Alpha's Beauty

Alpha's Beauty

By:  Sky  Ongoing
Language: English
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Faith has a dysfunctional family of four brothers and three sisters. And as if the number of her family members wasn't already a problem, faith had to born the youngest. Faith was dubbed as the 'beauty' of her pack because of her good looks, but in her own family she was treated as if she were a curse. Her efforts meant nothing, her cried at night were unheard and her wish to be loved unheard. But what her family didn't hear, was heard by the goddess herself. Who gifted her with a mate that was not only powerful but also very much capable of giving her that one thing that she longed for all her life : Love.

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Chapter 1: Faith
Faith walked home from work late at night with her heavy bag slung on her shoulders. Angry tears collected in her eyes as she took heavy steps on the gravel road. Her phone was almost dead and do was her patience for her brother Sol who was supposed to pick her up two hours ago. What was the use of having almost a dozen siblings if none of them were available to her aid? Sol was the only one who owned a car and was always lying at home, which was why she had called him. Others were too busy to come get her. But Sol betrayed her trust yet again. But Faith was not even surprised that Sol did not show up. It was his tendency. He liked to leave her hanging on many occasions and come to her with her favourite snacks and say a sorry. As if that was the cure to every problem in the world. Only Faith knew how tired she was after working the whole day at the ice rink. Her feet were sore! Huffing out a white cloud of breath, Fai
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Chapter 2 : The Guest
Faith rushed through the process of drying herself and changing into warm clothes. Although werewolves did not get sick easily, they were not completely immune to all kinds of sickness. And Faith had a special dislike for colds. She hated when her nose was runny and her eyes got blurry from rubbing on them as they got red. She wanted to avoid having a cold at all costs. She used a hair dryer. It not only fried up her hair pretty quickly but also warmed up her scalp which provided a lot of comfort. In the mirror, Faith had a full view of her light pink hair and lightest shade of blue eyes. Of course her hair was coloured. It had been that way since she was eighteen and now if someone asked faith what colour her origin hair was, she could barely explain. She loved her hair though. But her appearance always questioned her being a part of her family. Her appearance did not match with any of her brothers and sisters or
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Chapter 3 : Forceful Agreement
Faith usually did not pay attention to gosspis and rarely had her own opinions when it came to anything related to pack and politics. However, it was hard not to know that your pack is at the verge of being a joke among the whole of southern region because the Alpha couldn't keep it in his pants and lost his mate. Alpha Rigie was famous not only because he was the pack leader, an Alpha, but also because of the recent passing of his mate. Rumours flew like conffetti when she was found in her bedroom hanging from the ceiling fan. For a werewolf it was hard to commit suicide as their wolf never allowed it unless their other half died and if anyone went to great lengths to actually do something like this then it was a serious problem. Everyone immediately pointed fingers at the Alpha who never gave Luna Juliana the love she deserved and hence concluded that she died because of him. Faith was not an opinionated pers
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Chapter 4 : A Little More
"Why did he choose Faith out of all people? Is there anyone more useless? Other than that pretty face of hers, what else does she has?" Faith heard someone say as she left her house to go to work. The night Alpha Rigie came and asked Faith to accompany him to the gala had already passed a week ago but people were still talking. All of those who were mocking Faith behind her back or on her face had only one reason to do it. They could not tolerate that she was being take to the Gala where the most prestigious alphas and their Luna's went annually. Faith agreed with them silently. There was really no one as useless as her in their pack. She couldn't fight, she wasn't a scholar or a doctor, neither could she do anything to make the pack proud to have her. There were many other she wolves who were a pride to them and much more capable. But the only thing they lacked was the face that Faith had. N
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Chapter 5 : The Early Call
When Faith stepped on the cold layer of Ice, her skate clad feet slid over it gracefully on it's own. Having practiced those moved more times than she could count, it was as she she was walking on solid ground instead of thick Ice slab. The way she glided across and above on the rink often attracted spectators to watch her. When she taught the children, others stopped to see her darnce over the Ice as if she were a goddess. Frost covered her fingertips, her pink hair flew with every stroke of her legs. Sh did another spin and reached the middle of the rink. The small rink out of the three was reserved for lessons, so it was easy for them to move around freely without being interrupted by another custom who also wanted to enjoy their experience. The helmet was heavy on her head, but she managed not to loose her balance as she already had lots of practice. The more she move, the heavier her heart felt, the more if pu
