Alpha King: Please Never let me go

Alpha King: Please Never let me go

Oleh:  Al Val  On going
Bahasa: English
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I am confused because I thought that I was going to die. I was sentenced to death, not because I wanted to, but I took the blame instead of my best friend. I didn't know what the future had for me in store. I just knew that my life wasn't going to be normal at all. I met someone that I thought was going to be a good friend; I am not someone that easily gave away her trust, yet he earned it the time that we spent together. His name was Robert, and I'll never forget it because he almost killed me. I was unconscious two times now and the second time wasn't like I expected, I thought that I was going to see my mother, but I saw someone else, his name was Rengoku, and I don't think that I'll be able to forget it either. He was able to make me feel something that I never felt before. He said that I was his mate. After meeting Rengoku, we went on a trip seeking different goals; why the world was infected by a dangerous virus that made people attack each other? And what can be the possible cure for it? Rengoku wanted to add one more task to this journey: he wanted to clean his kingdom from the rotten minds that kept lurking around it. I lived two lives, and I decided that in this life, I wasn't going to let them do what they want to me.They say that people won't ever change, that time only shows their true colours, it was true. If they harmed me on, I'd revenge a thousand folds. But the most important thing, I wasn't going to let my love disappear once again in front of me.

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Agbo Okpe Anthony M
good novel. a really nice story. need more coins to read it, wish i have more
2020-12-28 00:59:36
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LeighandreaChris Browning
the writer needs to work on spelling, grammar, and the story line.
2020-12-29 10:14:40
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Chapter 1 : REINA
I woke up in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by flax plants. The sky was dark; it was already night. I was confused because I thought that I was going to die. I was sentenced to death, not because I wanted to, but I took the blame instead of my best friend. I was a soldier; I was a woman soldier. I sacrificed myself because I thought of the great cause. My best friend was planning for creating a rebellion; the empire of Satia is currently at a crisis because of the emperor. He isn’t good enough for the throne. I must help him in his cause, but what am I doing here? Laying down in the middle of nowhere.I get up and scan my surrounding; I am not satisfied with knowing nothing. I search for my clothes and find a letter in my pocket. I open it. I know this handwriting, it’s from him without any doubt, my best friend.« I hope that you are well, best friend. Thank you for sacrificing yoursel
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Chapter 2 :
I am tired; I’ll stop to catch my breath. Water is rarer these days; the rain doesn’t drop very often. I need to keep looking for a stable source of water. I want to drink so bad, but I’ll save it for later.Lost in my thoughts, I fell asleep.My dream, it feels so real. It seems I am in a forest; there are a lot of trees around me, they are so tall, they disappear in a long line into the sky, so old, I say that they are ancient like they express a time where things were free. The sun shows through its shining ray the old outer bark in a magnificent way; it’s so patterned, they stretch up, as if so proud to stand there under the sun in any weather.This greenwood seems just undisturbed. Suddenly I close my eyes and imagine the fallen leaves as from a dream, each one with a great past, if they could talk, they would narrate the stories of ancient civilisations, differe
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Chapter 3 :
I noticed another thing doing the second test; the infected can’t hear well; that’s why we usually don’t notice them in wildness. They have a short range of reacting when hearing others moving. That’s why we call them weak, a knock into their head will take them out.That’s all I could find near my living place. Damien chose a perfect place for me to live in. Really, I am glad that he thought of it before hand. I know that there are more out there, I remember that I was on a mission with Damien, apparently, there were some survivors from an expedition awaiting for help, they were attacked by a somewhat different creature than the madmen, they were completely different; they had claws, a body more violet than usual and stronger.« You are back, how about playing cards, it was in one of the boxes that you made. »« No, I don’
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Chapter 4 :
  « Should I do like this or like this? » I asked swaying my sword in different directions. « No, you are still breathing chaotically, do you want to make me go insane? Listen go like this pouffe then do this paf, in the end, do a pouch. »« Your explanation cramps my conversation with you; you should take a formation in teaching. There are two possibilities here, you are joking, or you are trying to joke because I don’t see any other alternative. »« Hahahaha, you are funny. Alright, I don’t want to make you worse, first, try to control your breathing style. Breathe until you don’t have any place for the air then exhale everything. Do it while training, because I want you to be more endurant in a battle, you have great abilities for a human, you are like an unpolished gem that I am tryin
