A twist in fate

A twist in fate

By:  Goldilocks   Ongoing
Language: English
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This is book 3 of "Fated love" it's a twist of fate between the four main characters. In this book, forget what you know about them because in this book, it doesn't exist. Some things won't change, but in order to find out, you must read....

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Sarah Schlageter
This book is so good just like your other ones.
2023-10-13 13:53:36
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new book The Dhampir is ready to read
2022-08-22 12:55:16
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okay so when you get to the chapter where Arizona is mentioned, it's supposed to be Afghanistan. you'll understand when you read. someone already pointed it out so I will not respond to similar comments. I will fix my mistake if and when I find time. happy reading :p
2022-08-08 01:19:14
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Alex wilson
I love this book and it's only has 5 chapters so far...thanks for taking my idea about Jordan. can't wait for updates on this book and ALL of your others including mated to the leopard queen. hope your daughter is feeling better real soon
2022-06-18 06:17:42
13 Chapters
Chapter one
Beth I secretly have a crush on Shawn Andersen, the school's only intersex student. Trey and his friends beat her on a daily basis because she's different. I know I say mean things to her, but I'm head cheerleader and most popular girl in school.I've watched her get beaten up enough. Today I'm going to walk up to her in front of the entire school and take her in a kiss. It's the third week of our senior year of high school and I want to spend it with her if she feels the same about me.I pull into school with Mandy and already Trey is making his way to Shawn as she stands under the big tree in front of the school. I quickly get out and run over to her as Trey reaches her. I stand in between them, scowling at Trey and his friends. "Move Beth, this doesn't concern you," Trey says angrily. "Actually, it does. I should have done this freshman year," I say full of confidence and turn around, pulling her in a passionate kiss.Gasps can be he
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Chapter two
Beth I woke up and my throat hurt. I look around and notice Shawn is sleeping on the edge of my bed. I try to feel my neck, but my fingers graze something and I start freaking out.  Shawn shoots up from her sleep and caresses my face. "Calm down, you're safe. It's a neck brace to protect your throat. Try not to speak," she says in a soothing tone and I relax against the pillows. She helps me drink water and I say in a croaking voice, "Thank you." The doctor walks in with my mother and she runs to me when she sees I'm awake. "Oh sweetheart, you've been here over a week. Shawn has been collecting your homework and stays the night. Its Saturday," she chokes quietly with relief.  I look at Shawn and she blushes, looking away from me. "You never miss a day of school. You missed almost two weeks and I wanted to make sure you stayed on top of your lessons. It helps that we're in all the same classes," she says quietly.  "Thank
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Chapter three
Shawn Nine months later...Beth and I have been going steady with our relationship. I haven't been bullied all year and prom is in two weeks. Melanie and I have become close friends and are planning to telling everyone our plan to join the military after I graduate next month. I also plan to ask Beth to marry me at graduation. I was wearing a pair of dress slacks and a white dress shirt tucked into my pants. I had a bouquet of white roses and a teddy bear. I ring the doorbell and Mandy answers the door. "Beth, it's for you," she says with a smile, letting me in.She walks in with her mother and Aunt and Uncle and she looks at me in shock. "We've been dating for nine months and guys are still trying to ask you out," I say with mock annoyance. "I heard that Rob was going to ask you out to prom tonight and should be ringing your doorbell any minute..."Ding dongMandy opens the door and in walks Rob. He glares at me, but I kept a ne
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Chapter four
Shawn  I got permission from my commanding officer to wear my uniform for prom. I was on my way in the limo to pick up Beth. I was waiting after ringing the doorbell  and Carolyn opens the door. She was speechless, stepping aside to let me in. "She's finishing her makeup," Mandy says as she descends down the stairs in her prom dress. She takes one look at me and tears fill her eyes. "She's going to be emotional when she sees you." "Are you riding with us," I ask softly.  "No, I'm going with Annie and some friends. They should be here soon," she says with a smile. Beth gets halfway down the stairs before she looks at me. She comes to a halt with tears in her eyes. I meet her the rest of the way, stopping so we were eye to eye. "I'm not leaving for a few weeks. This is just to show them that I stand tall after everything, that they shouldn't mess with me or you," I say in a soothing tone, wiping her eyes. "Tonight I'm your soldier
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Chapter five
BethI was sitting with Abbigail in the doctor's office, both of us waiting on our blood test results. We brought Mandy with us when I started to get anxious about possibly being pregnant. Abbigail made it sound like she wanted the extra support. Shawn was okay with us taking her car, knowing that we both probably needed a minute to ourselves after what we've been through these last few weeks since prom night. Abbigail had calmed down with the drive here, but as we sat and waited for the results, my nerves have been on edge. I almost jumped out of my skin when the doctor entered the office and Mandy came to calm me down. Abbigail and I held hands while she opened both envelopes and smiles. Her lips moved, but no sound came out. I didn't need sound to know both of us were pregnant.I gingerly pull my hand from Abbigail and step out in the hall. I bring my hands to either my stomach or my mouth as silent sobs escape my lips. I never expected to find out before she left to join the mili
