At Arm's length

At Arm's length

By:  Dbookishgirl  Completed
Language: English
24 ratings
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There has always been something electric between you and me, don't even try to deny it. You have felt it too. You might call it pure attraction or love call it anything, but it exists. In your mind, and in your soul and body, don't even try to deny it. " he whispered softly. I really wanted to hit him, but he was only saying the truth after all. .......... A love story of two people from different tribes, high school sweethearts. Sewa who proved to be a difficult game, setting a distance between the one she was attracted to. The more Kene trailed her the more he realized she could not be easily caught.

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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
it's amazing story I read.
2021-09-12 08:52:15
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Chimdi Jane Samuel
this book is an amazing read. I enjoy every chapter 😍♥️ kudos to the author ❤️
2021-01-28 14:42:07
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a girl you know
Purchased a chapter and didn't regret it one bit. An amazing novel
2021-01-08 01:00:09
user avatar
Lovely read. I enjoyed following the story, watching Sewa and Kene weather the storms of their romance.
2021-01-02 20:59:50
user avatar
Young Alpha
This book is so amazing, each chapter are nicely written. The love saga between Adesewa and Kene makes the book more intriguing, I've had a satisfying read so far...Highly recommended
2020-10-31 05:34:05
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Illustrious Joy
An inciting read with spurs of savory romance, humour and subtle wit. I so much love the bond between Adesewa and Kenechukwu. The writer's pen keeps brewing scintillating scenes about them that it leaves me with an insatiable urge for more chapters. Big ups to you dearie❤
2020-10-02 23:02:50
default avatar
Amazing read!!!!
2020-10-02 16:27:35
user avatar
Ifeanyi Chioma
An amazing work of art if you ask, more ink to your pen
2020-09-24 19:02:54
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Ikechukwu Williams
One of the most refreshing and heartwarming novels I've read. A real page turner, full of wit and humour, with very relatable characters. It successfully makes a captivating yet realistic depiction of young love within a modern Nigerian society. 
2020-09-22 03:15:29
user avatar
I'm only halfway, but this is a very interesting read!
2020-09-16 03:12:35
user avatar
Oluwatodimu Oyinloye
This book was a page turner from start to finish, I couldn't put it down once I started. Full of humour and wit, and some of the most ridiculously funny characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading about. This book is worth five stars and more. Kudos to the writer?
2020-09-13 21:56:39
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Mireya Zachani
The author loves to play with words and I love what she did with this book. To me, she brought the characters to life. Lol, it's comedy filled and I felt like watching a live comedy show. Great work, dear. And please, I'm still waiting for Alongé.
2020-09-11 14:54:44
user avatar
She isn't only a good writer, but an annoyingly sweet friend!
2020-09-10 19:40:49
user avatar
Amazing Book. Wow
2020-09-09 18:14:17
user avatar
Ellen Day
Just read the first couple of chapters, I love your descriptive writing, looking forward to reading more
2020-09-08 23:45:35
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101 Chapters
Chapter One
The early morning light illuminated my room and a touch of sun broke on the horizon. Roosters were crowing. A bird chirped nearby. My stomach churned loudly as I got up from my bed. The worms in my stomach kept murmuring and making noise like kindergartener's on their break period.   Suddenly I felt a needle like pain in my lower abdomen, then it clicked, the monthly visitor was on its way. I hurried to my desk calendar that was placed on a table at arms length to my bed.   "My periods!" I groaned loudly, as I fell flat down on my bed. I stared widely at the white ceiling, my eyes drifting to the purple wallpapers, black leather chairs and vanity table. My lips widened into a smile as I admired the artistic decoration of my room.   The touch of purple has always been a loud one. The smile came off as the horror of menstral cramps popped into my min
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Chapter Two
A drop, two drops, three drops and boom! It came down pouring like a child urinating in a lylon bag. We now have to beg the rain to fall, God really does wonders as we heard it fell in some places yesterday, few months back we were all telling it to stop, when it finally stopped, we all suddenly want it back. But the only thing we got couldn't fill a Cway water bottle to the brim, yet the sun was always laughing at us and doesn't fail to lick our clothes dry on Saturdays. The heat was unbearable, strippers would be glad of their profession, at least it's the only job that doesn't require suit or corporate dressing.The smell of the rain drifted to my nose as I peeped from the window close to my bed, it was a mixture of sun baked sand and rain. The coolness and breeze it came with caressed my skin like a lover's touch, making the hair at my nape stand attention. Then something else spoilt it all.The smell of nail pol
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Chapter Three
Flash backI sat down in my class waiting patiently for the time keeper to ring the bell for the end of this long break period. I raised my head up, dragging my yellow chair backwards, cringing at the scratchy irritating sound it made. The class was noisy and it being near the staff room which housed all class teachers made us a regular customer for punishments.I looked around the class like an hawk in search of a prey, everyone seems to be minding their business, preparing for the forthcoming exams which were up in a few weeks time, the white board was already wiped off by the class rep, only the date could be seen on it, to my surprise every chairs and tables were placed in their right places, not the usual upside-down kind of arrangement. Sam the shortest boy in the whole Empire highschool could be seen chewing a samosa and begging for a gulp of water from Jane the tallest girl in class. Last ter
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Chapter Four
