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"You see things in me that no one could ever see, not even me." His eyes rest on my lips before he leans closer until I can feel his warm breath against my face. Keira killed her cheating boyfriend and her best friend out of anger. The police are looking for her everywhere and she has nowhere to go. William appears and convinces her to follow him to an agency outside the city. Since that day, she has been trained as a secret agent in exchange for her protection from the authorities and the laws. This is where she has met people who changed her life and most importantly, their best agent, a mysterious man whose eyes are as dark as the night and his appearance as gracious as a feline. They call him the Black Tiger.

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66 Chapters
Back against the wall, crouching legs, chin over knees, arms wrapping them. Keira is crying alone in the corner of her room. A scent of fear, vengeance, and regret flows with the gentle evening breeze. The white t-shirt, which he had offered her for her birthday, was now covered with his blood. 
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Chapter 1
                  Keira I'm behi
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Chapter 2
 Jayden sighs and nervously rubs the back of his neck. “I did it a thousand times before, but I always feel nervous. Let me explain to you, do you see these people?” he points to the agents. “Each one of them killed someone dear to them. William told me what happened to you.” he stares at me with a sad smile. “Everyone here understands you.”
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Chapter 3
I open my eyes once again to stop thinking. I turn my head and I see Jayden lying on his bed. I was too drowned in my memories that I didn’t hear him arrive. I sit and take the jacket I was wearing when I came here. I search in the pockets and find my mother’s picture. I lie down and stare at her smiling face. I remember how sad she was when I left Green City after high school when I promised her that I would study well, find a good job and buy her a bigger house. I also promised that I would call her every day, but I didn’t do any of it. I can’t even imagine her state now that her daughter’s face appears day and night on the television.
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Chapter 4
Later I head to the cafeteria and everyone stops whatever they’re doing to look at me, searching for any bruise or scar on my body. “Are you alright?” Some agents I don’t know ask me. 
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Chapter 5
 The next morning, I wake up earlier as I have my first training session with Kyle. I quickly put on my gym shorts and t-shirt to head to the cafeteria. I find the four of them sitting together again, their laughs so loud they could be heard in the entire space.  
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Chapter 6
 “The Pearl City Police are still looking for a young student who killed her two friends. We are asking anyone who happened to witness or see anything suspicious to head the station.”  
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Chapter 7
 We get in the elevator and find two young women wearing short dresses, surely arriving from a party. They start whispering to each other while looking at the Black Tiger. They are eyeing him from head to toe and I can feel them talking about how hot he looks with his messy hair. They are drooling over him, but he cares less about them. He keeps a straight face, his eyes only staring at the doors. The girls are arguing about who’s going to talk to him first.
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Chapter 8
 “Boyfriend?!” the two girls widen their eyes. “I thought you were—Sorry.” they smile shyly and disappear between the crowd. 
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Chapter 9
 Vicky is throwing a pool party, making me wonder if there is a pool inside the building. It’s too big that I didn’t have the chance to see everything. I hear her speak with Jayden but I can’t hear their entire conversation as my mind is too busy thinking about my first mission. I’ve got to do things I’ve never had the chance to do before, like riding a very expensive motorcycle and spending the night in a fancy five-star hotel. The bad side of it was that we had to infiltrate a stranger’s room. I don’t know how to feel about it, to be honest. I know it’s illegal and wrong, but from what the Black Tiger has
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