Arranged Marriage With My Ex-boyfriend's Brother

Arranged Marriage With My Ex-boyfriend's Brother

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It all started from the day she broke up with her boyfriend, Felix. She was raped in a birthday party and the incident couldn't be traced. Her company went down and even the sales dropped. Now the only way to get back her reputation and her company is to get married to the CEO of babel's group and merge her company with his—but it turned out that the CEO is her ex-boyfriend's brother. Their love grew deeper, and at a dime minute she found out that her so-called husband was the one who raped her and damaged her reputation. Will she divorce him and lose her company or stay with him in Bitterness and hatred?

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Chapter 1
She rolled to the other side of the bed having the bed cover on her body, her eyes narrowed to see the dim coloured light shining in the room."Goodness!" She forcefully sat on the bed,her eyes darting around the room to study where she was. She blinked and wiped her face. "This is not my room." She pulled off the bed cover only for her to discover her nakedness. Her eyes flew open with mouth agape, she was shocked down to her spine."How? When?" She mumbled in question while covering herself. She is Anastasia Grande, the daughter of one of the trillionaires in the states. Being invited to the birthday party by her friend, Jane…she ended up in a state she couldn't imagine. Trying to recollect everything that occurred the past night in the party, her eyes landed on a sheet of folded paper, placed on the table near the bed she has been seating on. She swallowed deeply, stretched her hand and took hold of the paper. Disclosed it in order to see what's written in it."Not me! This shou
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Chapter 2
Anastasia woke up to find herself in the hospital, her eyes were reddish as a result of the tears she'd been shedding while unconscious. Several times, her father mentioned her name—the doctor tapped her but she couldn't regain consciousness. She tried to get down from the bed, but a huge palm stopped her from doing that."You need to recover before taking an inch.""But, I am not sick dad. I need to be sure of what I saw." She uttered in pain.Mr Liam got seated beside her. "How did it happen? Were you drugged and raped?"She sniffed and wiped her face. "I can't tell, I only woke up to find myself naked. And it came with an excruciating pain in my head."The doctor walked in immediately and they exchanged pleasantries. "I can leave right?" She referred to the doctor who only gave a nod. She gradually climbed down from the bed and had her footwear on.Mr Liam took a glance at the doctor who gave him a signal before they left the hospital. Anastasia counted herself as a dead living,
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3"Do you mean what you're saying? I'll have to get married before I get the contract huh?" Reid referred to the young man standing before him.He sat up from his chair, scratching his head in confusion. Losing such a contract isn't what he desires, but the condition associated with it is difficult. "You have just seven days to submit your marriage certificate, or your company will lose the contract." The young man added. "And don't forget that you'll step down from being the CEO if you don't get married." His brother, Felix, chipped in. He clenched his fist, staring at his brother who was up to something which he didn't know. Reid swallowed bitterly, this was beyond his expectations. "But how can I get a wife within seven days? I can't just cope with having a woman by my side, those genders are devilish." He screeched and scratched his head."And that's the only option left for you now," Felix muttered. The young man greeted and left the office since he was done deliveri
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Chapter 4
"I am getting married to no one, dad. Be it an order from the board or not, I'm not getting married when I have a lot to handle." Anna poured out her heart in fury. This wasn't what she was expecting from her father…not even marriage.But why would he talk about marriage when she's into such a big mess? Will that bring her company into progress again?"Who do you think will be interested in me after seeing my nakedness on the net? You should think deeply about this dad." She snapped and forced her ass to the seat.Mr Liam took some feet towards her daughter. "This is the only solution to this Anna, getting married to a popular CEO like Reid will bring things back to normal." He paused and got seated. "Imagine when people see the lady who was flattered in the net with a celebrity like him, no one will believe that it's true."She kept mute, her mind roaming around over what his father kept saying."You need to do this, and you won't regret it.""I don't even love him, how will I cope wi
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Chapter 5
Anna stood on her feet, took two steps towards Reid but he ordered her to stop. "Where do you think you're going to?" He yelled at her."Coming closer to you of course, is there anything wrong with it? Aren't you the man…""Who covered the nakedness of the lady that went viral on the net. Isn't it?" He chipped in. After his encounter with Anna on that day, he returned home to see a viral photo streaming in the net—a photo of a naked lady, and he recognised that it was the lady he met in the resort. But he didn't bother over that, he wiped it off his mind and concentrated on the burden on his shoulder. She swallowed her saliva. "Uhmm! That's not it.""This is not why we're here Reid, someone did that to damage her reputation." Mr Blake added, he would do anything possible for his son to get married and damage their dignity the most.Reid turned to his father. "You really want me to get married to this bitch huh?'"I'm not a bitch, you scumbag." Anna cursed, her eyes filled up with te
