August Rain: A Mafia Trinity Novel

August Rain: A Mafia Trinity Novel

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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**PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED AND REVISED*** Dragged to a ball where the country's most eligible bachelor is rumoured to be choosing a wife, Elizabeth wanted to be anywhere but here. Knowing her mother was counting on being tied to the Dereon's, the country's most powerful family, she decides to put her best foot forward. But with no one even knowing how August Dereon looks, how will the night go? August Rain is filled with a roller coaster of emotions and storylines. From betrayals to murder and pregnancy - and a mafia subplot, get your fill of Dragonfly and Mr Dereon in this sweet romance novel. *Book 1 of The Mafia Trinity Series of Novels*

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74 Chapters
1. Do I Need To Go?
“Mother, what is the meaning of this?” Elizabeth peered at the delicate deep lilac evening gown her mother just presented to her. “It’s for you, dear. Tonight you’ll attend a ball at Dereon Hall,” her mother said with a devious glint in her eye that she did not like. When Agnes White put her mind to something, there would be no persuading her otherwise. “Why wasn’t I informed about this before? This is rather sudden!” Elizabeth exclaimed, jumping up from her bed. Agnes looked at her with disdain. “You will not speak to me in that tone,you ungrateful child,” her mother sneered. “this ball will have August Dereon, the country’s most eligible bachelor, present and rumour is he’ll be choosing a bride! Who could be more ideal than my lovely daughter?” Elizabeth looked at her mother in surprise. “An arranged marriage? Is that not a little medieval, mother?” She said incredulously as she shook her head, not believing what she was learning. Of all the underhanded things her
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2. Dereon Hall
Elizabeth She looked like a vision of sophistication and finesse in the deep lilac Alexander McQueen evening gown hugging her curvaceous figure. With black Louboutin platforms on her feet, and minimal jewellery, her confidence kicked up a bit when she felt the stares on her. She stepped out of the black Maybach with her mother’s words ringing in her head and felt forlorn once more. Looking up at the magnificent mansion, she sighs and heads inside. These events always fascinated her, the prestige, the glamour, and elegance. Not that she was self-centred or spoiled. Elizabeth was a fashion designer with her own haute couture fashion house, and events like these always inspired her. She felt like a little kid at Christmas time! “Maybe tonight won’t be so bad...” she thought to herself, then her mind went to ‘landing August Dereon’ and she groaned inwardly. Taking a flute of champagne from a server, she forces herself to have a good time
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3. I Own Libellule Couture
Elizabeth She heard a voice behind her and turned to face whoever was invading her moment. “How could you tell?” She said as he steps closer to her, then leaning against the balustrade. “Most of the women in there love the limelight, while you’re standing out here hiding away. Could there be any other reason?” He said in a voice laced with honey that sent a tingle up her spine.Who was this man? “I was hoping to slip out without being noticed. I didn’t realize I was being watched,” she said and laughed while looking him up and down. She could not help but think how handsome he looked in his Armani tailored suit. “How could you not stand out? You are by far the most beautiful here tonight,” he said with a wink, causing her to chuckle.“Trying to charm me, sir?” she said and looked at him in amusement. “I was, actually. But it doesn’t look like you’re easily charmed.” He said as a slight pout formed on his full lips and Elizabeth had to pry her eyes
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4. August Dereon
Elizabeth Walking back inside, she saw that everyone had gathered in the hall as a deathly quiet descended. “Oh, looks like it’s showtime.” She thought and went over to grab a glass of champagne from a server. Her mind went back to the gentleman she met on the terrace and looked around the hall to see if she could find him. There was something about him she couldn’t shake, and she knew it had to do with him accepting her honest opinions. All her life, her mother taught her to act prim and proper, to say the right things and act like a lady. However, for those few moments on that terrace, he made her feel like a normal person. One who was flawed and had opinions of her own. “Don’t be silly, Elizabeth,” she chastised herself for her girlish thoughts. Fate and destiny ran away from her a long time ago. Mentally shaking
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5. Fated Meeting?
Elizabeth Elizabeth stared at the couple walking to the podium, uncertain of what she was seeing. She had been speaking to August Dereon this entire time, and she was certain he knew she was talking about him. He headed to the stage with his fiancée, kissed her hand, and smiled. Elizabeth noticed how beautiful Emily Gray looked. Black gown hugging her slim, athletic build, Louboutin’s on her feet and minimal make-up like Elizabeth. She could not help but feel a pang of jealousy. Of course, August Dereon would be engaged to a stunner. He then turned around and looked at the crowd, cementing her thoughts.  It was the stranger from the balcony. As he scanned the crowd, his eyes fell on her. They made eye contact for a split second, then he looked away again, frowning slightly. 
