An Odyssey

An Odyssey

By:  Moonlight  Completed
Language: English
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What can I possibly say about him? I get chills all over my body just by hearing his name at times. Watching him play football, watching him study, watching him talk to other girls, watching him get into fights with other guys on field, watching him eat, watching him sleep…that’s what I basically do all the time. Just watch him if not talk to him. Hey I’m not a stalker; he is just there all the time. I don't want to be the typical girl falling for the typical player as always, like the way it happens in movies and books. My love story is not suppose to be so typical filmy. Lilly Lodge and Edward Collin start out as best friends but they both knew they were more than that. Edwards flirting with Lilly did not help her erase the feelings she was starting to develop. And soon enough Edward realizes he's fallen into the world of love itself. Will they come forward with their feelings or stay the same in order to prevent jeopardizing their friendship?

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47 Chapters
 “Grandma, I’m going to the market. Do you need something?” I called as I rushed towards the front door.“No sweetie, but do bring the stuff we need for the movie,” she shouted from the kitchen.My name is Lily Lodge. I’m 18 years old. People best describe me as a sweet yet strong girl. Maybe that’s because my parents passed away in a car accident w
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Lucky Me!
Tuesday dawned. I gave Mandy my number and offered help whenever she needed it. I owed her. I wore blue fitted jeans and a black T-Shirt to college.  With a neat pony tail and black joggers I walked through college grounds.“Lilly?” someone called.I stopped and turned around. What I saw made my heart skip a beat.“Anna?”
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My eye’s fluttered open when I heard drawers opening and closing. I got up and saw Ed in light blue jeans and a denim blue shirt with a small towel around his neck. His hair was wet and rough. That gave a very sexy look.  He looked at me over his shoulders. “I didn’t wake you, did I?”“No,” then an afterthought struck me, “wait, we’re not late for school because of me right?”
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Jack Newton
A tall guy dressed in army green shirt and black jeans stood heroically by the stairs. He had black hair and beautiful green eyes. He was striking.“You got a problem?” asked the boy.“This is my best friend’s birthday. I don’t want to create a scene so…” the cute guy started but he was caught off guard when I kicked the boy holding me, between his legs. The boy made a squeaky sound before he passed out. I looked at the cute guy who was completely amazed by what I had just done.
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Truth or Dare
At night, we played the one and only, ‘Truth or Dare.’ They weren’t as many people…well actually it was only the four of us.I know. Sounds boring right?The day was quiet tedious and Anna needed ‘distraction’ because according to her if she did not get a ‘distraction’ she would go mad and kill all of us. Math really does drive people crazy so I don’t blame Anna. She was never really the study or getting good grades type. All that satisfied her wa
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Princess and Moron!
The next morning, Anna’s excitement got her up at 6 a.m. which led her into waking all of us after thirty minutes. We left for Montona at 9.Andy was too sleepy and Anna’s energy drained so they both slept at the back while Ed drove and I kept him company. I was very tired but he was too so I decided to stay up.“Go to sleep Lil, I know you’re worn-out. I’ll wake you when we get there,” he said. He saw right through me.
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Kiss me or Forgive me!
I laughed as Grandma recalled the day when we got invited for dinner over our neighbors and the family started fighting while we were sitting at the table, “Yes. That was rather awkward”“Your friend Edward is handsome? He’s such a decent boy and his voice, his height, he looks sporty.”I looked at her, smiling, “He plays football, sometimes. And I know where you are taking this, Grandma.” After a moment of silence I continued, “He’s my best friend Grandma. We just had a silly fight while comi
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Clash; Edward vs. Danny
Ed and I went over to Danny’s in the late afternoon while Anna and Andy gave company to Grandma. I was happy she could meet my friends. Grandma was enjoying their company and it seemed as if they were enjoying hers as well. It had been a long while since this house was so lively, since Grandma was so active and cheerful. I could tell that Ed was reluctant to go. Why though?“Behave” I whispered to Ed as I rang the bell. 
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Love & Loss
 It had been an hour since Grandma had collapsed. We brought her to the hospital and since then I have been striding near the door where Grandma was taken in. The more time passed, the more panic aroused within me. Why did she collapse? What happened? Is she sick? Or is it her age? The questions kept building inside me. I was tapping my thumbs together, impatiently. Anna and Andy were sitting on the chairs, looking at me, concerned. Ed had gone to bring us some juice.
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Turns out Danny is a Di--!
Edwards POV I couldn’t sleep. Her face kept popping up in my mind. She did not deserve this. I had always seen her so happy, always smiling, laughing and always lively that it was so weird seeing dullness in her face, watching her cry. I never thought that I would see her cry. Not so soon at least.
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