3. Juggling

Since Bree got back from Babes and picked up Hazel from the daycare her mind was a bit at ease knowing that she'll be having a supposedly lucrative job. It made her want to start shaking her ass and pay all her bills. 

Next on her list was finding a better apartment for Hazel and herself since she was a bit worried every time she looked at the black stain on the living room ceiling. Hazel is a healthy four-year-old toddler and Bree intended to keep her that way. 

They were having their breakfast before she was scheduled to take her to the daycare. Bree already asked Mrs. Mancini to babysit Hazel again tonight. Bree really needs to find a way for her kid to have someone take care of her every night. For the time being, she told Mrs. Mancini, that she got a waitressing job at a bar, filling out the excuse for her to leave Hazel with Mrs. Mancini every night. 

But Bree wanted a better option, thinking she should let go of the daycare since she's not going to start working until five in the afternoon. Bree needs to spend time with Hazel before she starts working at the club. She also needs to talk to the women at the club, Rocco said the single moms had some babysitting system for their kids. 

"Mommy, I want to go... park?" 

"Yeah... sure baby, you remember mommy telling you I got a job that started just after five?" Hazel nodded, her chubby cheeks pinked with joy. 

"That means I get to spend more hours with you playing in the daytime." Bree kissed the top of her hair when she looked at her mom excitedly.

"Job? so, I can have a new toy?" 

The single mom blinked her eyes several times, her chest feeling constricted. Hazel had been asking for a new toy, her dolls were freebies from the daycare. Each time her friends show off their new dolls and toys she would tell her mom about it. 

But Hazel never cries, she never whines, she knows that they don't have the money to be spending on toys. The little girl was always so perceptive, she seemed older than her age and it breaks Bree's heart every time.

"As soon as I get paid." Bree nodded and pulled her in for a big hug. 

"Mommy, please don't cry." 

"I'm not, baby, this is happy tears." Bree quickly wiped her tears away and asked for her little sunshine. "So, tell me what toys you want?" 

"Just a small one, I just want a new toy." Hazel smiled and wrapped her mommy in her chubby hands pulling Bree closer for her hug. The new stripper mom inhaled Hazel's powdery smell and her bubblegum-scented hair. She took in Hazel's weight and warmth, feeling grateful to have her little sunshine with her. 

"Come on let's finish breakfast then we'll go to the park and have fun on the swings." Bree's promise was all it took to make the four-year-old forget about her mom's tears. Hazel spooned her plain pancakes because Bree was putting a budget on their food. They couldn't even afford some of her favorite maple syrup.

Bree had even stopped having breakfast just to get her daughter's favorite brand of pancakes and cereal. Though she couldn't complain, because she's in the best body shape of her life. Her pregnancy weight was gone, her muscle tone was on point because she was always busy doing her chores and keeping up with Hazel whenever she was not in daycare. 

It was not until they were having fun in the park that Hazel asked, "Do you miss daddy?" 

"Why? do you?" Bree panicked a little thinking her baby might miss her bastard ex-husband.

"No, it's just... I hear you cry sometimes." She shrugged holding onto her ice cream. Bree didn't get one, no tasty treats for her, she has been clutching her money extra hard.

"Well, I think you heard me cry when I bumped my toes against the bathtub." The little girl giggled, telling her that she should be more careful. While Bree took that as a note to cry quieter next time.

They both finally left the park and Bree dropped her off at the daycare just before lunchtime since lunch and snacks are included in the daycare package. Bree went back to their apartment, groomed herself for work then went on doing her chores before picking up Hazel earlier than her usual daycare schedule.

Since she's new Jojo said she needs to work on her performance. The songs, the clothes, and the shoes. Jojo told Bree to come an hour earlier and so intended to do just that. Bree bathes her little girl, telling her that she will be having dinner with Mrs. Mancini. 

Then Hazel was too excited for her neighbor when she saw the old lady with a plate of chocolate cake.

"Thank you, Mrs. Mancini. You really don't have to bother with the cake." Bree hugged her neighbor warmly and she hugged her back assuring her Hazel is going to be fine with her. 

"Go to work, I'll tuck her in." 

Bree thanked her once again and hugged her little sunshine telling her she loves her so so much. Showering her with more kisses until the little girl giggled so hard and told her mom to go to work. 

When Bree greeted Elvis, this time he smiled brightly at her making the single mom laugh and slapped his chest playfully. Rocco quickly called her the moment she stepped into the bar area. 

"The boss wants to see you. He does this to all the new girls, you can't miss his office. Hallway by the end of the bar, the big guy in a suit will let you in." Rocco winked and got back to busying himself with what looked like preparation for opening hours. 

Bree turned her phone on silent before she walked toward the big guy in a suit. Her hands were clutching her little cheap backpack when she told him her name and that Rocco sent her.

The scary suit guy entered the hallway silently telling her to follow him. The man knocked on the door and Bree stayed in her place as he gave the boss man her name and she was let inside within moments. 

"Thank you. Rockford." The club owner dismissed the man. Bree was curious and she didn't expect that the man would look pleasantly attractive. He looked like a regular wealthy businessman, just like her dad's circle of friends. Not like Everett's sleazy trust fund circle of friends. 


The man in front of her wears the suit perfectly, not the other way around. "You can stop staring now." He chuckled as if she's not the only one that ogles the guy. The man scanned her appearance and told her to take a seat. 

"Welcome, I'm Gage Huxley." He offered his hand as if she was going to work for an administration job instead of as a stripper. "I've been told that Jojo and Cassidy have shown you around and you have filled in your information for your license?"

"Yes, I have. Thank you, I'm Bree Mackenzie. Maiden name, I'm divorced. I have a baby daughter, Hazel, she's four. We've been having a bit of financial difficulty and I can't thank you enough for this opportunity." Bree's cheeks flushed pink, she was so embarrassed that she couldn't manage to stop herself from rambling on about her whole life.

"You're welcome. As you have known I'm the owner of this establishment, you know the rules. I have your file, for now, we're all good. However,"

"However?" Bree parroted, her eyes went wide thinking she was mistakenly taken into the job and now she was being let go. 

"However," the man laughed softly and continued. "there's one more thing needed to cross off the test. I don't usually test our girls, but you intrigued me with your dance." 

Bree couldn't believe her ears, she played with her fingers on top of her lap as the nerves were getting to her. "And...uh, what other test is that?" She needs to ace this test, she already told Hazel that she's going to get her new toy. She shakes off her nerves and sits as still as possible as the owner told her that he needs her to strip and give him a private lap dance. 

"A...private lap dance? shit..." 

"I'm sorry?" the man looked amused and Bree clearly just noticed that she blurts out her curse.

"Eh, I mean I was hoping to get some insight on that. I've never done a lap dance before. I took pole dance lessons when I was trying, spice things up in the bedroom. But that didn't include lap dance lessons." 

Gage laughed and told her to sit while he pulled his laptop to face her and show her some of the videos of the girls. 

"And, you'll be filming me?" 

"Not if you don't want to. These girls make extra money for their um... contribution video for the club's website. But no, CCTV here is for security purposes only." Bree relaxed instantly and Gage seemed amused by her nervousness. 

It took her five minutes to watch two promotional lap dance videos and she hoped she was ready when her future boss waited for her to start. 

"So basically I have to strip."




"Right now?"

"If only you want to be one of the girls here." 


Listening to her answer, Gage Huxley, the strip club owner who thought he was done with his share of flirts suddenly gets semi-hard. In his head, he already knows that he's going to need to visit his regular sex club to get off. 

All because of Bree Mackenzie. 

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