Chapter 42

My breath caught in my throat as the last person I wanted to see came into my hospital room.

"Maria." I choked out. My eyes were peeled on her every movement as she sauntered into the room.

She wasn't alone.

She had a guy with her. someone I hadn't seen before. I glanced at him wearily and she caught my gaze.

"That's my mate. The one I told you about." A small but cruel smile formed on her face.

I ran my eyes over her so-called mate. He was most definitely a werewolf. His build was large and muscular like one, and he had the scent of a werewolf.

"What the hell, Maria?" I growled, my eyes flickering between her and her mate.

Maria did the last thing I would have expected, she giggled.

"Surprised?" She snickered. "You and your kind deserve what's coming."

"Keep her talking, Claire." Sierra snapped. "Killian's out there fighting and Kira won't get here in time. We're on our own."
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Catty Wheels
I'm glad I was able to finish this amazing story.
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Yup that's it!!!
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Traci Williams
That was so satisfying to read how Claire took out Maria.

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