Alpha Xavier's Rogue Luna

Alpha Xavier's Rogue Luna

By:  Sammy  Completed
Language: English
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I'm wrong, Xavier is wrong. I should have killed him, and he should have been the end of me, therefore we shouldn't have been together. With murder and blood, we began. We began with games and sexual gratification. What we have is a complete catastrophe. However, we can't stop. Either I will destroy my mate, or he will destroy me. I was raised as an assassin, dressed as a man with a male wolf, and sent on a mission to kill Xavier the Alpha with a female wolf. However, the moon goddess pulled a prank on me when I was mated to the Alpha, whom I must kill in order to gain my freedom. What will transpire once Xavier understands that Hazel is not who he thought she was. As he realizes that the one person he trusted is out for his life, would he try to accept the mate bond or destroy her?

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Susana Almanza
Just finished the book, loved it even if it had a couple of errors in spelling and main character name being confused with another name.
2023-08-24 01:21:46
default avatar
Pretty good read.
2023-08-07 08:30:19
102 Chapters
Chapter 1
Hazel POVIt was 2 in the morning and I was out, standing by the Silver Moon pack house. I didn’t come out for fresh air, no. That would be a lie. I was on the brink of fulfilling my “life-purpose”. I would be killing the Alpha of Silver Moon pack tonight, Xavier.Elder Noah had announced earlier that Silver Moon would be hosting the annual Red Moon Gala and he held a celebration dinner in commemoration, at least that’s what they thought. I stood at the left wing of the house and listened in as the drunk betas on patrol duty jeered and praised Elder Noah. It was surprising that they weren’t all knocked out by now, they drank a lot.What they didn’t know is, the dinner was actually paid for by Alpha Xavier. He was too modest a man to actually tell the betas that and he just chose to let the Elder take the credit. The fact actually irked me.That was one of the things that pissed me off about Xavier, he was too modest and kind for his own good. And now, it’ll be his death. I caressed my
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Chapter 2
Xavier POV Hazel lay unconscious on the floor of my room. That drink had knocked him out cold. I chuckled as I gazed at his form, “I guess he really did have much to drink.” I picked him up and carried him over to his bed which was no sweat for me at all, I'm always that strong. I placed him gently on the right side of the bed and tucked him in under the covers. My wolf, Clara, spoke suddenly in my head. "Isn’t he just a really good guy, I bet he was here to check up on you." “Yes, he is. He’s so much like my little brother, Ryan. It’s eerie,” I replied, my gaze still on his delicate form. All my life, I had always been teased and ridiculed because I had a female wolf. I never paid them no mind though as I knew I liked Clara and she liked me too. And besides, none of them were Alphas of a pack, but I was. "He’s really pretty, isn’t he?" My wolf said in my head. Clara was baiting me, unbeknownst to me. I laughed huskily and took a glance at Hazel, “Yeah, I guess,” I said, smi
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Chapter 3
Hazel POVI was already awake, but I hadn’t gotten out of bed. I was trying to recall the details of the dream I had the night before.It was in the woods and I was chasing after Xavier with my dagger drawn.“Come on, Xavier. Don’t leave.” I pleaded.And then he did stop.“I will always be here,” he said. “What do you want?”It didn’t make sense to me and it made my blood boil. I ran over to him and said to him smugly with my face a few inches from his, “You dimwit. I’ll crush you, Xavier.”I chuckled at the thought of my menacingly threatening Xavier even in the dream. But then I felt something heavy and yet comforting around me. It was Xavier. I snuck a peek behind me but then quickly turned away, flustered. I was snuggled up with Xavier in his arms around me, but that was not all.He was fully undressed.I could feel every outline of his muscles against my skin and his hot and minty breath brushing my face. My face turned a very light pink as I noticed I could even feel a certain e
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Chapter 4
Hazel POV I spent the whole day thinking but I finally came to a resolution. The only way I could know if Xavier had indeed discovered my secret and if he still trusted me, I decided I would offer to take charge of access and security. I figured that if Xavier agreed to give me such an important role, then he hadn’t yet figured out my secret and still trusted me I found Xavier in his study room. Zoe was there with him and they were having a conversation I couldn’t quite hear. I walked in, capturing both of their attention. “Oh hey, Hazel. Xavier and I are working on the pack's guest list,” Zoe smiled at me. I almost lost my composure when my eyes met with Zoe and the scene of how she kissed me flash through my memory but I was quick to wave it off and to focus on the reason why I was here. She was wearing a big smile on her face as if nothing had happened while I'm here feeling uncomfortable with her presence because of the same kiss. Zoe steals my first kiss away and that's unfa
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Chapter 5
