Chapter 41

*Claire's p.o.v*

I opened my eyes and cringed against the bright light.

I was seriously getting tired of getting hurt, knocked out, or passing out.

I knew I was in the hospital when the smell of cleaner and sanitizer filled my nose. Something was stuck in my wrist, irritating my veins.

My first reaction was to rip the obstruction away and frantically search for Killian. I was a little upset seeing that he wasn't here, but I knew it had to be something important that took him away.

"Luna." Someone off to the side called out to me. I ignored them and picked at the IV taped onto my wrist.

"Luna, leave that in!" An older man's voice called out. His hand grasped my own gently and peeled it away.

I looked into the eyes of the man, and had no clue who he was.

"I'm the pack doctor, Luna." The man said, reading the confusion on my face.

My entire body felt sore. My torso radiat
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Comments (9)
goodnovel comment avatar
(Killian-Claire). Dang it! Who the heck let her in the hospital. It’s Devin or someone else helping them get rid of Claire and Killian. Is it Gabriel?
goodnovel comment avatar
Oh ffs at this point!!! Grrr
goodnovel comment avatar
Lycans? They are not Lycans lol

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