By:  Shabz Sam  Ongoing
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The two characters that hardly knew each other's gets involved in a marriage arranged by their elders. Living together everyday as strangers forever was a problem to both. But Zeren was giving all her best to the marriage whereas Tariq had planned the divorce. The twist comes when divorce is accepted only after six months of marriage. What would happen in these six months before that divorce? Read to find out more

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10 Chapters
Chapter One.
It was my wedding night.The night every girl waits for. The night which is special.My bridesmaid left me in the hotel room, after covering my face with the veil.I was feeling nervous.Allah! Every girl would feel the same.The door clicked open, and got closed again.I was not able to see clearly through my veil, but I figured out that it's the groom, now my husband.His presence made me more nervous.My palms were all sweaty, my heart was beating very fast.He came towards the bed i was sitting on, and sat on the left side as i was occupying the right side.But according to what i was told he was supposed to sit on the side where i am, but he did opposite.So I thought of coughing to gain his attention, hope that will be okay?It won't sound that am despo,yeah?Before I could do anything, he spoke "Umm... i guess today was very tiring day? So we can just change our clothes and sleep."
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Chapter Two
The next day I woke up early to prepare everything for Zeenat Akka.Tariq was also home to help me with the preparation, so i had that blessed moment of opening my eyes to see his face early morning.I looked at his peaceful sleeping face, and couldn't stop myself.I brought my face closer to his and lightly kissed his cheek.His eyes fluttered open and before I could move away, he realised I was closer to him more than his liking so on the fastest reflex he pushed me sitting himself up.I banged my head on the bed post while he shouted,"what the hell were you doing?"I muttered an apology while he still shouted,"Why don't you understand the meaning that I don't like you! I fucking hate your face..why can't you just wait for four more months? Why can't you control your hormones? Just control it for four months and then we will be separated.""Separated?" I asked, my voice a whisper.He nodded and said,"i have already filed for divorce but
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Chapter Three
I had just finished cooking when the door bell rang.I rushed to open the door, removing the apron while at the same time adjusting my hair.I smiled at Tariq and as always he didn't smiled back.I reduced my smile and looked at him, his lips formed into a smile but not at me, I turned to see Akka standing behind me.I smiled at her as she spoke, "Tariq we were just waiting for you,come on lunch is ready."Zeenat Akka headed to the dining room while i stopped Tariq on the door-steps."Akka doubts our relationship," i said."Huh?"He asked."We need to act like real couples infront of her."I suggested.He passed his hand through his hair and said,"she knows... she knows about our divorce.""What? How?""She is the one who helped me filed the divorce," he muttered."No it can't be, why would she do that?""Munchkin! Tariq! Where are you guys?! Am waiting," Came Akka's voice fr
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Chapter Four
"An Amusement Park?" I exclaimed.Tariq stood beside me and said,"you always wanted to visit one yeah?"I looked at him confusion written on my face.How did he know?He looked at the park with hands inside the front pockets of his jeans."Isn't this for kids?" We both turned to look at Akka.My smile fades a little.Kids?Tariq then spoke,"well the child in you never dies, it's not the age that makes you grow old, it's the fun you let go off that makes you grow old."He then held my hand and then turned to face Akka,"Zee? You coming?"She rolled her eyes saying,"do I have a choice?"My first time to ever visit an Amusement Park, something I always dreamt of."So which one should we try first?" Asked Tariq looking at me."Umm..I. I dont know, which one is more fun?" I asked.He smiled saying,"i just hope you don't throw up on me."
