An Affair With My Bethrothed's Father

An Affair With My Bethrothed's Father

By:  Aya Starr  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Stop! Don't come any closer! Don't you realize how wrong this is? I am engaged to your son for christ sakes." I rambled, inching away from him as quickly as I could. If he heard me, he didn't act like it as his predator like steps didn't falter for one bit as he stalked towards me. Seconds later, I squealed as I tripped and landed back first on the bed with him atop me. "Little Rae, you seem to be mistaken about me. If I want something, I get it no matter what or who stands in my way and right now, I want you" he declared in an husky yet dominating voice that sent shivers down my spine. "Jerk! Do you think...." I started but trailed off once I registered that his hand had crept beneath my blouse and was now fondling me. Fuck! I'm screwed. Rae suddenly finds her life thrown in upheaval when she is forced into an engagement with Gunner. She wants out so badly but she can't escape as the wedding is being engineered by Gunner's ruthless father, Lucas. Her problems doesn't end there as she soon finds herself entangled in a forbidden affair with Lucas himself who suddenly decided that he wants her for himself. Lies, Secrets, Betrayal, Pain and unending Pleasure. Follow Rae as she explores all sides to the the forbidden affair with her betrothed's father.

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8 Chapters
Chapter One
RAEThe continuous beeping sound of the alarm woke me up from my sleep, slamming the alarm off, I pushed myself up reluctantly.Grabbing my phon, I went through my messages that seemed endless, Imy eyes searched for the one that had to do with my baby. Tyler was finally home."Tyler is in town, you should go see him. He's in the regular hotel he always lodges in whenever he is in town. Room 205, that's his room number." the message read.I grabbed my pillow screening into it, unable to control my joy although I wondered why he didn't tell me himself that he was coming back to town. Maybe he wanted to surprise me but I'm going to surprise him first.I went straight into the shower to take my bath hurriedly in excitement but I ended up laying in the bathtub for close to five minutes reminiscing on the past memories I had with Tyler. With each memory, a surge of excitement fueled my happiness.I walked out of the shower to my room with a towel wrapped around my body and grinned at my r
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Chapter Two
RAECall me crazy or whatever I simply don't care. I just got my heart broken by someone and this is simply me trying to move on.Rather than spend time crying my eyes out, why not do something crazy and regret it later when I'm in my normal state of mind. This is simply my own way of moving on.The man in front of me looks hot and ravishing after all, who wouldn't want him?He stood unmoved and had this expressionless look on his face. Although he did seem intrigued by my behavior I could simply tell through the glittering in his eyes. I curled his eyebrows at me, scrutinizing him.My mom who had just entered the room immediately walked up to us and pulled me away from him."I'm sorry sir, I'm really sorry sir for my daughter's behavior," she apologized, giving me a dreadful stare."I really apologize, she's such a child who doesn't know when and where to play. I'm sorry.""I should have trained her better," she added and I scoffed.I stood there surprised and baffled as to why my mo
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Chapter Three
RAEI sat in the bus chatting gleefully and telling Lyra how successful the plan was and how foolish Lucas and Mom were. There was no way they could catch up with me now."I'm on the bus right now, when I get off the bus I'm going to contact you," I sent the text, grinning happily at my successful escape plan.I dropped my phone on my thigh and relaxed my head back."Hey!" Someone shouted in protest. as some men in black flooded the bus."Fuck!" I gritted my teeth in anger, they found me."How the fuck did they find me so soon?"I grabbed my bag and crouched down, trying to hide as they searched for me. I slowly made my way out of the bus, with people staring at me like I was crazy but luckily for me, they didn't alert the men.I moved towards a boy and his mother, hiding and the boy stared at me in curiosity."Mom, why is there a girl on the ground acting like a rat?" He asked and I palmed face in annoyance. He just released my location to them and now they were headed in my directio
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Chapter Four