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Chapter 6 : The Red Dress
If Faith was told to shop for a dress, she wouldn't have been so worried, or afraid for that matter. However, it was the fact that she had to shop with her sisters that made her shiver as she changed into fresh clothes. Faith quickly dressed herself in a light yellow shirt, paired it with a light blue jeans and grabbed her little bag with her phone and wallet in it. Dea had already given her the money for the dress, or dresses if more than one fit her budget. Of course it was not out of her own pocket. Alpha Rigie had heard from an unknown but highly reliable source that Faith had nothing but baggy and non Gala friendly clothes in her closet. Since his whole purpose of bringing Faith along was to save some face, he could not let her go to the Gala looking like a haggard. His bank balance had enough money to give her. Dea took the money and gave half of it to Faith for the dress. Caren and Win
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Chapter 7 : From Dawn Till Dusk
Faith held her packed dress in her arms as if it was a treasure chest. She took the backseat and let her sisters think of an explaination to tell Dea why they chose this particular dress. Was it cheap? Not really, Did it look good on her? Definitely. Faith kept her happiness on the side as soon as they reached home. Faith had to show Dea the dress and make sure she liked it. Either way they had already brought it, so there was nothing she could do other than scold Faith. "Mom is not gonna like that dress." Winter said to Caren. Caren huffed out a breath and stepped on the breaks harshly. "I know Winter, no need to remind me. But that dress looked good on her and we have to think about that first. She is going to the Gala with the Alpha, she has to look good that's the whole point!" "Don't raise your voice at me, I am not her!" Winter did not take a name nor did she point at anyone, yet it was clear as d
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Chapter 8 : Life Goes On
Faith held her palm above ground and stood up on shaky legs. It was not her choice to stand, rather it was the burden of the duty put on her that made her unable to rest and tend to herself. She went to the nearest washroom and opened the tab. The flowing water set chills to her heart. She did not know how much it will hurtz but she had to clean her wound fast and get to work. Holding her wrist tighly, she held her palm under the flowing water. Her teeth clenched and her arm shook in seething pain. The water turned crimson under her hand and slithered down the washbasin as if escaping her. Once the dried blood was off, she took out a fairst ait kit and began cleaning the cut. It had healed about ten to twenty percent but the rest would take a lot of time to be better. It was a deep wound after all. Faith clumsily wrapped a bandage over the medicine and tied it to the best of her abilities. Ti
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Chapter 9 : The Journey That Leads To You
The annual Gala of Alpha's and Luna's took place every year at the end of the semester, that was the first week of July. Which was in a few days. Faith's brusies were non existent by this time and Dea had not hit her or given her any more injuries either. Alpha Rigie took a lot of interest in faith's personal life. Faith was not very happy with that but the pressure on her was high. Her sisters resented her even more. Dea avoided her mostly and on occasions yelled at her to the point where she did not have to beat her to bring tears to her eyes. In short, it was one hell of a one week that Faith endured. She was not that excited to leave for the Gala at first but after suffering the unnecessary amount of humiliation and badmouthing, Faith was happy to leave for a few days. Alpha Rigie picked Faith up in his car along with a few warriors. An Alpha never left his pack wit
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Chapter 10 : Out Of The Woods, Into The Clearing
  Faith's scream caugh the attention of the warrior driving, the car severed to the side as he was caught with surprise. The shifting of the car threw Alpha Rigie to the other corner of the car. Once the guard knew that no one was harmed, he sighed and started driving properly.    "I am sorry," Faith apologized for scaring him with her scream. She had no intention of screaming at all! If it was not for Alpha Rigie ....    Alpha Rigie woke up with a gasp after bumping his head on the window and looked around in dizzy alertness. Faith didn't know if that kind of unaware alertness belonged to any category of alertness at all.    Faith dusted off her lap where Alpha Rigie had been conveniently lying over and frowned. This was the worst way to start the day. She looked at Alpha Rigie with an expecting look. She was expecting an apology from him.    He yawned a few times an
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