Alpha's Unicorn Mate

Alpha's Unicorn Mate

By:  Amanda Blight  Completed
Language: English
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A Dark Wolf bloodline is the purestof the Lycan race.They are the most primal and powerful of their kind.Visceral. Predatory.Creatures of instinct and hunger.They are the potential for all things good and evil.And when it comes to humans…they are a deadlynightmare just waiting to happen.But what happens when she is not a human?What happens when she is the only one who can become his salvation?Will they be able to understand that they are destined for each other before they drift away from each other???

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108 Chapters
 Razl looked at the house at the corner of the street and the warm red colour of the door, which looked like the leaves of maple in autumn just before they were going to fall. The rest of the house was also coloured in warm earthy tones which reminded him of her bright cheerful smile and he could smell her womanly innocence all over again.Even though he did not feel comfortable in the city, h
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Chapter 1
 Razl Drone had always believed that if there was one thing that didn’t mix well, it was humans and wolves— which was why he had a bad feeling about the current situation. Or more specifically, about the woman.Climbing out of his truck, he stared through the hazy glow of silver-threaded moonlight, struggling to make out the features of the female sitting behind the wheel of a sky-blue Volkswagen bus. A human female. And a ridiculous- looking bus. With a whimsical confection of puffy white clouds painted down its sides, the vehicle looked more l
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Chapter 2
 “Did she give you a name?” he asked, noting how uneasy the scout seemed. Hendricks’s pale skin was flushed with color, his dark gaze repeatedly sliding from the ground to the sky, as if he was wary of looking directly at Razl’s face.“No, sir,” Hendricks replied, slanting him a quick glance, and Razl struggled to keep his expression impassive.
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Chapter 3
 Razl and the Bloodrunners, the half-breed hunters whose job it was to hide the existence of their race from humans, as well as to hunt down those who turned rogue, already had their hands full working to get order reestablished up in Shadow Peak. Still mired in the process of forming a new government, the Silvercrest continued to deal with the emotional and physical wounds left over from the traumatic events of five months ago. Events that had left the pack without leadership, and reeling from a betrayal that had affected everyone from the adults who’d lost their lives down to the children who had been tragically
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Chapter 4
 Tourmaline fought the temptation to roll her eyes, thinking they certainly grew them breathtakingly big around here, not to mention gorgeous, but obviously not too bright.“What. Do. You. Want?” she asked slowly, enunciating each word with patronizing precision. She hoped that he would understand that she was not at all liking this situation. After all, this condition could not be to anyone’s liking at all.
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Chapter 5
 Though there wasn’t anything particularly funny about having a gun pointed straight at your heart, Razl had to fight the surprising urge to laugh at the human’s audacity. A bullet wouldn’t kill him, but it would still hurt like a bitch. He should have been furious that she was threatening him, but that wasn’t the source of his anger. Instead, he was uncomfortably aware that the more she stood up to him, the harder it was for him not to pull her out of that goofy-looking bus and show her just how much danger she was courting here.Running his
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Chapter 6
 She her cut her gaze away again, but not before he caught the luminous wash of tears glistening in her eyes.Aw, hell. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to take it if she broke down—that he’d rather have her angry than sad— Razl curled his lips and said something guaranteed to piss her off and get her back up. “Some big burly man, huh? I get it now. You’re one of those women who has guy issues, aren’t you?”
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Chapter 7
 The second the words left Tourmaline’s mouth, a low, rich vein of laughter jerked from his chest, seeming to catch them both by surprise. Her toes curled inside her socks at the delicious sound, while her face burned with color as she realized what she’d just said.Wow. I’m so smooth. Why don’t I just shout it to his face that I think he’s hot?
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Chapter 8
 It wasn’t like her to be whiney, but she’d lost her sense of optimism so long ago, Tourmaline no longer even knew what it felt like. Now all she had was this grinding, sickening feeling in her gut, and a bad case of nerves. Not to mention the sudden addition of ill-founded lust for the gorgeous jerk trying to get rid of her. She could not seem to catch a break with anyone at all. It seemed like fate had given her a kick in her ass just like always, even this time…Talk about crappy timing. And that would probably be the understatement of the year
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Chapter 9
 By the time Razl pulled onto the gloomy, rain-sodden streets of downtown Wesley, he’d managed to learn a bit more about the human than just her name and the fact that she had a prickly attitude. She was twenty-six years old, had just bought her first condo and taught Women’s Studies at a private university in Smythe, Virginia. He’d also learned that she had spent the past few weeks searching for her younger sister, a nineteen-year-old named Sapphire, who also lived in Smythe…and whose party-girl lifestyle and recreational drug use had a habit of landing her in a variety of unsavory situations.
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