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Chapter Five
I had prepared tilapia fish, with mash potatoes and vegetables gravy to accompany it.I then called Akka and Tariq for dinner.We were now seated, I couldn't really eat after knowing that I won't have all this after four's not that I am happy here, but atleast I call this my home, but after the divorce am sure my mum won't allow me back home.Cause I would be disgrace for her."Zeren?" Tariq called out.I looked at him," yeah?" "It's just you were zoned out... Anyway you need anything?" He asked.Why is he trying to be nice?I denied shaking my head as no.He nodded continuing eating.*****I was now in my room, and since Akka was still staying with us, Tariq had to sleep with me in the same room.He came out of the bathroom, his six packs on show.With droplets of water sliding down his bare chest.His jeans hung low.I averted my gaze and asked," do you want me to go and sl
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Chapter Six
The breakfast went as usual only with the addition of Akka.Tariq was quiet as usual.Akka tried to light up a conversation but none of us paid attention.I bet she knew by now that something had happened between Tariq n I.I always considered her my elder sister, my godmother, my everything and would have never thought that she would want bad for me.I agree, with Tariq I wasn't that happy the way a wife is with her husband.Like we had not even consummated our wedding, I had all the happiness except for the physical one.But she didn't knew that , then why would she want Tariq to leave me?Tariq , Akka and I were now in the living room.We had decided to be indoors today since it was raining.We opted for playing board games.We were playing cards.Akka knew the rules, since I never played any before, so I was skeptical if I would be able to but Tariq explained and I wanted to give it a try."So Zee will
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Chapter Seven
During lunch, Akka announced that she will be leaving tomorrow cause she had work to attend.Tonight am going to ask Tariq if he knew the reason why Akka suggested the divorce.But I hope it isn't the reason that will hurt me.Ofcourse it will hurt me a little whatever the reason would be.But hoping is what makes the world goes round.***By the afternoon the sun, had come out from it's hiding place and it was sunny again.So we decided to go to the beach.Atleast here I couldn't embarrass myself more cause I had been to the beach before.I still remember the day when I first came, even though now those memories are a little blur and i wish I could keep those memories in a photograph.I was five maybe, it was my birthday but I was crying cause mum had denied to make a cake for me.She said it would cost them alot, the electricity bill, the ingredients.She would always make for Akka but never for me.That ti
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Chapter Eight
I was now in my room, ready to sleep.Tariq was already on the bed, asleep.I switched off the light and slept on my side when he spoke," good night."Upon knowing he was awake, I turned facing his back and spoke," I thought you were sleeping."He turned around smiling, now facing me."What do you want to ask?" He asked.I rolled my eyes, "nothing."Even though it was dark,but the moon light was enough to see his smiling face," I have known you better Zeren in these past few days."I smiled," and you are right.""So?" He said for me to continue."So.. umm.. the reason for the divorce?"I stuttered asking that.I was nervous.What if he lashes out on me?What if he tells something I didn't wanted to hear?He sighed taking deep breath and spoke," before our marriage, Zee and I used to date."" As in?" I asked unsure of what I heard.He nodded facing the ceiling."We were a couple bu
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Chapter Nine
His voice was seductively sexy, making me feel tingles in whole of my body.I was now straddling him, feeling his member poking me.We were very close, our lips almost touching when a cough was heard....twice today.I looked at Akka standing with her bags, looking anywhere but us.I was about to stand up but Tariq held me down"Stay... for a... while." His breath hitched a little.He then pointed with his eyes towards his member.I smiled taking the throw pillow, putting on his chest," I can't stay for long, use this to cover." I whispered.He pressed his hands on my butt, making me squirm with his touch, removing his hands I stood up and asked," Akka would you love to eat Pani Puri?" Akka smiled nodding as she sat on the sofa, a little away from Tariq.I headed towards the kitchen to bring the Pani Puri.***I was now heading towards the living room, with the tray of Pani Puri, when my steps flattered after w
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Chapter Ten
Two weeks had passed, everything was going well.Tariq started spending more time at home.I now see his face every morning, lunch and at night as well.Even though we had started improving our relationship, but not physically as couples.These two and a half month of our marriage, we never received phones from Tariq's family.I don't know if Tariq ever received them before but I never did.So a call from them on my phone was unexpected.I had just finished mopping the kitchen floor, when my cell phone rang.Trying to swipe the answer button with wet hands, I then kept it on speaker and spoke," hello?"Honestly at first I didn't know whose number it was.Cause I didn't had anyone's number.Our marriage was arranged indeed, and it was also all of a sudden marriage.Like one day Tariq's parents came to see me and the next day it was my nikkah.I did knew Tariq as Akka's friend from college but other than that I
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