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6. I Felt Like Myself With You, Even If It was for 5 Minutes.
Elizabeth“So... You’re the August Dereon,” she said and looked at him. His expression showed disappointment as he let out a sigh. “This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you who I was. That look and the formality in your voice, I hear it every day,” he replied and continued, “It was refreshing to have a normal conversation with another person without feeling as if they’re lying to me.” She spotted her Maybach pulling up and looked at him, rolling her eyes slightly, “Well I’m glad I could provide you with much-needed normality, Mr Dereon,” she said in a sarcastic tone. Please know that you do not owe me an explanation as I’m but a random annoying socialite attending a ball.“If you’ll excuse me, I need to go home. Good night, sir.” She finished and turned to get into the car. Why was she so upset with the entire thing? “Dragonfly...” August called after her and moved to grab her wrist, but she pulled it out of his grasp. She whi
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7. Mother Dearest
Elizabeth She arrived at White Manor and slipped off her platform heels, walking barefoot from the car hoping her mother would be asleep. Elizabeth knew that her mother would have heard about August’s engagement by now and she would be livid. From the outside, her life seemed glamorous; the glitz, the glam, the fashion and the money. Her family, The Whites, being the second wealthiest family in Washington, second only to the Dereons. Her father had his fingers in many pies, some even speculating that he had ties to the Chicago mafia underbelly. But her mother was the matriarch. Agnes White ran this family like her father, Robert, ran his company, no love lost to any mistake made and people cut when they were not deemed worthy. Elizabeth dreaded running into her mother right now.  But alas, Agnes was waiting for her as she opened the door. Elizabeth blanched. “Mother-“
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8. Power Dressing and Ready For a Fight
Elizabeth 3 am and Elizabeth stood with her bags and belongings all packed, while still wearing the dress from the ball. She took one last look at her room and sighed, realising she probably would not miss living here, and the thought alone saddened her profusely. When she reached the stair landing, she walked towards the kitchen and placed the keys where she knew her mother would see them when she came downstairs in the morning. With her resolve set, she straightened her back and wiped the last of her tears away. These would be the last tears she ever shed for her mother. Ever since her sister, Blair, died, her mother had been nothing but cruel to her only daughter. Blair was her mother’s favourite and a musical genius well on her way to becoming a prodigy. She had always shielded Elizabeth from her mother’s mood swings, but now that she wasn’t around anymore, Elizabeth got the brunt of her anger all the time. On the way from her mus
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9. An Unexpected Proposal
Elizabeth "August!" Elizabeth exclaims and looks at the handsome man who just caught her. Out of anyone she could have run into, it had to be him. "Little Dragonfly, are you following me?" he says and gives her a sly smile. She frowns at his words but feels a blush forming on her cheeks. But as she was about to respond to him, she remembered that she still had Liza on the line. "Sorry about that Liza, you got all that?" She asks, not just talking about her cake and coffee order. She hears Liza chuckle. "I'm still here and want all the details when you get back. I'll get a mixture of cakes. See you at the office, boss lady." Liza responds, and Elizabeth smiles," "You're a star, babe!" she said and ended the call, then looked at August. "I am sure you would like to believe I'm following you, but I am afraid that this is not the case. I am staying here for the time being due to personal reasons." Elizabeth said and wondered why she was telling him all this.
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10. Another Possible Victory
Walking into Libellule House, Elizabeth was still stunned at what had just transpired. August's fiancee was begging her to take on her wedding dress project. "I have been such a big fan since day 1, and it would make me so happy if you would design my wedding dress!" Elizabeth could not say no to her, and she had looked so sincere. So, she gave in. "Alright, team, are we ready to go into battle?!" she exclaims, walking into the meeting room. Her team yells back, excited and sensing her renewed energy. "Despite the setback of our projects that my mother pulled out from under our noses, I have some exciting news!" Elizabeth beams at them and looks at their anxious faces. "Come on, boss, we can't stand the suspense!" "Yeah, please tell us!" Elizabeth chuckles at their curiosity and looks around the room. "This morning, something rather spectacular happened on the way here," she continues while looking at their faces. "We've got th
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