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Chapter 5 :
In the orphanage, they did some tests to you to see if you can become a worthy warrior to serve to protect the country. Being at the bottom, you see every worse suffering possible; Beggars, homeless ones, hard-working ones but fate didn't give them enough credit. In our case, there are even nobles who buy children as their toy slaves. Suffocating, I am suffocating. I was an empty shell.« if you do well, I will not make you sit near the fire. »I heard this every time they wanted me to read the ancient language. It’s a language that I knew how to read just like that. I’ve never learnt it. My mother always said to keep it a secret, not to show anyone that I can read the ancient languages. I didn’t listen to her warning and wanted to be praised like everyone, but I was wrong. Instead, they would make me work day and night to translate what they want.&nb
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Chapter 6 :
My head spun for a moment, then got better. This situation happened more frequently lately. My body got paralysed, and my head hurt. I felt like my heart was going to stop. Am I sick? I don’t want to. I am not allowed to; if I fell sick, I’d die because I don’t know anything about medicine. I want to stay healthy until I die.« What are you going to do now ? » he asked.« I thought of lazying around. »« Then shall we play cards? »« There is no question, because of your cheats, I lost all my belongings to you. I don’t have anything else to put at stake. »« You have your life. »« Are you kidding me? I already feel bad enough about the things that I lost. I don’t want to become
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Chapter 7 : RENGOKU
I don’t think that we’re going to arrive soon. The sun is already going down. I need to go back to the capital fast, who knows that greedy mother-in-law would do. Trying to get rid of me by sending me to the mountain to check on the human territory and sending assassins to my back to kill me, I wasn’t expecting her to be so lame. I am never going to follow her commands anymore; she really bewitched my father to put me in a rough position. That bastard, I am never going to forgive him. To follow her leads to condemning me to the outside world. To me, his son, who was born to his true mate.« Alpha, what are you thinking about? We need to install a camping site, » said Rasha.« I agree. We’ll stay the night here. Maya cast a protective barrier here. »Listening to the crunches of the dead leaves under my boots, I rush
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Chapter 8 :
I had the habit of doing things that I didn’t want to, until I got used to it.Instead of cheating death, I’d chosen to comply with my father’s decision and go for the outside world. We’ve been living in isolation for more than a century now. The latter proved more dangerous than I imagined. I’ve admired those walls that kept us from being harmed by the infected for a long time. Growing up made me realize that we’re not building them to protect us; we were creating a living tomb.The ledger stone of my mother translated the irony of fate. Life was short, and we were creating tombs before our death. The world was in such a sorry state, and no one had the courage to find out what happened. As if the world itself was waging war against the livings. What happened exactly to make it so angry at us. The peaceful life was now only a fairy tale that we told children about before sleep.
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Chapter 9 :
« If you keep talking this way if someone passed nearby, they’ll think that you are the Alpha, » I replied.« Don’t worry Alpha. I think only the infected would be interested in us. Oooh, I forgot. Beta must already be gotten rid of them. »Sometimes, I wondered if she was a sin in her last life. She would fit the Anger perfectly. Right.Pride.
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Chapter 10 : RASHA
I got surprised by Alpha’s decision to go to that nasty place. I don’t think that Jack is lying, but that’s what is irritating me. He may be subject of an illusion, and we would’ve gone to that place just for nothing. I am glad for the Alpha that he has found his mate, but it is a necessity to stay beside her the whole time. I told him that she wouldn’t die; the problem in her being unconscious lies in her mind. She is probably having some troubles that she must get over herself. It made me angry to see him lazying around.I don’t understand the mate thing. Does he really love her? He doesn’t even know her. If you asked him what she liked about her, he would say that he doesn’t know anything about her as I said previously. I think that it’s more of a child’s behaviour. Like when a child likes a toy, and he doesn’t want to let it go. That’s what seemed to me. He only has
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