Hazel POV I started a rumor which had spread over Silver Moon with the aid of the servants. I had told the servants in charge of reception to spread the rumor that me and Xavier were together. “I saw them kissing in the yard,” the first one would say. “I saw them mating in the backrooms,” another one would add. “They would be having a baby.” Well now that will so obviously be a lie as it was impossible, I told them to stick with the first two. As the preparation for the gala, that night was underway, the rumor began to spread and even Xavier had heard it. He found it a little embarrassing but he couldn’t blame me. He knew the story was fake, but he thought my feelings for him were true. At least, that was what he thought. It was finally the night of the Red Moon Gala and everyone was in position. The whole pack had worked hard to set up and seeing how the place looked, they thought it paid off. Zoe came over to my room to get me. She knocked on my door. While on the other hand
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Chapter 6
Xavier's POV A laugh escapes my lips. I believe my instincts are lying to me. But heck, Hazel's eyes are also on me. Taking steps down the podium, I am filled with so much confusion. Zoe is filled with shock and amidst the uproar, I think the moon goddess is playing with us. "How's that possible, Xavier?" Hazel is at the other side of the room and we both exchange eye contact. He doesn't say anything and neither do I. But how's that possible? As I walk through the crowds, all eyes are on me and people are really talking about this. This is the first time an Alpha is mating with the same sex in Silver moon. "How could they have an heir?” “ This pack is going to be ruined.” Another man lamented among the crowd. "I knew a man, whose wolf was female, couldn’t take charge of a pack. It seems that the goddess thinks so, leave your pack alone, go home, and give birth to a baby for your little mate.” Turning, I see Mike standing before me. He has a sinister smile plastered on hi
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Chapter 7
Hazel's Pov Xavier was lucky to move away just in time, saving himself from the unknown fate and this got me even angrier. The plan foiled. I'm so stupid. I immediately slid my dagger back into my scabbard, hoping no one saw me. Xavier is staring down at Mike who has a smug look that I want to wipe off his face. "You've got so much confidence for a fag," Mike said and everyone burst into laughter. "How are you going to fuck him though? Pour your seed into him, he gets pregnant and delivers through his manhood. Must be really painful innit?" Nobody seems to be coming. But I do. Before I can stop him, it's too late. Xavier's claws shot out and his jaw sharpened. The growth of hair around his chin was fast and the tip of his ears got sharper. He snarled at Mike, causing people around to gasp. "You're so sensitive. Get a grip!" Mike cried out and they continued laughing. In one punch, Mike found himself on the floor. I gasped in surprise and took a step back. Clara had never be
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Chapter 8
HAZEL POV: Very fast, most of what had happened last night passes by in a blur and it's the dawn of a new day. I would love to lay in bed for quite long but I know I have to get out of it. Me laying back in bed means I'm running away from my problems which is actually the truth. I don't want to run away from it. Instead, I want to face it head-on. The hardest and most depressing part of my morning has to be when I'm changing corsets and putting on a new one. Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, I loosen the strings tied tightly around my back. I felt a slight pain as the thin ropes had sunk into my skin, causing temporary dents and lines of red marks. When I take it off, I heave a sigh of relief. As depressing as it might be, there's still a sense of comfort from seeing my breasts in the mirror. It makes me feel less miserable about this whole gay news. At least I know I'm a woman and everyone is having nothing but a misconception. I touch the skin around my breasts
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Chapter 9
Hazel's POV: What the hell is he talking about? Strip club? Why? Shaking my head, I decide to do as he has said. If he wants us to go to a strip club, who am I to question him? Besides, he's my Alpha and now that things are complicated, I just want to lay low. Later that night, I'm at the club with Xavier. The club is in the suburbs of the jurisdiction, close to another pack. A lot of people always frequent this place as it is the only club for miles. Xavier is granted easy access as he shows his red eyes. Alphas are treated specially and it gets to rub off on me because I am his Beta. We finally got into the club and our ears were suddenly sensitized by the loud music. I hate loud music and I wince as we weave past people dancing and sweaty. Xavier leads us up the stairs that lead to the other floor. That's where the richer and more sophisticated people are situated and there's less noise there. Xavier flashes his eyes before the bouncer again and he opens the thick glass doors
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Chapter 10
XAVIER I shake my head immediately. Clara is lying to me. Ted looks like he's sick. When he comes close to me, it staggers a bit. "No," I shake my head. "Hazel is not fine. Ted is just here to distract me and Clara, you're doing the same thing! Stop getting me confused." I shut Clara out and stretch out my hand to Hazel's wolf to show him that I mean no harm. "Look here, Ted. Hazel is not fine. He's inside you and he's really sick. I need you, for his sake, to let me take him to the hospital. You're going to be affected if something bad happens to him and I'm sure you both don't want that," Ted stops growling and looks at me for a long time before falling on his knee. It has been submitted. Drawing close, I pat its head. "Can you do something for me?" I ask Ted. "Can you give the control back to Hazel? He needs to be herself so I can take her to the hospital for proper treatment." A huge sigh of relief escapes my lips when he does so. Hazel is back on the floor, weak and
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