The rays of the early morning sun slanted through the opened window of my room, illuminating it with its brightness. A beautiful new Saturday it was. I yawned loudly, folding myself under the covers and sinking my head into my soft pillow. I couldn't go to kene's party yesterday cause I had cramps. Mum kept on insisting it was the junks I kept eating, but that won't stop me from eating those sugary things."Adesewa did you go back to sleep?" my mum shouted, making me groan loudly.Isn't it too early, sometimes I wonder if she never gets tired, she was the very strong type. A Tom boy back in her days, I can't count the number of guys she told me she floored and dad was not excluded.We just finished devotion and I was actually about to go back to sleep, before she shouted. For crying out loud, it's still so early. Now I wish I had gotten my own apartment.Sighing, I threw back my covers and sat up. Before I could stand, a cramp tightened my abdominal muscles. I let it run its course, b
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Chapter Five
I watched my dad an old tall man in his late sixties and his brother Alonge has they both surveyed the situation. A wrinkle began settling on dad's forehead, with his face masking a frown. It's still a miracle he was still fit and standing straight unlike his friends who were already slouching.Alonge looked at me briefly, arched his eyebrow and then looked away, pretending he didn't see anything. I didn't fail to catch the tiny smile on his lips."What's happening here Adesewa?" my dad shouted with a loud voice. I would have commented on how his well starched guinea brocade looked good on him. But at this moment, questions were brimming like a volcano about to erupt."Welcome dad" I replied, scratching my head in embarrassment, as I tucked in my swollen lips in between my teeth."Good evening Sir" Kene greeted with ease, as if something didn't just happen.This
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Chapter Six
FlashbackThe thunder made a rumbling low sound in a distance, the lightening flashes just stopped and a rainbow of different colours could be seen clearly in the sky. The rain just stopped falling not too long ago. I got late to school because of the rain. Everywhere was still wet and chilly. I felt uncomfortable and wet even though my uniform was already dry. The driver left immediately he dropped me off in front of the large black gate of Empire highschool. I didn't even meet up with the Morning Assembly. "Hey...... Small girl " a voice called out, immediately I stepped my foot into the large field of the school.Well it was the crazy Ada. The tall frail looking punctuality prefect girl."Good morning Senior Ada" I greeted sweetly, forcing my face
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Chapter Seven
"Sewa, please come and help tye my Head wrap" mum said as sh stepped into my room.Today was Sunday, it had rain heavily last night and the weather was still cool, I could hear the chirps of birds from a far distance and the low whistle of the cool breeze. Mum and I were  preparing to go to church. Dad and Alonge already left, since they didn't want to get to church late."Mummy why did you change? Must we put on the same thing?" I shouted, pointing towards the off shoulder peplum gown we were both matching."Yes of course, since your Father already left, I must match up with my daughter" she replied grinning widely.************************************We stepped into the large auditorium of the church, it was really full, but I'm sure we will manage to get seats at the front. The usher led us to a seat at the fifth role, I was glad the praise section was still
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Chapter Eight
We were all done with our exams, the Graduation ceremony for the Senior school three students was tomorrow. The parents of the granduants and even the graduants must have started preparing for tomorrow, it's going to be a long day. I still chat with Senior Kene on What's app, but I've refused to see him after the kiss incident, even though he kept pleading. I just couldn't bring myself to seeing, I can't help but imagine if things will become as normal as before.I'm finally going to give him the awaited answer today and it's either a yes or no. I picked up my phone hurriedly from underneath my bed,  I clicked on the green app as I proceeded to chat him up, I grinned widely when I discovered he was online and he already sent a message. Kene: Hey.... Sewa we need to talk.
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Chapter Nine
I met my cousins at home, when I got back from kene's house last Sunday. I just had to get ready for the headache that comes with having to listen to jaw-breaking pronunciation's and gross bastardization of my dear mother tongue.Little lolu the Six year old rascal  kept grabbing my phone. I still wonder how he managed to know my password, he was just to smart for his age. I could still picture his face when he saw me last week."Eeew who gave you an hickey?are you getting married soon? " he asked scrunching up his nose. Even though I still wonder how he got to know what an hickey means, well let's blame his dad.Yes it was kene's doing, he actually gave me an hickey that was so visible for everyone in the world to see, I had to wear turtle necked clothing through out the week so as not to be discovered and questioned. Like what will I tell people if they ask.Zeebah my tall skinny
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Chapter Ten
Just one thing has been on my mind, as I woke up this morning the same thing has also been on my mind the entire week. The thoughts were inevitable, has he keeps popping into my mind everytime and it's really hard not to think of him.I woke up feeling good, I had plans like real plans. I'm visiting kene today and it was not a surprise visit, he's fully aware. We both agreed it should be on a Saturday.I was meant to take Zeebah to Lagos State University today for her indigene verification screening. But I made Alonge go with her and thank God Lolu insisted on going with them. Mum just went out for an important meeting involving school founders.I decided to go out looking all natural and simple, Makeup wasn't really my thing. I styled my natural hair into my favourite style, the pineapple bun. It made me look too cute not pretty.  I slipped into my purple and pink patterned jumpsuit, combining it with a lo
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