Arranged Marriage With The CEO

Arranged Marriage With The CEO

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They met, they fought, they got married. Both of them had sworn to never see each other's face on their first meeting, on their second meeting their marriage was being fixed. Jennifer Wingsley, a twenty three years old girl who was waiting for only one thing in her life, true love. Christian Brown, a devil with handsome face. Words like love and marriage never existed in his twenty six years of life. Pure hatred was what they felt for each other since the first time they met. Bound into an arranged marriage, how will they survive under the same roof?? Chaos is bound to happen with these two totally opposite persons tied to each other for lifelong. Will the hate change into love?? Will they survive this marriage or end up killing each other?? Join in the journey of Christian and Jennifer.

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107 Chapters
Chapter 1
—JENNIFER—I was halfway to my house when I saw the crowd gathered on the side of the road. I don't drive too fast usually, that's why while passing them I got the glimpse of the man lying in the middle of that road. I couldn't help but stop the car near them and got out. Passing the crowd when I reached in the middle,I saw a middle aged man lying unconscious there. My eyes widened at seeing blood all around him. I looked around to find the people just standing and staring at his lying figure. "Someone please call the ambulance!! " Someone from the crowd shouted and I rolled my eyes while looking at the phone in his hand. "Get away!! " I pushed the people away from the man and sat down to check his pulse. It was slow but thankfully still working. With the help of some men, I managed to get the man in my car before turning to the muffelings of the crowd. One of them was holding a suitcase and trying to open it while others were watching him. I guessed that the suitcase belonged to
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Chapter 2
—JENNIFER —FOUR DAYS LATER I stood in the kitchen with blurry vision as tears continuously rolled down my cheeks hearing the conversation going on in the living area. " I'm not giving you any other choice Henry!! Get your daughter ready to marry my son, or start preparing for your life on the streets. You won't have this house and damned business by tomorrow if you defy me. " Matthew Brown's cold voice rang in the living area while my Mom and Dad kept staring at the man in disbelief. " How can you do this Mr., Brown?? What did my daughter do to get this kind of threat?? " My Dad asked with helplessness. " Nothing. And Why are you only focusing on the threat-thing ? Think about it Henry, Your daughter will be the wife of the richest person in the whole of New York. She'll live like a Queen. What else do you want?? " Matthew spoke again with his usual calm demeanour. I clenched my jaws, feeling utter disgust towards this man. If I would have known he was going to do this, I would h
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Chapter 3
—JENNIFER—Two days passed and finally mom and Dad accepted that this is the only way to lead our life peacefully. Though they aren't happy about it at all but trying to adjust.Matthew has called today and has invited us over for dinner at his house so that I and his son can meet personally. Excitement was nowhere near me as I dressed myself in a simple Knee length, Lavender skirt, matched with a white top.After a lot of effort I managed to cheer Mom and Dad up for dinner and we left at 7:00 Pm to Brown Mansion. We climbed out the car and my jaws scattered on the floor seeing a lavish Mansion in front of my eyes. I doubted if the Queen's home was more beautiful than this. A servant came forward and guided us inside the house. My eyes nearly fall out of their sockets seeing the interior and furniture of the house. The way it was maintained, it was screaming RICH RICH AND RICH everywhere. We reached the living area and a voice of clearing throat, grabbed our attention. I collected
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Chapter 4
—JENNIFER—I turned to look at her. Although I had unintentionally shielded her, there were some stains on her jeans too. But it was nothing compared to my situation. I again looked horrified at my favourite shirt. My favourite shirt!! And My books!! " No he didn't!! " I mumbled to myself horrifically then looked again at the car and shouted so loudly that all the people around turned their attention towards us. " Watch where you are going. You Fool!! See what you have done." Anger washed all over me, clouding my senses as I looked again and again at myself and my books. I was breathing so heavily that even my body was shaking with anger. "Leave it Jenni. This looks like some rich hot-shot. " Cally muttered under her breath,behind me but I was so engrossed in thinking of some more insults for this new found enemy of mine and ignored her totally. I'm going to strangle this man!! The car came reverse and stopped in front of me before the door was opened so harshly that made me eve
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Chapter 5
—JENNIFER—" A-Are y-you, by any chance, Christian Brown?? " Cally, who I assumed to have passed out because of the looks of this man, Finally spoke up and I looked at her in confusion"Oh, Finally. Your friend at least possesses some brain. " He mocked, pulling even a ruder face with the dripping pride of his name that made me snort once again. "As in, THE CHRISTIAN BROWN?? " Cally asked again, pulling 'The' a little longer to conform and he glared at her before he answered. " Do you need a fucking birth certificate?? " He barked in annoyance at her repetitive questions while I was focused on Cally for some moments who gasped at his confirmation. She's the kind of person who can make people's ears bleed with her curses if they ever tried to mess with her or even me. But today, she was just staring at this rude person with her jaws dropped and swooning over his looks. Well, fighting is another thing. We can't ignore a handsome man in any situation. So it was usual. What was not usu
