Allen savoured the feel of his mates hand in his own when Sebestian led him through his portal, reluctantly dropping his hand after one quick, reassuring squeeze, Dell and David doing the same as they followed before the portal closed behind them. They had agreed that once they reached the Gard, they would act as two A-Class members escorting two B-Class head on a diplomatic visit with the head.

None of them was too thrilled with the idea but David and Allen refused to put their mates in any situation that would cast suspicion on them, so they let go of each other and adopted an air of professional familiarity. Allen couldn't help sniffing his mate's hoodie, inhaling the scent that clung to it, grinning when he looked at his Alpha wearing his clothes, saturating them in his scent. They had added a scarf to cover the hicky he had left on his mate's neck.

"Gentlemen, this is Allen, the leader of B-Class members in Nigaland and Da

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