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Chapter 6
Anna stood from the chair, her gaze focused on Felix who was taking short steps towards her. Reid himself was narrow-minded of what's going on, and that made him baffled."Felix, this should be a dream right?" She scoffed, taking a glance at Reid. "How come? No, this can't be true." She grabbed her handbag to take a step, but Reid pulled her backwards. "What's going on? How come you two know yourselves?" Reid intervened, taking a look at the two. Felix matched closer. "Uhmm! She's my long time high-school friend, it's such a shock seeing that she's the chosen bride of my brother." He faked a smile.Reid nodded but was still not comfortable with that response. His brother shouldn't be in shock, if at all they're long time high-school friends then he should be surprised instead.He took a glance at Anna whose facial expression was different, it never revealed shock but anger."Are you okay?" His voice startled Anna. She nodded and smiled slightly. "I'm okay, just that I need to use the
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Chapter 7
Mr Liam was seated on the cushion, busy with the television as he was listening to the news when Anna stumbled into the room. The expression on her face revealed that everything wasn't okay.She headed to the staircase, but the deep voice of her father paused her movement. "Is everything alright with your visit? Your face doesn't look bright?""I'm just tired dad, I only need a rest." She brushed it off immediately and began climbing up, but her father called out her name in such a manner that it ached her heart. "I already assured you that I'm okay. Just a little rest will resolve everything.""If you persist, I'll come over to hear from you on how the meeting went through." Mr Liam remarked, focusing on the television again.Gosh! This old man won't stop pestering around her.She climbed the staircase and made use of her room, then fell to the bed. "This is just a mess. Everything in my life is just a mess. I can't hold up to relationships, not my company, not my marriage." She grit
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Chapter 8
Five days already elapsed, and before the altar stood Anastasia Grande and Reid Wilson after taking their marriage vows.Both families were so happy to see their children wed to each other.After the party, everyone was home including the newly wedded couple. Anna was seated on the king sized bed deep in thought.Finally, she's married to her ex-boyfriends brother, all in the name of getting back her reputation and the standard of her company, as well as avenging for the pains Felix caused her.Dude already approached her the next day with the last warning of ending the marriage or she would regret it, but she refused, insisting to see the end of the hell."One thing is concerned, it's either he'll spill the beans because I got married to his brother. Nothing much." She thought, seated on the bed. "I took this step because of you, Felix, and I'm not regretting it. You should focus on your business as we've broken up already."The sudden noise in the room drew her outta her thoughts."Y
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Chapter 9
The softness of her butt sent hot sensations all over his body. He fondled it with his right palm, while his left palm held against her cheek—drawing her closer to him.She loved that touch as well, the way he caressed every part of her skin…taking her to another world. She threw her arms round her neck, holding onto him, not letting him step backwards as she relished the taste of his lips, savoring it with utmost vigor.Her nipples rubbing his chest and his erect turgid côck tackling her pussy.He loosened her panties and let them fall to the ground, then lifted her into his arms to the bed.Anna could say nothing. She was already defeated. "Our first night as couples should be darn special. I want to see you wet and moan under me." He muttered to her. It's been years since Reid found herself on a woman. How would he even describe the heartache he had on the day he caught her on the same hotel bed he just spent his night with the woman he had called his first love?Before him were t
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Chapter 10
Hearing Anna's moans right from Reid's room, Felix felt embarrassed. He hates it that his brother has to be upon what he abandoned, not only that…why would Anna moan that way under his brother? Until the day he broke up with Anna, she never relished intimacy with him like the way she's doing with his brother."I must bring an end to this marriage." He mumbled, stumbling out of the passageway. Knocking several times to distract them didn't work, so he has to think of something else. "Anna, I warned you to step down from this marriage, but you turned deaf ear. You'll regret it…I promise you." He thought climbing down the stairs.He headed to the bar and grabbed a bottle of whisky, then filled the glass before him."Why's he frustrated?" A feminine voice startled him. He turned to see a young lady standing at his back. "Who are you?" His voice so deep and annoying.Just with his facial expressions, one would know that he's sad."I'm Lillian, can I see Reid? I think we have an appointment
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