LUCASThreatening him wasn't definitely going to work, he was as stubborn as I was and the only way to get him to marry Rae was to make him see reason."Dad, if you're really going to push ahead with your plans to get me married to this rainbow girl then I guess I'll just have to leave," Gunner threatened in return, getting himself back.I sighed in frustration, face palming myself. "Gunner, please sit down and let's talk."He reluctantly sat down on the chair across the table, frowning"This is a business Gunner and in business you have to make sacrifices. Marrying Rae even though you don't love her is one of those sacrifices.""But dad?""No buts gunner I understand how you feel about it but I'm telling you that you're going to love her. She is not much different from you plus she is amusing as well." I smiled, remembering her.Gunner sighed in frustration, but I could tell that I had convinced him to some level and as long as it was business, Gunner would eventually cave in."So no
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Chapter Five
LUCASI heard Gunner's footsteps and I leaned back a little. Gunner entered the room seeing me strangling Rae. This wasn't the picture Gunner was supposed to be seeing but it was better than him seeing me trying to kiss the girl I wanted him to marry. He walked up to me pushing me away from her."Dad?! What's wrong with you? Why do you want to kill her?" He fumed angrily."Wait I can explain it's not what it seems like," I said trying to calm him down."It's not what it seems? Are you fucking kidding me?" He threw his hands in the air, exasperated."You were choking her!""You can ask Rae today m yourself," I said snapping her out of whatever she was having."She doesn't need to tell me anything," he shook his head side ways, refusing to listen."Gunner for fuck sake shut it!!" I shouted angrily at him and he jumped back startled but he regained his composury almost immediately."I think I should leave," Rae muttered still looking dazed and without waiting for any reply, she slipped t
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Chapter Six- The Pact
Rae’s POVWith a delighted look, I stared at him, causing him to cough as he felt shy or maybe uncomfortable.“I’m sorry, but Wait, What?” I asked, the excitement in my voice couldn’t definitely be missed.He began before chickening out, “I am…”“Never mind me” he began backing away from me, reluctant to be himself around me, and I understood.And to make him feel free, I let out a squeal and pounced on him before he knew it.“I might have hated your family, especially your dad, but you just won my heart” I said dramatically, trying to make him loosen up.I saw his lips quirk into a smile.The difference between Gunner and his dad was the fact that he was like a big teddy with a handsome face while his dad was like the big bad wolf panting while waiting to devour.Devour me…The thought of what had passed through us made me shiver in delight before Gunner pulled me back to the present.“Rae!” He groaned over and over again while I had my fun.Gunner groaned slightly, and I felt him lo
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Chapter Seven- The Forbidden Fruit
Lucas POVEver since that last encounter with Rae, the little brat was stuck in my head and I hated it.The thoughts of her petite figure bouncing up and down my dick sent thrills down…and the more I thought of her, the more my dick hardened, tightening my jeans.She was like the forbidden fruit and I badly wanted a taste of it.I could see the same flames of desire in her eyes too, she wanted me as much as I wanted her, and the fact that she wasn’t in any way attracted to my son gave her courage to do crazy things.The thought that I might even be a pawn in her escape game flashed, and I growled in annoyance.Never have I longed for a woman who wasn’t mine and far, much younger than me, this much.She was making go crazy with lust.My phone rang and without checking the caller ID, I answered the call.“Lucas…” I heard Maya drawl out, and I cursed silently, I thought I blocked this bitch number yesterday.“Are you serious about not wanting me anymore, papi?” She asked as though I were
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Chapter Eight- Poison
Rae's POVIt was meant to be a chaste kiss, something that would make him long for more.Lucas didn’t think the same though as he pulled me closer and held me in lace before dominating the kiss.Never has any man made me feel this way, and this dangerous hand I was playing here scared me.Lucas scared me, slowly he bit my lips, pulling me back to the present and not willing to let me go.I wonder what gave me this courage, maybe it was the night's protection from being seen by others or the fact that I wanted him to remind him that he burns for me.His desperate hands danced up my cloth, and it was almost as though they were shaking anticipating touching my aching boobs.I let out a slow moan as his hands slipped past my bra and slowly palmed my breast.“Lucas…” I moaned slowly, still trying to control my breaths, but as his lips found a spot on my neck, it hitched once more.God! I wanted this man so much!I wanted him inside me now, I needed him out of my system as soon as it could
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