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Chapter 6
— CHRISTIAN—I was practically choking the steering wheel thinking of her neck. She, for sure, had a death wish to talk to me in that manner. And if I wasn't in a hurry, I would have fulfilled this wish of her's. The fucking audacity of that girl!! How dare she talk to me like that. No one has the balls to as much as look me in the eyes and that girl, she fucking insulted me in the middle of the damn road. And for what??? A damn shirt and some books?? For Fuck's sake!! My jaws clenched at the memory when she threw the money on face. My hold on the steering tightened even more and my knuckles turned white as I gritted my teeth. I already had to postpone the meeting that I'm working my ass off for last week because dad wanted to talk something very important that can't even wait an fucking hour and then the encouter with this weird girl just added feul into my rising temper. The lever of entitlement and stupidity that ran through her veins nearly had me driving the car into a pol
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Chapter 7
—CHRISTIAN—"Worried?? Why?? Because I've bagged deals for the company that their old asses couldn't even think of?? Well, I would like to see them talk to one of our Russian clients and not sweat like pigs.""And here it is." He gestured towards me. " This attitude of yours. They are afraid that you might ruin the company if you don't get a grip over your anger issues. " "This is ridiculous!! I've all the skills for a CEO. I don't need to prove my worth to anyone. "" Skills aren't enough to handle a large company. You'd need to be more than that. " "What do you want me to do?? Take anger management classes?? " I scoffed Irritatedly. "No, I want you to get married. " . . . Silence, A stressful silence prevailed in the room as we both stared at each other. I waited for him to start laughing and get over with his prank because it was hell of a disgusting one. But he didn't, instead kept looking at me with a grim face. I sighed while scratching my temple. " Is this some kind of
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Chapter 8
CHRISTIAN—I glared at the man tied in the chair in front of me. I was holding my patience with cotton thread, ready get this fucker unskinned.Exhaling deeply, I looked at my James and signalled him for my last try. He understood immediately and ran outside the room only to come back after a moment with a sharp blade in his hand. I took it from him and moved towards the chair of the traitor. He was bleeding from nose, lips, and had various cuts on his face. I still hadn't touched him, this all is my men's doing. “ Last chance, only for the sake of your loyal four years with me. And then, I'll show you what I do with a traitor. Tell me who else is involved in this?? “ I kept my voice low but dangerous. He was Carden, the man who had worked in my company for around five years and had been loyal to me. So I knew for the fact that there was someone else backing him up. And for the fact, I knew that Lopez doesn't have balls to get inside my walls. It has to be someone close. Someone f
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Chapter 9
—Jennifer—The audacity of that motherfucker!! I felt I was some object, the way he pointed at me, the way he rejected me. If I had stayed another minute there, I might have ended up killing that bastard. But since I knew that there won't be any books in the Jail, I dropped that plan. It's been three days since our visit to Brown mansion and thank the hell that Matthew hadn't contacted after that. Keeping Christian's dagger-like words aside, I was all happy about the drama that happened there. At Least I don't have to marry some rich motherfucker brat now. So now I do believe that ‘Whatever happens is for the best’After submitting the form of my Master's In Literature in the university, I and Cally headed to the nearest cafe. “ Jeez!! Did you drop your common sense in one of your shitiest books?? “ She asked and regretted Immediately calling my books shitiest as I slapped her head. “ Shut it up!! “ “ Seriously Jenni, Who the hell refuses to marry such a rich, hot man. He's the
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Chapter 10
—JENNIFER—The next week was spent peacefully with me joining my new college and spending the weekend with Cally and my new college friends. I also completed two more romance novels and most importantly I didn't get to see that rich brat or his annoying father. But as they say, It was calm before the storm. I stared blankly at the entrance of my house where Mathhew Brown was giving instructions to his brought servants to place the gifts in our living room while Mom, Dad and I stared at him in disbelief. “ Yes, Perfect!! I guess. But If you think they are going to get in anyone's way then please tell where else they should keep the gift, Mrs Wingsley. “ Mathhew addressed my mom who was still standing frozen in her place. My Dad cleared his throat before staring deadly at a man who has been a pain in our asses these days. “ What do you think you are doing, Mr. Brown?? “ “ What?? I've brought gifts for my to-be daughter in law. “ He grinned, walking up to the couch of the living are
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