep down he was happy that I hadn’t met my mate yet because for him, I was his baby girl. But still, I couldn’t help but be disappointed with myself.Tonight, everything changed. I had changed for the better.Running away from the first district pack with my four legs was a lot more convenient
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Chapter 3: Imprisoned
I woke up feeling the pain on my wrists. My body felt numb and my head was aching as I opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was the tight shackles on my wrist. Second was the dark and dirty cell I was in.As I struggled to sit up, memories flashed in my mind. From sneaking into the first district’s mating ball, to returning home and finding out the sinister outcome of my uncle’s betrayal. The last thing I remembered was I got knocked down by Lucas.With my overflowing emotions, my anger got the better of me. I didn’t think about the gap of strength between me and Lucas. I was ready to die right there. I was ready for the worst. Why would I expect them to spare me if they had killed my dad anyway? My friends… they were all killed. How could Uncle Nick and Lucas do this?The sunlight from the small hole in the east wall of the small cell where I was imprisoned was my only light. I was still wearing the peach dress I wore last night but now it was marred with dirt and blood from my
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Chapter 4: Saved by the Alpha
Winona offered help to get me out of prison but I refused it. I didn’t want anyone to suffer because of me, so if I were to escape, I would do it alone. But I knew that escaping this deserted place was almost impossible unless I was taken out. Perhaps getting married off to the fourth district’s alpha wasn’t that bad.I had found my mate, yes, but being with him right now was not possible. That man was living in the first district. He could have recognized my scent that night but he didn’t know anything about me. Not my face, not my name. He knew nothing so how could I expect him to come running to save me? Besides, what if he was just an ordinary person? He could do nothing against Uncle Nick’s scheme so I’d rather have him out of this mess."Alpha Nicholas’ people will come here for you tomorrow morning, so you should be ready." The woman sending me meals was kind enough to give me a heads up. "Finish your food and rest."I didn’t say anything like usual and just started eating dinn
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