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Chapter six
BethIt was the night before Shawn and Melanie left for basic training. Unfortunately they weren't able to postpone their tour. They had to act fast for this mission before the window of opportunity closed. They were granted permission to return home in six months to be with us for the remaining of our pregnancies and stay with us six weeks after our babies are born. I was devastated when she broke the news a few days ago and we've been inseparable ever since. We skipped graduation and stayed cuddled in her bed. We just finished making love and I was propped up against the headboard with Shawn between my legs on her stomach. Her arms were wrapped around my waist planting gentle kisses all over my stomach. I play my fingers through her hair as she whispers to Jordan. She's promising to return home safely and to write letters or video chat as often as she can.Tears roll down my cheeks and she looks up at me with a smile. I smile through the tears and she moves up to give me a kiss. It
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Chapter seven
BethAfter the mind-blowing sex with Melanie, we decide to go check on Shawn and Abbigail. Melanie quietly opens the door and to both our surprise, they were passed out with Shawn still deep inside Abbigail. Melanie and I leave the room, quietly closing the door. I look up at her and notice the tears in her eyes. I take her hand and bring her back to the living room.I make her look me in the eyes and the tears roll down her cheeks. They weren't tears of jealousy, they were genuine. My only thoughts were of how close it was that she and Shawn were supposed to be on a plane that crashed, leaving no survivors. If I hadn't over stressed about the bad feeling, they'd be dead right now and we wouldn't have done what we just did.I look away as tears of my own fall rapidly down my cheeks and Melanie takes me in her arms. Uncontrolled sobs cause my shoulders to shake violently as I hug my arms to my stomach. My baby could have lost their father and it was hitting me hard. Melanie did her bes
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Chapter eight
ShawnWe arrive at the basic training camp and the girls looked ready to pass out. Our commanding officer greeted us and showed us the house we'd be sharing on base. He apologized to Beth and Abbigail for the close call about my and Melanie's flight we missed. He was happy to hear the baby was doing okay and bid us time to rest. Our training would start tomorrow at 05:00 hours (military time for 5am).Right now it was an hour before they served lunch, but said it would be fine to let the girls rest and we could eat once they slept. Beth thanked him and I guide her up to bed as Melanie does the same for Abbigail. Beth didn't even bother to change into different clothes, just stripped down to her underwear. As soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. I climb in next to her and soon followed suit.By the time we all woke up, it was time for dinner. Beth and I took a quick shower before we all head to the dining hall with the rest of the recruits. Beth lead Abbigail to an open table
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Chapter nine
BethI was waiting alone while Abbigail had the implant surgery. Flashes of that dreadful night cloud my mind and I couldn't shake them. (Flashback)I was getting a drink for me and Abbigail when I heard my mother scream my name in fear. I turn in time to stare wide-eyed at the firework heading right where I was standing. I was frozen in fear to move and feel someone tackle me out of the way. I hit my head on the ground, stunned for a few minutes.A light shining in my eyes made me turn my head away, squinting. "Minor concussion from the tackle, some rest should be fine," a doctor says as I realize I'm in a hospital bed."Where am I? What happened to me," I ask in a frantic tone."Sweetheart, you're in the hospital," my mother chokes with relief. "Abby tacked you out of the way of a stray firework. She saved your life Beth.""Is she okay? Can I see her," I ask in broken sobs."She's in the bed next to you," Aunt Charlotte chokes quietly."Aunt Charlotte, I'm so sorry," I choke betwee
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Chapter ten
BethShawn ended in a coma after taking bullets while carrying Melanie's father back to base. Melanie still blames herself and it's been six weeks. Since Shawn was healed of all her sustained injuries internally from the bullets, I was able to take her back to America, where she was continue her endless slumber at the hospital. The military is paying for her life support given she has a good chance of waking up. Jordan has been growing nicely in my belly, the only thing that brings a smile to my face while Shawn lays in the hospital wasting away. I woke up this morning to his first tiny kick. I broke into uncontrolled sobs and my mother runs in, taking me in her arms without question. I don't let her feel my stomach and she leaves it be. The kicking picked up as if Jordan was trying to comfort me from the inside.I shutter a calming breath and my mother kisses my temple, stroking my hair. "It's okay Beth, you're home now," she says in a soothing whisper and I relax in her arms."I'm
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