Chapter 38

*Claire's p.o.v*

I gripped the soft comforter under my fingers and smiled at the wonderful dream I had. In my dream, Killian had found me and had taken me into his arms. His touch melted away the horrific week I had and burned the bad memories from my mind. His lips were pressed against my own and it felt like I had never left his side.

My body jolted into a sitting position as my memories flooded through my mind. My heart was hammering and I felt ecstatic. It hadn't been a dream. My eyes darted around at the familiar room. The room Killian and I had shared for so long, the room I had given him my heart, mark and body.

His scent filled my nose and the hammering of my heart slowed. I was finally able to focus and jumped as I saw two familiar faces beaming at me.

Kira and Maria were grinning so hard I wondered if their faces hurt. A girl I hadn't met before stood at their side, a relieved smile painting her delicate face.
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Comments (10)
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Donna Herron
Love these books
goodnovel comment avatar
Janice Choate
Well we know it can't be Kira, and nor is it Sabrina because Kira has known her since they were raised practically together. So it's Maria.
goodnovel comment avatar
Maria is the only human right?

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