Alpha Silas' Substitute Bride

Alpha Silas' Substitute Bride

By:  Athena Rose  Ongoing
Language: English
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I stepped out of the shower with just a towel wrapping my body and was startled. It was my first wedding night, and instead of my husband, the ruthless Alpha, Silas, I found a handsome man sitting on the bed shirtless, smirking at me! “Who are you?” “I am your husband!” A few hours ago, I heard that cold voice at the altar. I had expected my husband to be unattractive, but he turned out to be incredibly handsome. So, why did he wear that dreadful mask during our wedding? What shocked me more was when he got up from the bed and walked over to me! Wait, he’s not crippled?! “You couldn’t even recognize your husband! He growled. Seeing him growing ferocious, I walked backward frantically. Just as the towel threatened to slide down, leaving me exposed and naked, he swiftly pulled me into his strong, muscular arms, his hands quickly catching my towel! His face was reigning with lust as he gaped down at me. “Someone is desperate to have her first night!” He inclined his lips to my ear and whispered, “Beware, lady, it wouldn’t be pleasure but pain!” He dropped the towel, and there I stood naked in his arms. He looked at me with lust as if I were his prey. “I will be so hard on you that you won’t forget your husband for eternity!” My heart thumped! I have heard that he is the most ruthless and ferocious Alpha history has ever had! What will he do to me on our first wedding night? ------- I am Bruna Walters, an illegitimate daughter who married my sister’s fiance to save my grandmother. I was scared. What if Silas, my ruthless husband, discovered that I am not Regina but a substitute?

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Delinda Schumacher
61 chapters 8-9-23
2023-08-10 01:05:52
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How often is the book updated?
2023-08-10 00:21:07
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I cannot wait what will be next
2023-07-28 01:42:52
195 Chapters
Chapter 0001
BRUNA’S POV“Catch her! In no way should she cross the pack’s border!!” A thunderous voice boomed in the dense forest of the Blue Moon Pack in the dead of night.The booming, masculine voice reverberated in my ears, causing my eyes to widen at its intensity. It was none other than Patrick, the Beta
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Chapter 0002
BRUNA’S POVAfter forcibly taking my consent to return to the pack house, Patrick put me inside the car, and off we went to the place I once thought I would never see after I ran away—the Blue Moon Pack’s pack house.Seated beside me in the backseat, Patrick gruffly said to the driver, “Drive as fas
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Chapter 0003
BRUNA’S POVI was adorned in the most exquisite bridal attire. It was a novel experience, as I had never worn such elegant and expensive clothing. It was a round-neck embellished ball gown with several layers to it. With the assistance of one of the maids, I put on the wrist-length bracelet that ado
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Chapter 0004
BRUNA’S POVMy pulse quickened as I inhaled the captivating fragrance of his sweet pine mingled with the intoxicating musk emanating from his strapping body. It stirred an insatiable hunger, and my mouth watered, yearning for more. Never had I smelled something so delicious that got me weak on my kn
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Chapter 0005
BRUNA’S POVJust as I was about to be consumed by my thoughts, the driver courteously opened the rear door of the limousine. Without hesitation, I entered the luxurious vehicle, and we embarked on our journey to my new home, the Blood Moon Pack.As the limousine cruised through the woods, I lowered
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Chapter 0006
SILAS’ POVI scrutinized my wife, gazing up and down her figure as she stood at the bathroom doorway. Upon witnessing my shirtless presence on the bed, it was evident from her trembling and fearful demeanor that my sudden appearance had caught her off guard. She wasn’t expecting me home this late at
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Chapter 0007
Bruna’s POV“Drop that towel and walk to me naked!” Those alluring words in the stranger’s cold voice brushed into my ears.His handsomeness got me spellbound, and his sea rover blue eyes passed such an intense gaze that I felt my feet numb and frozen to the floor.I just couldn’t believe what my ey
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Chapter 0008
Bruna’s POVLeft with no option, I walked to Alpha Silas slowly, scared to get so close to him. He looked irritated by my slow pace, but how could I hasten when I was ordered to get close to the fear? If he had ordered me to run away from him, my feet would have gushed with different energy.He said
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Chapter 0009
Bruna’s POVHis cold voice brushed into my ears and shook me to the very core.“So you are not only an impostor but also a gold digger, BRUNA!”What the f*ck? I opened my eyes in shock, and my breath clenched tightly to my throat. Did he just call me by my name? Oh, Goddess! I was supposed to carry
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Chapter 0010
He shook my chin harshly as if he wanted me to peel my eyes open and face his wrath. I opened my eyes, but my eyes shuddered when he growled, “You are neither wife nor bride of mine! I have purchased you for a f*cking MILLION DOLLARS! You are just a pet to me!”He eyed me up and down and scowled, “R
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