Chapter 39

*Killian's p.o.v*

I knew something was wrong the moment I came into the pack house.

Everything looked exactly the same as I left it, and yet something was still picking at me.

It was like a hole had begun forming in my chest and I hadn't noticed it yet.

"Do you smell that?" Titan's voice called out in my head.

I lifted my nose to the air and stiffened as the smell of fresh blood registered in my mind.

Not just fresh blood; Claire's blood.

The night she tried to end her life, the smell of her blood seared itself into my head. I couldn't forget the smell even if I tried. As Claire actively went to therapy and improved, my fear for her life had diminished. She had become happy with me and the life she had finally claimed.

Titan's strength and speed slammed into me, and I bolted up the stairs. I couldn't place my finger on what was worse, having Claire kidnapped or smelling
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goodnovel comment avatar
I mean he should have had guards on her even though she was back in the packhouse. I mean she was just kidnapped. this is just neglect at this point. they're both kind of stupid
goodnovel comment avatar
Himitsu Lee
Its not mariah cant be i sont think it is never did.
goodnovel comment avatar
Danielle Richards
Yep, I knew it was Sabrina smh

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