Chapter 43

I didn't have the time I needed to process what just happened.

Sierra pushed me forward, keeping my legs from collapsing out from under me.

I had just killed someone. Someone who tried to kill me, but that didn't change the fact that I had taken a life.

I peeled off the hospital gown in haste, and grabbed a random set of scrubs sitting in a basket. The scrubs were baggy on me, but that didn't matter. It was better than running into a fight in a hospital gown.

I stumbled out of the hospital room and down the hall, everything around me feeling like a haze.

"You need to snap out of it." Sierra barked, and I cringed at her hostile tone. "We need to find Killian."

That was one thing we agreed on. I didn't care if there was a war going on, I needed to find him and make sure he wouldn't become one of the casualties.

I followed the trail of blood that began just outside of my hospital room. My stomach twis
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goodnovel comment avatar
why does the book end here? I've read this before and wanted to re-read it but don't remember it ending like this last time?
goodnovel comment avatar
(Killian-Claire) One more to go; but yet who was the person that that Kira couldn’t finish telling Killian and Claire. Was it really Marie’s mate? Or someone else?
goodnovel comment avatar
Petagay Thompson
so where is the other staff from the hospital

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