There’s an eerie feeling, ever since Isabelle and Zen came back from their vacation, she keeps on feeling a sense of unease. It at times feels like she is being watched by someone. Even if she is all alone in the house, yet she feels like she is not alone. She feels a presence of some sorts. She wanted to tell Zen about it but that might increase his paranoia even more. So, she just has been keeping it all to herself and trying to tell herself that she is just over thinking everything.

“Mom?” Tim runs into the house with his backpack hanging on his back. Isabelle gets startled by the commotion and drops the tv remote that was in her hand. Tim comes to a halt and slowly approaches her, seeing how shocked she looks. “Mom? You okay?” He slowly places his backpack on the couch and slowly climbs up on the couch and sits by her. She lets out a deep breath and smiles at him and pulls him on her lap. “How was your day?” She care

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Betty Espinal
Please update please
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I love part 1 and part 2 already has me hooked. Please update soon. Thanks!
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Betty Espinal
Wow you are really taking your time to update this book, shame on you!

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